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All the latest posts are here on my blog page.

You will find my newest web pages, plus I read a lot of stuff so when I find an article about a case study/tool or resource I feel could be really useful in your journey to finding your business idea and beginning your project I will post it up here so do come back regularly for a read.

The Latest Posts

2020 from the rearview mirror

If you have never heard of Mark Manson, I urge you to add him to your reading list for 2021.

To the point about most things, he strips back unnecessary verbiage about the things most of use find important in life.

And if you are on a journey this year to create your perfect self employment vehicle, I highly recommend his blog.

He swears quite a lot, which seems to be a "thing"these days in the pursuit of being "authentic" but for some reason I don't seem to mind.

I think others have just followed on in the same vein because it worked for him and he has become very successful.

See what you think...

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Podcast Episode 15: 4 resources that blew me away in 2020

Happy New Year

In this episode, I share 3 important questions to ask yourself now it is the beginning of 2021 and share 4 resources that helped me master procrastination and do away with goal setting...

Ways of generating business ideas

Looking for ways of generating business ideas easily and quickly and to suit you perfectly?

Rather than sitting down and staring blankly into space, here are some ways I think would benefit you by giving you a bit of structure to your thoughts.

There is an easy way to learn the process because there are only 5 categories you need to look to when you are considering brainstorming business ideas.

Your idea will fall neatly under one of these categories, whether it is a product or service, or you might opt to choose both and you might even choose more than one category.

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Skill or Strength? - What is the difference?

I have noticed lately people have a real problem understanding the difference between a skill and a strength.

When I ask people to think about their strengths they give me their answer but talk about their skills instead.

So it occurred to me you might be having the same issue and don't like to ask :)

The difference is this.

A skill is something you can learn and a strength is something you are.

So for example you might be

  • Diplomatic
  • Empathetic
  • Analytical
  • Focused
  • Persuasive
  • Learner

You are generally born this way, it is innate in you, if you cut yourself in half, your strengths would run right through the middle of you.

They are the things you can't stop "being"

They are who you are..!

A skill is something you can learn if you have the aptitude like typing or flying or acrobatics.

It is an important distinction to find your strengths when you want to start a business because if you don't work with them, your business will end up eventually working against YOU.

And after all of the hard work you will be doing, you don't want to the architect of an avoidable failure...

Combine a health problem with a solution

Ravi is an emergency nurse and after a particularly nasty accident, he combined his knowledge of recovery with a friend who was a yoga expert and they came up with the idea of creating a well-priced acupressure mat.

Made from organic materials and with vegans in mind, they came up with the Yoken Wellness mat and also created a lovely organic, vegan yoga mat too.

They have found their place in the wellness industry and it was simply born from a bad experience.

Another problem that had a solution built as a business for its owners...

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Have a problem? Be the solution

It is such a basic way of coming up with an idea but if you have a problem, you can create a solution to it in the form of a business.

This lovely NHS nurse was having problems sourcing what she needed for her particular hair care needs in Cambridge.

She had to travel all the way to London to find what she needed so she decided to create her online EBAY store and provide products to help other women who were struggling to find what they needed.

Plus her extensive medical background was useful too, she understood what was in products and how they affected the skin and so on.

She now has a very successful online store and has all the access she could ever need to hair care products...

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Podcast episode 14: Service Business Ideas

Service Business Ideas, the easiest way to start a business today and it is all about how to go about the right way to pick one that has a chance of working rather than the first thing you think of because it seems easy.

And one of the reasons I wanted to record this particular episode is because service business ideas are highly searched, and I wonder what inspiration people are expecting to strike when they land on one of these listicles I keep finding in the searches.

You know one of those posts that say “10 best service business ideas for no start-up cost” or “how to start a service business idea using a washing up bottle and a piece of string”

I am joking of course but I think you get the point…If I am struggling to find some decent information then probably so are you.

So, I want to help you step away from the listicles and come up with your very own list of personalised service business ideas and stop hoping one will magically appear in Google land.

I will ask you though, are you just looking to start just anything because you want to get out of your job, or you have been made redundant or are you truly searching for you want to start that is right for you?

Because, If you get this bit right, you will be able to instantly know if something is a good fit for you rather than just randomly having a go because it seems like a good idea at the time, you were in a hurry to get started on something and then failing.

A bit like Mr Smith and our holiday home management company disaster when we lived overseas.

We figuratively picked “it off a list”instead of applying some logic and asking ourselves the types of questions I am going to share with you.

I promise you it will save you lots of grief further down the road.

And you can read more about our train wreck of a business experience on my about me page on the website and the others I had a go at without thinking as well.

I so want to save the time, money and grief involved when going about it the wrong way...

Midlife: A Great Time To Start Your Business

It is so good to see that people are seeing their mid to later years as still an opportunity to be productive.

And why wouldn't you when the figures show over 65's are set to double and the over 80's set to triple over the next few years.

Products and services designed for this demographic are going to be required in all areas of life so why not think about gearing your business idea in this direction?

Here is an article from the BBC to explain more...

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You Really Can Work From Anywhere

The world of work is changing so why not change your work to fit your world.

This newspaper article suggests how many people have decided "work from home" can now mean work from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

Now I fully appreciate that if you work in Sainsburys or some other call centre centric & well known corporate you can't just move abroad and work from there.

But what it does show are the possibilities if you decide to 'design your own job' and not be at the mercy of others.

There has never been a greater time to think about your own job security and work out how you can join this band of work freedom hunters.

It is possible, you just need a map and someone to light way. I can help you do that, today for free...

If you don't believe me, download my free business idea template on the website here and follow the business idea formula and you will see how easily you can design your own life and work.

There is enough information to get you going on your plan tonight!...

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Business Idea: Celebrity Fashion Icon From Her Back Bedroom

Sometimes you just have to go for it don't you?

You have a now or never moment which is what happened to this student, Mollie Ward, who has ended up with a fashion empire and boasts celebrity clients.

She started with Instagram and pictures of t-shirts and sunglasses and the whole thing just took off...from her back bedroom with a loan of £500 from her mum and dad.

Very inspiring and really makes the point you don't need thousands in the bank or a shop or even a business plan to be successful.

I talk to people about this time and time and time again.

The only key to success is to start, otherwise you are just another genius in your front room or your bedroom... right?

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Unique Business Idea: Coffin Confessor

You really can create a business around anything these days, it is something I advocate a lot when people say they can't think of anything new.

'Everything has been done already!' they say

Well, not so in this case.

This man, already a private investigator by trade decided to add on to his list of services when a client asked him to perform a service at his funeral and paid him a lot of money to do so.

His role is to stand up at the funeral of the person that paid him and say something, perform an action or deliver something to someone.

Bizarre to some, horrifying to others and downright amusing to quite a lot of people his idea is so unique, a Hollywood producer has come knocking to talk about making a film around the idea.

Like it or loathe it, it is ingenious and very clever and one of those unique business ideas you wish you had thought of yourself perhaps.

It will catch on here and there I am sure, it is almost franchisable!

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Business Idea: The Midnight Movers in Japan

Business Idea: The Midnight Moving Company

I have just been listening to BBC Sounds to the "The Documentary Podcast"

There is a documentary series on there with lots and lots of interesting stories.

One of them that grabbed my attention was actually about a brilliant business idea a lady in Japan had, although it is quite an extreme one.

But it illustrates the point in my training about picking a trend or choosing a demographic to work with/in.

The lady had a terrible life with her partner.

She was abused and really couldn't stand it anymore so she left him when he was on a night shift or similar.

She got the idea to create the "Japanese Flit" as I call it because of two things.

  • Apparently there is a very complex culture in Japan for people to just up and disappear if life is too difficult for them for any number of reasons.
  • She believed she could help this demographic have a service to call that was both discrete and reliable and didn't ask questions (unless of course a crime had been committed)

So she created the Midnight Moving Company to help people leave their personal situation and move them to their new life...

Now I know some people might have a view on the morals of the story but I thought it was a genius idea.

Take a life situation, a group of people and create a service around it.

And the more niche it is, the more successful you could be and it was interesting enough for someone at the BBC to make a documentary about it, it will be shared world wide and

  • It is great free marketing
  • Other people might be inspired by someone having the courage to start something really different.

Your takeaway is to ask yourself: "What life situation could I marry up with a group of people who might be interested in me creating a product or service they will pay for to make their life easier/better?"

Here is a link to the article on the BBC if you cannot access BBC Sounds in your country:

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The Importance Of Being Clueless

I love this TED Talk from Sahar Hashemi who with her brother Bobbys started up the very first coffee bar in the UK called Coffee Republic, way back when before the rise of Starbucks and their much copied brand.

Her talk centres around the fact she was a trained lawyer and became a rather unexpected entrepreneur.

She is quite at pains to point out that you are not necessarily born one, it can come to you under many different guises, and there is nothing wrong with you if you haven't actually wanted to start a business since the day you were born or you don't come from business stock!

She is especially keen to point out it and I fully agree, the stuff you see on Dragons Den and The Apprentice is not really very well portrayed and puts so many people off because they think this is what you have to be in order to have a successful business.

She has some brilliant lessons to share with anyone who wants to start with any style of business as the rules still apply.

Lessons that will show you, you are not alone, you are not a failure, nor should you worry if everyone you meet thinks you are "off your head"

And to really explain the benefits and the importance of being clueless at the beginning because your head is not filled with pre-conditions or pre-conceptions about anything.

A little light naivety never hurt anyone.

I hope you find as much inspiration as I did from this TED Talk.

I think it is one of the best I have seen...

Want to work remotely from somewhere more exotic than your back bedroom?

The world has changed for course as we all know and remote working is becoming very much a way of life now.

But if you have no ties and are up for some adventure then you have more opportunities than you may think.

You can actually venture to other parts of the world and have a view that is more interesting than your back bedroom.

Check out these interesting places where you will be welcomed...

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Niche Business Idea - Pyjamas for black kids

One of the topics in the 7 Step Business Idea Formula talks about finding a niche/group of people to serve to help you come up with your own unique business.

I thought this was a genius idea.

How could you look at a group of people differently and come up with something unique and interesting?

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Quote - About being realistic

I heard this quote today and had to share it with you

"Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity" - Will Smith

Being realistic is a killer of dreams and a murderer of ideas.

The moment you think it, is the moment your mind shuts down to possibility.

Please try to have a realistic free weekend!

Struggling to get up before your day job to work on your business idea?

If you are full of good intentions to work for that hour a day before your day job and failing miserably then perhaps Alexandra Franzen can help.

Change the way you think about it and make it fun and you might find it a whole lot easier to commit to...

Find a way to suit your personality and you will be leaping out of bed first thing...right! :)

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Got gaming mad kids?

Have you got gaming mad kids or a family member who is?

Did you know you could make a career out of it.

Next week, someone I know I holding an online virtual summit about this topic and is bringing a ton of experts to talk about altogether.

So why not let your gaming mad teen or partner know about it, because it just might be worth their while.

Side Quest Profits begins next week...

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A small honour

I have been contacted today by the owner and CEO of Feedspot.com

They kindly added my website and podcast to their top 15 business websites/podcasts, along with the likes of superstar podcaster John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneur on Fire.

I am not telling you to brag rather I am sharing the other 14 websites because I thought they might be useful to you on your own business journey.

You can never learn too much, just don't try to take it all in at once...:)

I hope you find something useful within their pages and podcasts...

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Inspiration: Who says you can't do it?

On this podcast episode from Stylist Magazine, Billy Bhatia is not your average fashion journalist.

Brought up in the UK in an Indian family, definitely not size zero or your average looking fashion industry journalist.

Yet she has risen to become a leading light in the world of international fashion and her views are widely sought.

She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do or be something and your external circle of influence is saying "no, you can't be this or that for whatever reason"

You can and you will if you are determined enough!

  • She suffered a lot of rejection
  • She was fat-shamed
  • She suffered racism
  • She was laughed at
  • She was dissed on many occasions

I thought she was a great inspiration to you if you are feeling a bit that way.....she has lots of insights that might help... I love her!You don't have to want to go into fashion to takeaway the lessons....embrace your differences..

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What do you have you can use to help move you forward?

Part of the 7 step formula I teach is to look at what assets you hold already to propel your business journey a bit faster.

This couple owned a piece of ground which they purchased instead of a "guaranteed to depreciate in value fancy car."

They decided to turn their bit of land into something people would love as a nature area and dog walk and to keep up the standards of health, safety and beauty charged a £50.00 fee to users.

Genius little idea.

So what have you got you could use, property, land, car parking spot on your drive, etc that you could use?

And it is not necessarily tangible things, do you have any intellectual property or access to groups or a book sitting on your computer you turn into online learning for example?

Think who, what or where could help you move forward?

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The difference between hobby, job, career & vocation

We all stress about what should be hobby, job, career or vocation.

Elizabeth Gilbert offers some great insight into the differences:

Want to work remotely from Barbados?

This is not a joke.The government of Barbados want to welcome people to their country and kick start their economy due to falling tourism.

What a genius idea, invite remote workers who will spend time and money on the island... a much more stable way to boost income...

Perhaps part of your dream business is to work remotely, what a golden opportunity...

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Time for a change?

I saw this video recently and thought it perfect illustrates peoples lives:

Is this you and is it time for a change?

Podcast Episode 13: 10 evergreen business idea areas

If you are stuck for a business idea, there are 10 areas that could kickstart your thinking.

Evergreen ideas never go out of fashion and there is always a market for it.

You just have to put your own spin on it.

Business Idea Template Free Download

Are you stuck with coming up with a business idea or have you got a reasonable idea but would like to check out if you have really got the right one to fit in with our personality and lifestyle?

Important if you want to be successful and save bags of time not making the wrong decision.

Just because you like to make cakes, doesn't mean you should open a bakery...

There are other ways to skin the business cat around your area of interest.

You have got access to the basic 7 Step Unique Business Idea Formula and I am really confident it will help you really think about your choices.

Have a good week...

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Podcast Episode 12: Starting a Business? 11 Things To Consider

Welcome to this episode and today I am talking about 11 things I think you might want to consider before you go headlong into the first business idea you fall in love with

*Why do you want to start a business anyway?

*Do you want to give up your day job?

*What kind of business do you want to start anyway?

*What can you do?

*Do you want to use what you do?

*What assets have you got to use?

*What would you like to do?

*What values do you hold?

*Are you prepared for the grind?

*How much can you live on?

*How will you feel if you don't start your business?

Ask Me A Question

Have you got a burning question around starting with your business idea?

*Are you lost for an answer about being a business beginner?

*Would you like some advice but feel silly asking the question? Please don't! You can remain anonymous

*Are there just one or two things you need to know before you settle on your perfect idea?

*Are you wondering which business idea to choose?

*Are you wondering who might want what you have to sell?

*Are you hesitant about entering a "saturated market?"

I can answer these or any other questions you might have so please use my Visitors Question & Answer resource to ask me anything about the early stages of your business.

I can help you untangle that mass of business idea spaghetti in your head... :)

Your lack of knowledge can help someone else by you asking the question so pay it forward and ask me a question today...

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Who Do You Trust With Your Business Idea?

I read this article today and it made me think of you, with your business idea in your head, desperate to share it with your friends.

I know, you are soooo excited about it and you want to shout it from the rooftops, but might I suggest you exercise some caution before you get to the rooftop?

Might I suggest you apply these 4 questions Elizabeth Gilbert suggests you do to your sharing circle...

Sometimes you are better to keep some things close to your chest...

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Is it possible to run a business without using Social Media?

I really don't like social media... I don't understand all of the platforms and I can't face all the time they take to keep up with. Everyone, I know

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Podcast Episode 11: Rapid Transformation Therapy - good for entrepreneurs

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Welcome to this podcast episode, and this one is all about a topic I have recently been introduced to called Rapid Transformation Therapy.

And it is a medium that offers tools and techniques to help people lead their life with less stress and anxiety.

My guest today is Helen Hardware, a UK based rapid transformation coach and she helps people overcome struggles with issues related to stress & anxiety, weight problems, lack of confidence, insomnia, fears & phobias, the improvement of sports performance, performance anxiety or even exam nerves.

I thought her explanation about the tools and techniques involved, could be really useful for any of you, would be or newly started entrepreneurs listening, who are either stuck and can’t seem to move forward in your business OR who want to get going with a business idea but you find yourself with one foot stuck in treacle and you just can’t seem to take the first step and not sure why?

Helen can share some light on some possible answers to these problems.

We touch on the topic of why confidence is important for entrepreneurs and Helen goes on to thoroughly explain the 4 universally held fears that hold many people back from success, and they are probably familiar friends to you. They are…

  • Fear of judgment and worrying about what other people think
  • Fear of failure and why a lot of entrepreneurs fall into this trap before they even have begun
  • Fear around visibility and how it links in with worrying about what people think
  • And the fear of self-sabotage, fear of surprisingly, being successful

We also touch on the topic of Imposter Syndrome.

A problem that can manifest itself right at moments when you should be celebrating your wins, but happens when people cannot internalise and own their success.

And as a final note, Helen very kindly shares a couple of books that have helped her both personally and professionally as she moves along her own journey of entrepreneurship and self-development.

Helens Website: empoweringtransformation.co.uk

Books mentioned

Brene Brown – The Gift Of Imperfection

Quote from her book: "comparison is the thief of joy"

Marisa Peer – Ultimate Confidence

Make eCommerce Easy With WordPress Plugins

If you are considering using WordPress for your eCommerce business, it would be great to know what are the best plug-ins to use right?

Here is a super-detailed list of the ones that probably are among the best in class...

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Business Motivation Tips

If you find yourself doing really well with your business idea one day and then the next you just spend your time watching the TV aimlessly or doing anything else but what you should b, then you probably need a bit of motivating?

Continue reading "Business Motivation Tips"

Podcast Episode 10: Procrastination

This is a very short episode.

If you feel overwhelmed today and decide you are going to postpone starting your business idea prep until things get better, easier, you have more money, you are less busy, the kids go back to school or there are 8 days in the week.


I would like to share a really apt paragraph from author Tim Ferris, who, in case you have no idea how famous he is, wrote the 4-hour workweek several years ago and it is still one of the world’s top 10 business books to this day

He really has a handle on how most of us think when we promise ourselves we are going to start that business on Monday or the weekend or when we get home from work.

And I recommend you copy these words down somewhere so you can see them every day at home and keep a copy on you somewhere for when you have weak moments and need a reminder of where you want to be.

These few words really rang true with me, so I wanted to share them with you

10 Home Business Ideas

Are you struggling to think about what kind of business to come up with?

Here are 10 home business ideas but they are more about areas to look rather than a prescriptive title.

I never quite fathom how anyone is supposed to pick an idea off a page and then start a business according to some of the guff I read online.

The process of coming up with something to suit someone is somewhat more complex than that!

But you can hone in on an area which might appeal and these ones are incredibly common.

Or evergreen to coin a marketing phrase.

For example; people will always need personal care service or food to eat or administration

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My create your perfect business idea course if free until further notice

Hello dear friends

Just to let you know I have made my Create Your Perfect Business Idea, the downloadable course, free until further notice.

I appreciate either you or people you know may have lost their job, got sick, have to look after others or just generally need a helping hand.

So if you know anyone who may have a need for some free business idea advice, please point them in the direction of this page.

I sincerely hope it helps someone to generate some ideas and help get them or you back on your feet in the future.

My best wishes


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From Private Chef to YouTube Channel Owner

German Sozzi was having a great life living in London, working in some really amazing places creating top-class food.

He went back home for a visit to Argentina, with the full intention of coming back and resuming his cooking career in the capital.

But as we all know, things changed very drastically for everyone in March 2020.

So after sitting and lamenting the loss of his career for a couple of weeks, he and his English partner Holly decided to use the skills they had between them and start a YouTube channel and in the first week garnered over 500 subscribers.

The moral of the tale is, to think laterally and to coin a current phrase, pivot your ideas.

If you can't go one way, then don't give up...try another...

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Podcast Episode 9: The Obstacle Analysis Grid

Welcome to episode 9 and this is more of a practical session around a book recommendation for you today about Obstacle Analysis.

A simple way to understand what is blocking your move forward with your business idea and I am going to jump right into it with an exerciseI suggest you buy yourself a copy of this book because I think it will change your life regarding problem-solving for everything, forever.

But for now, you can take a piece of paper and a pen or however you would take notes and document things and create a grid with 9 boxes, 3 across the top, 3 in the middle and 3 below.

Label the boxes in whatever order you want to start with

  • Information
  • Skill
  • Belief
  • Wellbeing·
  • Motivation·
  • Other People·
  • Time·
  • Money
  • Fear

This is your obstacle analysis grid.

I am going to take you through a very short 2 step exercise to determine what your problem might be and which box it fits in on the grid.And don’t be surprised if you tick more than one or 2.Tick as many as you need.

Now the reason I suggest you buy the book is that there is a third step which involves you read in detail about the problem or problems you ticked in your boxes.

It is the second half of the book, that is dedicated to The Obstacle Analysis GridTM and I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling and suffering a bit with analysis paralysis, procrastination or you are just plain stuck and unable to move forward with your business idea? And perhaps you have no idea why?

Alternatively, though, it could be

You are finding your will is there but you just can’t seem to take things forward and feel blocked and frustrated? OrYou suspect you know what the problem is but can't articulate it?

I thought this tool was so useful I wanted to share the concept of the obstacle analysis grid so you could put a handle on your problem quickly and stop yourself going round in circles and getting really frustrated with yourself.

Online Business: Isn't it time you started?

*NEW deep price reduction until further notice during COVID19 crisis*

90 days to try it or your money back with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose

During quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing, here’s what having an online business can mean for you…

  • Stay Home Save Lives
  • minimal startup costs
  • work from home
  • no commute
  • you’re in control
  • reach a global audience
  • be part of a community
  • help people worldwide
  • ongoing learning
  • avoid boredom
  • crisis-proof your income

Now that we’ve talked about why starting an online business today is the smartest thing to do, let’s look at how Solo Build It! can help you do it.

Well, first of all, you’ll get everything you need to go from idea to income-generating online business. You won’t have to look for any outside tools, plugins or learning resources. It’s all included, in one neat package. It is a complete system.

And that’s not all.

Perhaps the most important benefit of starting with Solo Build It! is this…

Far From Just Being a “Platform,” Solo Build It! Offers a Real Help and Be-Helped Community

Super Support - If you’ve never worked from home before, or if you’ve never built a website or blog, you’ll probably have lots of questions.

Questions - about the how-to, the process, the technical details.

But also, and perhaps even more importantly, you’ll have questions and concerns about…

  • how to overcome self-doubt
  • how to deal with feeling isolated when working from home
  • how to stay motivated
  • And, of course, you’ll also want a place where you can share your achievements and celebrate your successes!

For fun and challenging moments alike, you’ll become part of an amazing community that gather to share everything about their online business journeys.

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Case Study: Hair Business

Sean and Clare didn't have a Eureka moment in their bathtub when it came to choosing their business idea.

But they did fall back on extensive knowledge of working for 2 stellar companies in the industry, Andrew Collinge and Nicky Clarke.

And on a 12-hour flight back from the Far East, their award-winning company Untamed and their amazing hairdryer with a special diffuser was born...

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Too many ideas & you can't pick one?

Emilie Wapnick is a beacon of light in a world which constantly shouts out choose your passion, follow your bliss, or do what you love

She wisely follows her own path, using her strengths as what she terms a Multi-potentialities.

She is the go-to career counsellor for people who can't decide what they want to do because they cannot choose just one option.

People who have multiple interests and passions and procrastinate forever about starting a business because they can't just pick the one idea.

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Podcast Episode 8: Resistance

And they call her Resistance.

And she is stopping you from getting going and moving forward with your business idea.

I think Freud expressed it perfectly when he talked about the big elephant in the room to what is stopping you.

He called it a death wish and if you sit back and think about it, he was right

He said

“That destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough long term course of action that might do for us or others something that is actually good”

And I completely agree, it is a very destructive force and one that needs to be overcome.

I come across people on a regular basis, who, with great conviction, say how much they want to write a book, start a business or pursue a passion.

This is then closely followed by a laundry list of reasons why whatever they say they want to do hasn’t happened yet.

I find it very, very sad; so many people are trapped in this world of resistance.

They are trapped right in that space between the full-on and real desire to do something and then moving themselves to actually doing it.

Many people live here, on Resistance Street, sad and frustrated and like that other very famous quote dismally says “living lives of quiet desperation with their song still inside of them”

So, would I be talking about you when I ask?

  • Are you facing obstacles, real or imagined on the path you want to go with your business idea? Or
  • Do you tell yourself you really want to start but find you keep doing other things instead? You know when
  • You make a deal with yourself to really get going, after work, or at the weekend but end up watching TV instead?

If so you then you might be facing your own spell of resistance.

And you can do something about it...

AI & the disruption of publishing

If you are thinking of writing a book for your business then you might be interested in this article about how Artificial Intelligence will disrupt publishing over the next 10 years.

It is always good to be ahead of the curve and there are some top observations by Joanna, who knows a thing or two about being successful with writing...

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Business idea case study request

Have you been successful in starting your own business?

No matter how new it is, the main thing is you have started and that kind of success really resonates with people.

The whole "I left a 6 figure salary to follow my dream" nonsense is starting to wear a bit thin now I think for many people who want to come up with their own successful business.

I believe most of us would love to see and hear some reality for a change and learn from ordinary individuals just like us who have gone boldly into the unknown from their back bedroom in Birmingham.

It is not that I don't think it is true, I believe it is for some people but for the majority of work from home entrepreneurs, the adventure often begins on evenings and weekends around a regular job and family and a whole host of other "life things" going on around them and they just keep going because it is something they believe in.

And often on a shoestring of either time and/or money.

so, dear friend, I am looking for you to share your genuine reality story either for on the website or the podcast or both if you would like to.

You can have your own page right now on the site and you can write as much as you like and post up to 4 photographs and let me have all of your social media handles and a link to your website, so people can find you and support you.

Happy to read your story as a podcast episode or make arrangments with you for a proper podcast interview.

Let me know if you are up for it because I would really love to hear from you and share everything about your wins in business, no matter how small you think they are...

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Is now the right time to start thinking about working for yourself?

With everything going on around us, are you stuck at home and pondering whether it is finally time to start working for you?

Wondering if you could start on evenings and weekends and build that business idea that has been rolling around the back of your mind for ages?

If so I want to share this results page from my online business builder I am using.

And I want to share the fact that you can choose any number of topics to start your business about as this page illustrates.

You can choose

  • maths or microlights
  • cakes or crystals
  • teach a language or tarot
  • talk about cars or guitars
  • food or having fun
  • honey and health
  • snorkling or table tennis

The point being, whatever your topic is, there is a high probability you can build a business around it.

If you have more time on your hands, perhaps now is the right time to explore it a bit further.

And bear in mind you can get a widget for Wordpress if you want to use it as your platform.

So all bases covered there.

And you know the only difference between the people shown here and you are what they did next.

They started one day and then kept going, nothing more complicated than that.

So make the most of your time off and give yourself the gift of a bit of time to think about yourself and your future...today could be your turning point...

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Podcast Episode 7: Niche Business Formula

It sounds like a bit of a trendy marketing term doesn't it but actually the theory is sound.

And I really want to emphasise how useful this little bit of knowledge could be to you, right at the beginning of your business idea journey because it will pay out enormous dividends in the long run.

You might want a bit of paper and pen for this one, to write down the 4 steps.

Niching your business is a whole lot more than just saying you work with only male or female, or mums or seniors or people who just eat fish.

It is more about the problem you solve and the end result achieved from what you do to solve it.

Isn't it time you took control of your own future?

Isn't it time you made the decision to take control of your own future

This quote of mine seems to resonate with a lot of people

"The perfect career will never exist in a building where you have to start and finish at a time appointed by others, are allowed the privilege of 48 hours of not working each week, affectionately called the weekend and you accept the other luxury of 30 days in the year where you can be absent with the manager's permission, romantically named your holidays.

All for the bargain price of a set salary each month!

If you want freedom in life and work you have to create it yourself"

Jackie Smith

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Podcast episode 6: Business idea validation

Business idea validation is a useful method to help you answer the question

Does this business idea have any hope of taking off?

A very sensible question to ask at the beginning of your business planning and it will probably save you a lot of time and money and frustration in the long run.

So here is a really simple formula d to use and you can apply it to any industry.

Take a piece of paper or however, you want to document your answers and divide it into 4 sections

You take your idea and apply the business idea validation formula to it.

So let me explain what I mean.

Say your idea is to start a baby clothes business?

Before you even have registered a domain name, or bought business cards and absolutely before you purchase any stock you go through the validation formula very quickly.

I would use them in the following order but, you could evaluate in any order you choose as long as you cover all 4 sections.

You are checking to see if your idea has a place in the world, with your stamp on it...

Podcast episode 5: Find your strengths

You need to find your strengths if you want to successfully design a business around who you are.

If you want the perfect fit that is?

If you don’t find those strengths and work with them instead of fighting against them, your work life will be a big struggle.

And who the heck wants that? Life is hard enough, right?

In modern life, positive psychology is all the rage and I don’t mind it at all in the right circumstances however, the quote that reads along the lines of...

"You can be anything you want to be if you just try hard enough" really isn’t helping people at all because it makes people think hard work is all they need.

Unfortunately, no amount of effort makes you better at something you are not born to do or be despite any amount of passion for it.

Well, I learned something interesting from something on my bookshelf recently, and I found it a complete revelation.

What do you think about this as an alternative instead?

"Weaknesses are strengths in the wrong environment"

I thought it was genius!... so listen in to learn more...


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.