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I Do Now I Dont 

I Do Now I Dont, is a jewellry market place, both on line and in a store in New York City in the United States.

and set up by a jilted man

Often the best ideas are born out of adversity and a simple premise.

This is his simple but story

He was in love.

He bought an extremely expensive diamond engagement ring for the woman he loved but the engagement came to an end abruptly and definately unexpectedly.

This was not the plan...

A sad state of affairs, an empty house and a ring left on the table

Deeply distress but not wanting to keep the ring for obvious reasons, his thoughts turned to disposing of this very expensive piece of jewelry.

He thought he would move on by selling the ring, not realising the massive mark up made by the jeweller when he purchased it.

He was shocked, his 10,000 dollar engagement ring would only realise approx 3,500 dollars if he sold it back to the jeweller?

Not likely he thought and set up his own business giving people a place online to sell unwanted rings for a decent price whilst allowing the purchaser to buy at a decent price.

He appreciate the massive emotional investment people had on both sides of the equation in the purchasing of wedding jewellry

He didn't want to exploit them but at the same time he wanted to make an honest profit.

With a brilliant business name I Do Now I Don't, he was off to the races and to business success.

His company has branched out from just selling pre-loved engagements rings to bridal, watches and loose stones.

All this from feeling annoyed about mark up on ring.

But often it is the reason many a company starts out because the owner feels they can do better, faster, cheaper and challenge a market place. Nothing like a grievance about something to spur you on.

And I I think the name is genius don't you?

One of those special unique business ideas I look for. 

Can you think of your own unique business idea that you could develop based upon something that went wrong in your life.

Something that didn't work out through no fault of your own, or cost you a small fortune and you don't want other to suffer the same fate.

Somewhere in that intersection between what you experienced and what you are good at is the germ of a small business idea for you