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All the latest posts are here on my blog page.

You will find my newest web pages, plus I read a lot of stuff so when I find an article about a case study/tool or resource I feel could be really useful in your journey to finding your business idea and beginning your project I will post it up here so do come back regularly for a read.

The Latest Posts

Too many ideas & you can't pick one?

Emilie Wapnick is a beacon of light in a world which constantly shouts out choose your passion, follow your bliss, or do what you love

She wisely follows her own path, using her strengths as what she terms a Multi-potentialities.

She is the go-to career counsellor for people who can't decide what they want to do because they cannot choose just one option.

People who have multiple interests and passions and procrastinate forever about starting a business because they can't just pick the one idea.

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Podcast Episode 8: Resistance

And they call her Resistance.

And she is stopping you from getting going and moving forward with your business idea.

I think Freud expressed it perfectly when he talked about the big elephant in the room to what is stopping you.

He called it a death wish and if you sit back and think about it, he was right

He said

“That destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough long term course of action that might do for us or others something that is actually good”

And I completely agree, it is a very destructive force and one that needs to be overcome.

I come across people on a regular basis, who, with great conviction, say how much they want to write a book, start a business or pursue a passion.

This is then closely followed by a laundry list of reasons why whatever they say they want to do hasn’t happened yet.

I find it very, very sad; so many people are trapped in this world of resistance.

They are trapped right in that space between the full-on and real desire to do something and then moving themselves to actually doing it.

Many people live here, on Resistance Street, sad and frustrated and like that other very famous quote dismally says “living lives of quiet desperation with their song still inside of them”

So, would I be talking about you when I ask?

  • Are you facing obstacles, real or imagined on the path you want to go with your business idea? Or
  • Do you tell yourself you really want to start but find you keep doing other things instead? You know when
  • You make a deal with yourself to really get going, after work, or at the weekend but end up watching TV instead?

If so you then you might be facing your own spell of resistance.

And you can do something about it...

AI & the disruption of publishing

If you are thinking of writing a book for your business then you might be interested in this article about how Artificial Intelligence will disrupt publishing over the next 10 years.

It is always good to be ahead of the curve and there are some top observations by Joanna, who knows a thing or two about being successful with writing...

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Business idea case study request

Have you been successful in starting your own business?

No matter how new it is, the main thing is you have started and that kind of success really resonates with people.

The whole "I left a 6 figure salary to follow my dream" nonsense is starting to wear a bit thin now I think for many people who want to come up with their own successful business.

I believe most of us would love to see and hear some reality for a change and learn from ordinary individuals just like us who have gone boldly into the unknown from their back bedroom in Birmingham.

It is not that I don't think it is true, I believe it is for some people but for the majority of work from home entrepreneurs, the adventure often begins on evenings and weekends around a regular job and family and a whole host of other "life things" going on around them and they just keep going because it is something they believe in.

And often on a shoestring of either time and/or money.

so, dear friend, I am looking for you to share your genuine reality story either for on the website or the podcast or both if you would like to.

You can have your own page right now on the site and you can write as much as you like and post up to 4 photographs and let me have all of your social media handles and a link to your website, so people can find you and support you.

Happy to read your story as a podcast episode or make arrangments with you for a proper podcast interview.

Let me know if you are up for it because I would really love to hear from you and share everything about your wins in business, no matter how small you think they are...

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Is now the right time to start thinking about working for yourself?

With everything going on around us, are you stuck at home and pondering whether it is finally time to start working for you?

Wondering if you could start on evenings and weekends and build that business idea that has been rolling around the back of your mind for ages?

If so I want to share this results page from my online business builder I am using.

And I want to share the fact that you can choose any number of topics to start your business about as this page illustrates.

You can choose

  • maths or microlights
  • cakes or crystals
  • teach a language or tarot
  • talk about cars or guitars
  • food or having fun
  • honey and health
  • snorkling or table tennis

The point being, whatever your topic is, there is a high probability you can build a business around it.

If you have more time on your hands, perhaps now is the right time to explore it a bit further.

And bear in mind you can get a widget for Wordpress if you want to use it as your platform.

So all bases covered there.

And you know the only difference between the people shown here and you are what they did next.

They started one day and then kept going, nothing more complicated than that.

So make the most of your time off and give yourself the gift of a bit of time to think about yourself and your future...today could be your turning point...

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Podcast Episode 7: Niche Business Formula

It sounds like a bit of a trendy marketing term doesn't it but actually the theory is sound.

And I really want to emphasise how useful this little bit of knowledge could be to you, right at the beginning of your business idea journey because it will pay out enormous dividends in the long run.

You might want a bit of paper and pen for this one, to write down the 4 steps.

Niching your business is a whole lot more than just saying you work with only male or female, or mums or seniors or people who just eat fish.

It is more about the problem you solve and the end result achieved from what you do to solve it.

Isn't it time you took control of your own future?

Isn't it time you made the decision to take control of your own future

This quote of mine seems to resonate with a lot of people

"The perfect career will never exist in a building where you have to start and finish at a time appointed by others, are allowed the privilege of 48 hours of not working each week, affectionately called the weekend and you accept the other luxury of 30 days in the year where you can be absent with the manager's permission, romantically named your holidays.

All for the bargain price of a set salary each month!

If you want freedom in life and work you have to create it yourself"

Jackie Smith

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Podcast episode 6: Business idea validation

Business idea validation is a useful method to help you answer the question

Does this business idea have any hope of taking off?

A very sensible question to ask at the beginning of your business planning and it will probably save you a lot of time and money and frustration in the long run.

So here is a really simple formula d to use and you can apply it to any industry.

Take a piece of paper or however, you want to document your answers and divide it into 4 sections

You take your idea and apply the business idea validation formula to it.

So let me explain what I mean.

Say your idea is to start a baby clothes business?

Before you even have registered a domain name, or bought business cards and absolutely before you purchase any stock you go through the validation formula very quickly.

I would use them in the following order but, you could evaluate in any order you choose as long as you cover all 4 sections.

You are checking to see if your idea has a place in the world, with your stamp on it...

Podcast episode 5: Find your strengths

You need to find your strengths if you want to successfully design a business around who you are.

If you want the perfect fit that is?

If you don’t find those strengths and work with them instead of fighting against them, your work life will be a big struggle.

And who the heck wants that? Life is hard enough, right?

In modern life, positive psychology is all the rage and I don’t mind it at all in the right circumstances however, the quote that reads along the lines of...

"You can be anything you want to be if you just try hard enough" really isn’t helping people at all because it makes people think hard work is all they need.

Unfortunately, no amount of effort makes you better at something you are not born to do or be despite any amount of passion for it.

Well, I learned something interesting from something on my bookshelf recently, and I found it a complete revelation.

What do you think about this as an alternative instead?

"Weaknesses are strengths in the wrong environment"

I thought it was genius!... so listen in to learn more...

Craft Business Idea - Recorded Interview

I had a chat with Heidi Burton who is an ex WRAF Photographer, and when she left the services, she began a photography business but she also ended up started a great craft business from a hobby of making evening bags.

Her bags are unique as they are made from old military uniforms.

The uniforms often are from people leaving or have left the service.

And to show she can do something for the men as well, she came up with beautiful cushions, fit to grace any gentleman's home office.

If you are a crafter I hope you enjoy listening to her story.

You will find her about halfway down the page...

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Podcast episode 4: Finding life purpose

Finding life purpose is actually easier than you think.

Clues are everywhere in your life and the reality is you do already know the answers, you are just not hearing or seeing them.

So in order to access the answers, you need to listen more, observe more and pay much more attention to your world around you.

Your perfect business idea can link seamlessly into your purpose in life but you need to give yourself the time and mental space to hear it and feel it.

Once you get “what you should be doing with your life” you can build your business around your world and not your world around your business.

Podcast episode 3: Words of gratitude

The stars will never align & the traffic lights will never be green at the same time

If you feel overwhelmed today and decide you are going to postpone what you want until things get better, easier, you have more money, you are less busy, or there are 8 days in the week, I would like to share a really apt quote from Tim Ferris (who wrote The 4-hour workweek) who really has a handle on most of us.

And I recommend you copy it down somewhere you can see every day at home and keep a copy on you somewhere for when you have weak moments and need a reminder


“The stars will never align, and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time.

The universe doesn't conspire against you, but it doesn't go out of its way to line up the pins either.

Conditions are never perfect

'Someday' is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.

Pro and con lists are just as bad.

If it's important to you and you want to do it 'eventually,' just do it and correct course along the way.”

Tim Ferris


Now stop for a minute and organise your thoughts then press the start button in your mind, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes or half an hour today.

Ridiculous as it sounds those minutes really add up.

If you do 10 minutes every day, that is over 1 hour you have found in a week where you have said, I just don't have any time spare, which can become half a day a month.

Otherwise, you will regret you never started towards your dream...

If you are really stuck perhaps this page about obstacles might help about you can fix all of them.

You just have to want to!

Why do women sell differently to men?

An amusing look at how men sell and how women sell.

The point is we keep ourselves small.

Don't do that, you are brilliant and capable and unique and have something to say.

Share your talent because someone somewhere in life is waiting for you to do that.

If you are over 50 & think it is too late to start a business

Gary Vaynerchuk is like marmite and people either love him or not.

I think he talks a lot of sense as a rule.

If you can get past his cursing he always drops pearls of wisdom and this is particularly for the over 50's and beyond.

Don't think you are a has-been, you are just getting started!

Podcast episode 2 - Mindset change

Podcast episode 1: Why do you want to start a business?

Business Idea: Creative Furniture Renovation

I saw this article recently, and it occurred to me there is a synergy between the trend of older people downsizing their property & getting rid of their furniture their children don't want to be burdened with.

It seems no one wants their parents cast-offs any more so why not be creative and re-purpose the items if you are the creative type.

Your stock could come from people who are wanting to clear out.

If you become well known in your area as the first person to call during clear out time, you will never have to go sourcing materials ever again.

You could even become a wholesaler to other furniture renovators, space permitting...

Just a random thought as I am looking out of the window!

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The Tiny Teacher

What an inspiration this person is.

Nothing or no one has held her back, so she can teach us all a thing or two.

I love her!

Small Business Podcast Launch

Published intro episode today, having a dabble, to see how it goes but I think I am going to like doing them.

Quite a technical curve, despite all these bloggers telling you it is the simplest thing ever...!

But new skills for 2020 were a new year resolution so I haven't given up yet.

You are welcome to ask me any questions about the process if you are thinking of doing it yourself, very happy to share what I have learned so far...

Remember, I am new to this....be gentle.... lololo :)

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My Best Friend Wants To Go Into Business With Me But I Don't Want To!

I am not sure how to deal with this one and I am definitely staying anonymous about it. My best friend wants to start a business with me and I don't really

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Craft Business Ideas

So you are looking to make a business out of your craft, but you know, not everyone wants to go from hobby to business.

The stress of increasing production takes out the joy of it all, so there are other ways to work with craft business ideas besides selling your product...

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Baking Business Ideas

If you are currently mulling over some baking businesss ideas, here are a couple of ladies who have been very successful.

Darlene started out with just box cakes to begin with and now has a wonderful channel online and a great website....

I have also included a resource for you and I share a story about a real life experience I encountered and how confidence can get you everywhere...

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Business idea trends for 2020 - traditional values play a part

Interesting article regarding business idea trends for 2020.

People seem to be heading towards traditional values, such as drinking less alcohol, modest clothing and taking up a crafting hobby.

So there are great opportunities to build a business around such trends...

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The reality of finding your passion - TED Talk

I am always interested in the topic of passion.

Find your passion, work your passion, live your passion, you have heard it all before and it is often the worst advice.

This lady has a really great TED talk about it, she is right when she says the question "what's your passion" is a trigger for a lot of people to sense abject failure because they think they don't have any, and they are scared it makes them boring at parties and social events, and they dread the question.

I loved the line from the loan officer as well when he said.. "do not loan money to anyone who wants to follow their passion, loan it to people who want to start a proper business"

Passion lies where your energy and effort meets someone elses need

I hope you enjoy it...

Tourism Business Idea: Trending

I just read in the newspaper at the weekend (a rare thing for me to read one, but if I do, but I always look at the business pages and the travel pages)

I read an interesting statistic and wanted to share it if you are in the UK and thinking about a travel business idea or a tourism business idea.

"The majority of Brits (57 percent) plan to go abroad in 2020 but sunshine is no longer the driving force.

New cultures and destinations and new experiences are replacing relaxing by the beach or pool"

Travelling patterns have shifted dramatically, many people won't visit the same destination more than once.

Plus the classic 2 week holiday is moving no longer popular but micro trips are.

People are now preffering to have several trips per year instead of one big holiday.

Something to think about when you are creating your travel business idea for British travellers.

My Partner Is Not Keen On Me Starting A Business

New year, new me I thought for 2020. I have decided I am going to explore a business option. I am a very keen cakemaker and over the last few months

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New business idea trending

Sex Doll Rental: If you could deal with the subject matter this new trend is going to generate some really substantial profits.

This company have just started and it is going to be huge.

Discrete ourchase, packaging and confidence in a clean product will be the keys to success...

What do you think about this business idea?

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Solopreneur Case Studies

Firstly I would just like to remind you for a final time about the special offer of buy one get one free as it finishes on 7th January.... I have written a page with case studies showcasing some user success with the business builder.

Please click on the continue reading bit at the bottom.

SBI! Holiday Special

I hope they inspire you to finally get going with your own brilliant business idea for 2020.

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What if your business idea doesn't work out

Your first business idea may not work out. Here is a story of someone who ended up going back to work for a while to regroup...don't be hard on yourself, just pick yourself up and start all over again.

But do ask yourself"did I pick the right idea in the first place? Did it play to my strengths and fit in with the lifestyle I want to lead?"

If you get all the elements right in the first place you can build your perfect business...

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Why People Fail

14 reasons why people fail before they even start.

I thought I would share this with you as it is the start of the New Year for 2020.

It might help if you are stuck and not sure why it might be....

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Ready To Be A Writer

It is coming towards the end of 2019 and for my New Years resolution I have decided I am going to pursue my dream of being a writer. I have a day job

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NHS Nurse Ready For a Change

Hi I am on my break on night shift writing this..... I am an NHS Nurse working in A & E and I think this winter has just about seen me off in terms

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Special Offer Held Over: Ready to build your business website? WP included

Held over until January 7th 2020, still time to start your business and share with a friend to save start up costs

Are you finally ready to get your business idea online.

Are you and a friend getting together and deciding your new year resolution is to both get going online?

You have decided to make it your mission for 2020 to stop talking and start doing?

If so then you have a great opportunity to cut your website building start up cost by 50 percent if you take advantage of my favourite business builder.

At the end of each year (and only then) you can purchase the software as a Buy One Get One Free offer.

The offer won't be available again until next December so have a think, chat to a friend and make 2020 your year of Action and Decision

WordPress included

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Your best decade ever

I am a great fan of Mel Robbins, an american personal development specialist who has just been given her own syndicated show in the USA.

She has written some great books too, and I love her practical style.

She is not at all one of those rah rah, everything is positive and all will be well if you just think it into existence sort of women.

So when she announced this week she is offering a free course, starting in January called Your Best Decade, I immediately thought of you.

And posted it to friends and relatives I think would most benefit.

It is genuinely free, no sales in it at all or trying to sell you something at the end.

If you are thinking "it's the end of another year and the start of a new decade, perhaps I should get my finger out and get going on that thing"..

I hope Mel can help.

I have signed up and am raring to go. Go on you have got 10 days

Starts January 1st 2020..... happy new year I hope it is a great one...

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Ready to build your business website? WP included

Are you finally ready to get your business idea online.

Are you and a friend getting together and deciding your new year resolution is to both get going online?

You have decided to make it your mission for 2020 to stop talking and start doing?

If so then you have a great opportunity to cut your website building start up cost by 50 percent if you take advantage of my favourite business builder.

At the end of each year (and only then) you can purchase the software as a Buy One Get One Free offer.

The offer won't be available again until next December so have a think, chat to a friend and make 2020 your year of Action and Decision

It is only available until 26th December

WordPress included

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I am a terrible procrastinator, I put my hands up to it and I own it. But I am not sure how to get over it? I have days, weeks and even months of excitement

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Thinking of using Squarespace?

Are you thinking of using Square Space to launch your business.

Well before you do, here is a well thought out review with some pro's and cons, some of which you many never have thought of.

This is the problem when "you don't know what you don't know"

So I hope you find this useful to your thought process...

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Business course online

Many people now want to get into business, they don't have the qualifications on paper so it stops them in their tracks.

Which is a shame because having a degree or any kind of official qualification is not a pre-requisite for starting a business.

Richard Branson doesn't have the qualification so you don't necessarily need to either.

Unless you are starting a vocational business such as a law form or in a medical field perhaps...

The greatest thing today is there rise of online learning and the creation of the Business Course Online.

You can earn and learn as you go building up your knowledge during your regular life.

Here are a selection you can take, nothing to do with traditional business school, you can pick and choose to learn what you need as you go along.

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Free business classes online

I have just recently been introduced to Creative Live, a learning platform created by Chase Jarvis, an international photographer and now education host with this website.

I thought the site offered only a lot of arts/crafts/photography courses but they also offer business courses too.

If you are not familiar with Creative Live you might be interested in checking them out.

This *link takes you to their free business classes online, some might say they are master classes from some of the best in the business world.

I hope you find them helpful...

*affiliate link

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Green business idea: Vegan ice cream

It is said, if you can't find what you are looking for then you need to create it yourself.

This mum from West Yorkshire in the UK decided she wanted a more green approach to her ice cream, and decided it was best to make her own.

It has gone down a storm...

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Start your own tour operator business

Are you looking for travel business ideas, well perhaps you could take the advice of Ian Darkin who runs his own tour operator service for over 50's.

This article was posted in the Guardian in 2015 but the principles are still very relevant today...

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Would you like to share your story?

I believe people learn best from others who have gone before them.

I know people just love interviews with others who are doing the same thing they want to aspire to.

This is your opportunity to share your journey and to pay if forward and help others who are just where you were.

Sitting on the sofa dreaming of getting out of your job and creating your own business.

It doesn't matter if you have only just started, because to be honest that is where the reality of it all sits, your story is very important to SOMEONE!

Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you and share your first few steps

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Sometimes you have no choice but to start your own business

Sometimes life deals you a blow and you have to make changes whether you want to or not.

Catherine from Swindon, Wiltshire was diagnosed with a life threatening illness so she couldn't carry on with a regular 9 to 5.

So she created her own business using the skills she already had, with great success and she has written a book so you can learn to do the same...

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Baking Business Ideas

If you think the cake making business market is saturated, then you might be right.

So a good way to get into the business and be successful is to do something different.

Put a twist on the obvious!

This franchise business idea has latched on to the health market in effect and is providing healthy cakes.

Or more to the point Egg Free cakes because the owners follow a strict lacto-vegetarian diet.

Could this be the way forward for you, either a franchise business or going egg free?

It is a great example of tapping into a trend.

You can find out about that and other ideas in Chapter 3 of the create your perfect business course and how to use the Unique Business Ideas Formula

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Chronic Complainers Damage Health

I really resonate with this article. I just am unable to be in the company of complainers for very long at all.

They genuinely have a very detrimental effect on my mental health, and that is not an exaggeration.

Over the years some environments have made me ill.

So I am sure it may be the same for many of you.

I can imagine many a business idea has been dreamed up in coporate rest rooms across the world because of this.

I think this is a really important topic...

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Fashion business with a social enterprise twist

This lovely lady decided she wanted to add a twist to her creative business idea.

She is in the fashion business, and has won a national award for her social enterprise part of the business creating items for sick children in hospital.

A lovely twist to add to business where you create something tangible and useful and it helps.

So much more satisfaction than just sending a cheque don't you think?

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42 Creative Home Business Ideas

If you are short on ideas but want to be creative, here are 42 people who have started their own home based business ideas from scratch.

I hope they inspire you to start...

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Business Idea

Business Idea Generation: I can help you generate a small business idea around who you are and how you want to live your life

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Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.