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Business Articles 

Business articles can be extremely useful but there are so many of them so I want to write some and find some from around the web specifically for you as a novicepreneur.

You are in the early thinking stages so how to be fabulous on Facebook or tweak your Twitter feed will probably not be on your radar just yet and to be frank, you don't want to crowd your mind with too many things or you may suffer overwhelm and then feel you can't move forward.

I suggest as a general rule for reading business articles, just select the ones that are relevant to your stage of the game.

I spent years reading lots of business articles and not really getting very far because I was researching a lot but not taking much action.

I don't think stuff about marketing your small business will be much use either, you are far too early in your game, that can come later

I am thinking more business idea stuff, early stages thinking,  topics like

Why do you want to start a business? most people don't even give this very important question the credit it deserves.

Mindset - The number one thing to get right before anything else after why you want to do it.

If you don't have a business mindset along with a growth mindset you may as well go home.

A fixed mindset will stop you ever moving forward and being successful.

Words of gratitude - the second thing to take on board along your journey to the perfect business idea. Why? Because if you can't be grateful for what you already have you will never be grateful what you have in the future!

Finding life purpose - many people want to organise their small business idea around their life purpose but they are not sure if they know what it is or how to go about finding it. Use my 11 questions exercise to move closer to the answers you are looking for.

Have you chosen the right business - by that I mean, you might have the right  industry but are you creating the right business for you within it or have you just followed conventional business wisdom to follow your passion?

It is not always the right advice.

Find your strengths - If you work to your strengths your business life will be easier instead of being an uphill struggle. Don't confuse skills with strengths. Skills are what you do, strengths are who you are.

Business idea validation - If you want to be sure there is a market for your business idea, then this simple method should sort out the good from the bad and the ugly

Niche business formula - if you niche your business right at the beginning you will find it easier to find the right customer to talk to and sell your product or service with ease

Resistance - are your struggling to get started with your business. Are you at war with yourself but you don't yet realise it?

The obstacle analysis grid (TM) - Are you finding yourself stuck when you try to go forward with your small business idea? Perhaps this grid can help? It's a synopsis from a great book I read, I shared it because I thought it was a really great tool to help you move forward.

To many ideas and you can't pick one? - Emilie Wapnick is a lady I believe you could learn an awful lot from, if you have a problem choosing what it is you want to do.

She has created a course and written a book about the tribe she calls Multi-Potentialites.

People who have many interests and passions and can't just follow conventional advice and choose one.

She is so popular in her topic area, she has been invited to speak at a TED Talk. An honour indeed and social proof she knows what she is talking about.

Then some more practical business articles like

A few more practical business articles

Ways of generating business ideas - Easier than you think especially if you use the business idea template to guide you.

How to start a business  - it is probably so much easier than you think.

More often than not the problem is not money or lack of it, the problem is you and your mindset.

11 things to think about before starting a business - it is not enough to start a business because you hate your job this week, you need to give some thought to a couple of other things.

You need to give some thought to what you are thinking about.

10 home business ideas - 10 evergreen industries that are booming but there will always be a place for your business. Evergreen business ideas never go out of style.

Service business ideas - if you search online for them, there are so many listed but to shortcut your search time, learn the formula for picking out the ones that suit you best. Just because you can type doesn't mean you have to offer typing services.

Writing a business plan - if you feel it is time, but you prefer the back of a cigarette packet or beer mat option way of doing it, try the modern business plan method, the business model canvas.

Writing a bit more about a business plan - this time I mention the simplest business plan in the world  I adapted from a book by the very gifted Paul McKenna

Business idea quotes - love a good quote, helps clarify your thoughts into just a few words sometimes and a nice little business article just to relax your brain with.

Business motivation tips - if you find yourself doing really well with your business idea one day and then the next you just spend your time watching the TV aimlessly, then you probably need a bit of motivating?

A deep look at the

Best business builder system in the world -

Here is my favourite builder, you don't just build a website, you build a business...

In fact is is more than a builder it is a complete end to end business building system

In my opinion of course, but based on what you get as a package, there is nothing else in the world like it.

Perfect if you don't want to be website wrangler!

And I recommend it because I use it myself to build this website.

Frankly, if as a middle aged woman I can do this by myself then so can you!

All the tools,  help and information you could possibly need without having to search around the internet for everything plus a forum, social media training  and a help desk open 24/7.

I don't see any other business articles showcasing a provider offering this level of product and service for the price.

And you can use it with Wordpress too!


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.