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Business Audio Books

Business audio books are such a great invention.

You can listen on the go during your commute, in your lunch hour or just if you really don't like reading an actual book.

A lot of people don't apparently. Personally I can't read enough!

I have created my top 20 list of business audio books.

They are the books I have on my shelf or on my Kindle but in business audio book form,  I have actually read them so I thought I might list them as audio books for you entrepreneurs on the run.

They are not just there because someone said they were great last week on the internet or in a magazine article!

They have been and continue to be my regular inspiration.

It is not my complete bookshelf because, surprisingly not all business books become audio versions of themselves.

Which is a shame, but there we are, you can't have everything.

This list is of my particular favourites that have become  business  audio books.

Although there are 20 great ones, in the widget at the bottom of the page let me explain a bit more about my top 3 and why I picked them.

She Means Business

The Idea In You

The Millionaire Messenger

Carrie Green - She Means Business

I love Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, fantastic website, I think you will like it.

She is a very successful business owner with a huge following on YouTube and other social media.

Her book is aimed squarely at females, but to be honest, anyone could benefit from the advice.

She starts by telling us she was in University, studying for a Law degree, and she spent all her grant money and had reached her overdraft limit so she started a little business on the side, unlocking mobile phones.

She put up a website and used Google Adwords to drive traffic towards it.

She began with little knowledge but learned on the go by asking people who knew more than her how to do things and googled the rest.

A classic entrepreneurial path.

She left University with her degree but wanted to know more about web design and building and it went from there.

She had great success with her business of course because she put the time and effort in to learning how to do it.

She also tells you why and how she started the Female Entrepreneur Association as a further business.

The book from here on in encourages you to take hold of your dream and go for it.

It is about

  • overcoming resistance and getting out of your own way
  • teaching yourself you CAN do it!
  • getting unstuck or "making the parked car steer"
  • making it all happen
  • learning to think differently
  • being grateful for what is there already
  • going from idea to implementation with your dream

There are lots of questions to ask yourself, checklists to note your thoughts so you don't forget them and a few great quotes for good measure.

Lots of case studies of people who have taken the bull by the horns and made it, and they include a break down of how they did it, key information often missing from other people's stories.

It is a real blueprint for business building and I highly recommend it as my number one choice of business audio book.

I hope you enjoy reading it, lots of great amazon reviews and not just from her friends.

Martin Amor & Alex Pellew - The Idea In You

Excellent book if you are looking for a business idea.

Martin and Alex offer you help with how to find your idea and move on to the early stages of building it out either as a product or service and have got some really useful case studies within the chapters to illustrate the point they are making.

The book is in easily digestible sections:

  1. Laying The Groundwork
  2. Making A Start
  3. The Future Of Your Idea
  4. The Creators Black Book

Section 1 begins with mindset, an essential start because if you don't get that bit right, nothing else will flow easily.

Section 2 has valuable insights about the actual process of starting, how to remain independent enough to take the time you need to learn as you go and how to be resourceful.

Section 3 really focuses on why you are doing what you are doing and helps you clarify your reason for being.

I particularly like how this section also focuses on how to be yourself and why you should never, ever give up your dream.

Section 4 is a really useful list of products and services to help you get your business off to a flying start, some are free tools and others are paid for.

A good choice and one of the more inspirational business audio books.

Go learn more about them.

The Millionaire Messenger - Brendon Burchard

I love this book because it is a blueprint about how to start a business (empire if you aspire to one)  if you are in the fields of coaching, healing, advice and guidance and the touchy feeler world of self help.

A route we more sensitive souls seem to be on.

If you feel you are here to make a difference in the world but want to make a living with your talent and not just give it away on the weekends, I think you will find some merit in Brendons work.

As he says...

You can get paid for sharing advice and how-to-information that helps others succeed, and in the process you can build a very lucrative business AND a profoundly meaningful life

In essence, he is talking about what he calls the "expert industry", people who we see on TV, and online.

They write books and courses around their knowledge and advice and  get paid for it (these business audio books are proof.. right!)

They create, blogs and DVD'S and audio programmes, podcasts and webinars for a hungry audience.

The reason he wrote the book is because he believes anyone can do it, they just need a formula to follow, a step by step process to follow and they can be successful too.

The expert industry can absolutely include you and me too.

It is not about being a guru!

It is about following a path guided by someone who has gone before you.

To be fair, most people, myself included hate the word or implication of the word guru but if you re frame the thought as you are "helping people by who you are and what you know" it makes more sense as a concept to me.

Today more than ever...

People need your guidance, coaching and teaching right now

Excellent advice and an excellent blueprint.

I highly recommend this  as one of my all time favourite business audio books if you want to learn to share what you know with others and get paid for it.

Go learn more about it... or you can watch a 12 minute synopsis via YouTube.

Business Audio Books - My Top 20


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.