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10 Home Business Ideas

10 home business ideas off the top of my head!

Why write about this, you might be asking.

Well, I recently discovered people in their droves are searching for this magic list across the internet.

Personally I don’t understand the logic for such a random list but I I would if they were searching  for 10 home business ideas for cooking, or pets or something specific.

Why would anyone think they can find their perfect business idea this way?

I have talked before about starting business, and it doesn’t include finding it from a top ten.

We are not the music charts are we?

But to play the game and offer something  to the conversation I thought I would have a go at creating my own magic list of 10 home business ideas.

I have chosen  areas of life we all need goods and services from and have to have.

Need rather than wants, essentially.

You just cannot get by without eating can you and everyone needs a haircut so I class them as an evergreen industry area.

A good place to start I thought, if you are struggling to get off the business idea starting block.

There has never been a better time to come up with a home business idea.

People are busy, short of time and will happily pay for other people to do things for them

The rise of the internet has opened many doors for the average soul to get on with something they have always longed to do and create their own side business and tap into this time poor economy.

Look how life has changed for all of us over the last 20 plus years.

We had eBay crash into people’s lives in the 90’s and it spawned an entrepreneur revolution.

The early adopters could see way down the road and jumped on the band wagon.

 I remember watching TV documentaries in the early days of eBay about people who stocked up their garage with figurines or children’s party wear, wedding stuff and car parts.

Joe Bloggs  could be an accountant by day and entrepreneur by night.

Many wet their feet there and then jumped headlong and fully clothed into their own business as they became more successful at selling and we became more comfortable with using the internet to buy things.

They said it was the future  and they were right!

Time has moved on and the trend shows no sign of diminishing.

Now we have more and more platforms to work from for both online and offline business.

For example

Facebook has, without a doubt the largest number of users in the world of any platform.

Etsy exploded onto the scene for crafters and has become the go to platform if you make stuff

Fiverr has come out of nowhere and helped add to the “gig economy.

One of the best platforms for service providers. Especially  if you want to start straight away.

Elance (now called UPWORKhelps freelancers find a market place for their technical talents, great if you want to bid on work.

Task Rabbit helps people locate a local handy person for small jobs and home repairs.

Perfect for any local market, if you are a hands on type anywhere in the world.

All are a great place to start your business journey easily and for little if any money.

Here are 10 home business ideas in common areas you might gain inspiration from, and remember,  

the secret to success is to just start

I think Richard Branson may have said it?

But I think Mark Twain was first!

So, 10 home business ideas beginning with number 1

Top 10 Home Business Ideas...

Health & Wellbeing

People are leading increasingly busy and stressful lives, so your talent is needed more than ever in the world.

Hypnotherapy, massage, Indian head massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), diet advice.

Stop smoking classes, aromatherapy, Reiki and so many other therapies.

I have even seen someone online offering “cuddle classes”. I kid you not.

You could start off line advertising your service locally on Facebook to a more local audience.

You could then build up to a website and share your knowledge across the globe and reach a wider audience.

You could sell your knowledge as a package such as a book or a course or webinar.

Make it once and sell it over and over again.

You don’t have to just exchange your time for money on an hourly basis.

The main thing is to start, now onto 10 home business ideas number 2...


Such a lot of people have really interesting hobbies and pastimes and would love to turn them into an income and now they can, easily.

Just look at the rapid growth of ETSY in the craft world.

The perfect platform for sellers, a ready-made craft market place and a wonderful individual shop experience for buyers.

People LOVE unique items and will happily look for and pay for a something they can’t find anywhere else.

Capitalise on the trend  a lot of people  just don't want mass produced stuff any more.

Jewellery, glass, stationery, wedding and events stuff, Christmas decorations, soap, candle making, even food gets sold here.

And don’t forget you don't actually have to be a crafter yourself.

You can start your own local kids craft club after school for a fee or your own local craft fair and invite vendors, especially good at Christmas time.

Look at the explosion of Christmas Markets in UK now.

Moving on to 10 home business ideas number 3...


If you are creative, you often think everyone else is too.

They are not, which is why they want your photographs, video making skills, writing, painting, poetry and art experiences.

Make it or design it for them and sell it to them.

Photography: there is such a boom in this area and the latest trend is dating photography.

If people are single and online dating they are seeking decent pictures of themselves to put on their profile.

Family photography never went away but I see more and more people asking for baby bump pre-birth photography, new-born baby photographs, engagement photographs, special photographs of grandparents, and parents for lasting memories.

As we are living longer and longer lives, I don’t see the need for a photography business ever diminishing.

People will always want to document their special events.

Pet photography is booming. Pets are part of the family so people like them included in the family album if not have an album of their own.

Writing: there are so many people now having the courage to write their own book and sell it on amazon. You don’t need a website, and you have a ready-made audience to tap into.

People often look for poems and prayers at pivotal moments in their life such as births, deaths and marriages. You could be leaving a lasting legacy in someone’s life.

Creative business is big business now and of the 10 home business ideas let us move to number 4...


The world is exploding with food business ideas and food traders.

Everyone has to eat.

Just look at what has evolved in the world of food over the last few years.

Baking shows and books, sweets and confectionary online, food trucks, dinner being delivered with ingredients to cook the meal in the box, ready cooked food delivered to the elderly.

Children’s parties; adult’s birthday parties, weddings and funerals will never go out of style.

Farmers Markets have gone off the scale in popularity in recent years, they no longer just have farmers providing produce.  Local artisan products are welcome.

People love choice, quality and they also love something a bit different, something their friends haven’t had.

Go to any public or private event, note what food and drink is on offer. Think how you be part of it?

And you don’t have to be a cook to join in this arena.

I found online recently a company in Ireland that created the pop up bar. It was designed like a bouncy castle but it was a full Irish bar.

You just had to organise the beer, the food and the serving staff plus a place to inflate the thing.

Brilliant for a wedding event or big fairs and events.

They made their money from renting the blow up.

Genius, you organise a party and get paid for the privilege of doing so.

And the next one of the 10 home business ideas is number 5...


Children will never go out of fashion will they? From babies to a teenager.

There is always a market for children’s products and services.

Clothes and games, haircuts, food, health, sports, after school, school holidays and weekend activities.

And don’t forget of course baby showers, birth presents, cards and cakes, religious events like confirmation, christenings, name days, bar mitzvahs.

My latest favourite find was for children’s markets.

You can for a small start-up cost have a territory, and organise your own market. You invite vendors to sell their wares such as clothes, toys, food plus invite shoppers to shop, pay a small fee to the company organising the territory licence, they help with marketing and give you an operating manual.

You pay them a small percentage of what you earn from the market and you get to keep the rest.

You could earn a lot from this and you organise it all from home to start with.

What about the next of the 10 home business ideas, is number 6 for you?

Personal Care

image copyright (c) untamed.co.uk

I mentioned before about time pressed individuals and working parents.

 There has never been more of a demand for personal care services.

Hairdressing, nails, facials, eyebrow threading, feet pampering services from your home or you to become a mobile business seller.

And don’t forget there are people who can’t leave home who are elderly or sick or carers of others and would welcome having their hair done by you at home.

Your sort of business idea has a great community impact.

What other things could you bring to your local area that people need and you can ethically profit from?

And don't forget of course you business can be product based, like this amazing hairdryer from Untamed.

10 home business ideas number 7...


Teach English language, curriculum subjects, how to cook, how to sew, how to play the piano, how to barbecue, how to make a cake, the possibilities are endless.

Parents are desperate to get their children successfully through the school system; they worry about class sizes, bullying, and the curriculum among other things.

You could provide much needed peace of mind to parents if you can help tutor their child to successful exam results.

What could you start teaching tomorrow?

Put up some fliers locally, follow your local area rules, get any health and safety certificates you need and away you go.

Or you could go for one of the  top 10 home business ideas, which is all about...


Dog walking, doggy day-care, clothes for dogs, cat boarding, horse sitting, organic pet food, expensive toys, grooming, the business of pet care has gone into the stratosphere.

Not just a pet, more a member of the family, people will spend as much on their pet as their child.

If you love pets and animals generally  this is a dream area to work from home on.

Another evergreen idea from the 10 home business ideas list is...

Elder Care

Hairdressing, pedicures, shopping, taxi or travel service. If you are not sure what services could be useful, have a chat with some of the local elder care home managers. They will tell you what services people are looking for.

Or try the local hospital or medical centres for advice.

Don’t forget you may need health and safety certificates to undertake some services.

Probably the number one spot of the 10 home business ideas is...

Support Services

Support services are the quickest and easiest business to start, literally today if you wanted to.

Web design, book keeping, marketing, telephone answering, virtual assistant services can all be done from home.

You could go to a platform like Fiverr, post up a profile for free, decide what you are going to charge and join the market place straight away.

Fiverr is an online market place for freelancing and online outsourcing and is very popular with services purchasers.

You will find services for

  • Graphics & design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle

The sellers offer tasks and services from a fiver which is where it got its name from.

You will realise though as you look through some of the gigs, people do charge more.

Often new starters will offer their services for the lowest price to get clients and feedback and work up to higher prices.

It is an ideal way to start off your home business during evenings and weekends.

  • You create a gig
  • Deliver the work
  • Get paid

Does that inspire you? I hope so…which of these top 10 home business ideas appeals to you?

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Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.