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Baking Business Ideas

Baking Business Ideas

Baking business ideas?

Are you looking for some inspiration because you just love to bake and want to turn hobby into a business?

Are you one of those lovely people who take cakes into your workplace, or you bake the best brownies in town.

Do you really want to show off your creativity and make amazing wedding cakes or bake biscuits or create cupcakes?

It is a popular hobby and many want to make money from it.

I have met lovely people like you and I have a tale of two bakers to share with you and it is a lesson about confidence.

 Baking business ideas success stories

Baking business ideas Lorelie Carvey

Well if you are, you might want to head over to Lorelie Carvey and her website and offline business called Wedding Cakes For You. Based in New England in the USA, Lorelie had my head spinning with her busy life.  She is also a part time belly dancing and fitness instructor as well has running her off line cake business for brides and lessons for would be cake decorators and selling her own product.

She is a 30 year veteran in the field of baking, and she has distilled her knowledge and success secrets into 2 ebooks with her best recipes, and exact steps to making, baking, constructing and transporting wedding cakes and recently she has added a video series of tutorials to go with the books. 

A complete package for DIY Cake makers or professionals and she has a very successful YouTube channel you can learn from as well.

If you are interested in a business that touches your creative soul and inspires you to build something beautiful and lucrative then Lorelie and her website content will have you glued to your computer screen for hours, it did me.

Great inspiration if you want to start your own wedding cake business.

Darlene started with box cakes...

Well, if they do and you have a passion for all thinks baking then let me introduce you to Darlene Arbarquez from Canada who started out making cakes as something to do while waiting for the birth of her child, she made a birthday cake for her brother.

Now several years on she has a great website with a YouTube channel teaching others how to create as she would say fabelicious creations!

She shares cake decorating ideas and offers you some terrific recipes, I am definately going to do her Ultimate Chocolate Cake and her chocolate cake in a mug looks to die for.

Her cake decorating tips look wonderful. I was particularly taken by her designer handbag cake tutorial and I never knew you could do so much with buttercream!

She has also created a paid for class that brings her passive income.

I am inspired so I am sure you will be about this the heading of small business ideas.

All this talent from a lady who first started making cakes out of a box and icing from a tin.

Baking business ideas Queen Michelle Green

The Biz Of Baking Michelle Green

If you really want to learn from one of the best baking business ideas people on the internet, look no further than Michelle Green.

She has a brilliant blog, a podcast, has written a very successful book and has classes online where you can learn to take your baking from just your hobby to a very successful business. She shares the highs and lows and offers a very honest appraisal of the industry she has spent many years in.

Struggling to start your business?

If you know you have got it right about your baking business ideas but you can't seem to get yourself going to get it off the ground you might need to just take a step back and give your business idea a validation check, or a resistance check or even run it through the obstacle analysis grid.

There is a reason you are procrastinating, right? Or do you have another reason? Is it because you want to work in/with/around baking but don't actually want to bake a single biscuit.

Then have no fear, there are other ways to have 

Baking business ideas

You can work in the field in other ways

Just because you make cakes for birthdays or bread every Saturday morning it doesn't mean you have to make that side of it the business, especially if it brings you out in a rash just thinking about it.

Some people want to keep their craft at hobby scale but still want to make a business out of it, but don't always see how they can do that without staying up all night make lots of x, y or z and have their stress level go through the roof.

This, in turn then takes away the joy of the hobby in the first place and then they stop doing what they love... which is a real shame.


You can keep the product side as your hobby and offer a service instead.

Here is how, you can,  among other things:

Be a Blogger: build a website around baking and sell how to information & products  around bread or cakes without making a thing, if you don't want to. You could be an affiliate and sell other peoples products/services only

Be a Course Creator:  You could  build and sell a course to show people how to undertake baking from scratch, as a single parent for example or a newly divorced person?

Be a Video Producer: You could build this into your course and show people online how to undertake baking via the medium of video.

Or make FB Live videos like Carol who never bakes a cake for money but she created her own line of products because she couldn't find what she wanted herself on the supermarket shelf.

Be a Podcaster: You could interview people in baking arena who are successful with their baking business idea and share their success tips with an audience.

Work in Wellness: You might be a nurse for example  and use baking as a tool to help people with their mental health or with older people or school children?

Write a book: You could write a book (that may tie in with a course/video series/podcast) about baking to share your how to knowledge.

Be a Publisher: You could become a publisher for others as well as yourself in the world of baking.

Be a Product Reviewer: You could review products people can use to bake with and publish on a blog, in video form or as a podcast episode. There are new things on the market like different flavoured icing sugars for example.

Be an Article Writer: If you like to write your could niche down into baking business ideas and get to write about lots of different recipes, products, bakeries and so on.  Particularly useful if you are what is know as a multi-potentialite. Someone who cannot pick one thing to do.. they have to have lots of areas they are working on at once.

You could also if you like writing become...

An Advice Columnist:As a specialist for an offline/online magazine for baking or cooking in general but in the baking section.

Start an association/magazine: Build a go to base for your baking tips, a place where people can come for some great content, interview some great people, sell some great products and become the go to place for your thing and charge people for access like associations and magazines do

If you are stuck for ideas, slice your thinking a different way and try to think how your business idea could fit into:

  • A trend
  • A personal experience or crisis
  • A demographic group or niche
  • A problem or threat or complaint

I cover how to use this formula in detail in my course

Can I help you in any way?

Are you stuck about which baking business idea to come up with or you have one rolling around at the back of your mind but you can't quite square it away?

Perhaps my create your perfect business course might help you organise your thoughts just that little bit better so you can launch  your business with complete confidence.

The key to your success is getting the right business idea in the first place.

One that is centred around you and your strengths and you are sure it will fit in with the lifestyle you want to lead.

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