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Business Idea Generator Session

Would you like my help as a business idea generator?

Great news, I am thrilled to bits you want to finally take that step and go about changing your life.

My skill is joining the dots of your life and passions and helping you come up with your perfect business idea, one that fits in with who you are, your greatest strengths and how you want to live your life.

And I say helping you because you already have an inkling of what you want to do, even if you think you don't.

The seeds are already there, you just need a map and light to show you the way.

I like to do things differently

The traditional way of coming up with a business idea or any kind of career change tends to look at what you are good at, your cv and what you have done in the past to move you towards your future.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but it doesn't take into account  the most fundamental of question you must ask yourself first, before any business idea can be formed and brought to life.

What do you want your life to look like?

You can get your life back on track and gain greater clarity and direction by taking a step back and assessing what you truly want in your life.

I promise you, this is absolutely fundamental to getting things right.

I help clients see the big picture and rediscover what is important to them and how they can turn it into a full time living

Sometimes the answer is directly in front of you but cannot be seen for any number of reasons.

Having a session with someone who has a skill as a business idea generator is an opportunity for you to look at things you perhaps had not recognised as important before, identify possible obstacles and, step by step take action to create a plan that is exciting and perfect for you.

Here is a bit more about the coaching sessions  & and how they work

Email session 1: Introduction & discovery

As part of our first introduction and discovery session I will send you a  pre-work questionnaire by email for you to complete and return back to me  so I can see where you are in your thinking and what our starting point is.

It is your first step on your new journey to being your own first class business idea generator in any industry.

And it helps me get a handle on where you are in the process so far.

Based on your passion and interests and the information you provide in your pre-work I will brainstorm with you via email how you can develop at least one but possibly multiple streams of income if you want to.

I put in a considerable amount of time into researching, asking questions and writing.

Email sessions 2 - 8: The 7 step process

This is where the magic happens and you get to create your own perfect job so you can work at what you love.

This is where you will be creating the dots so you can join them all together.

This is where I think it works hands down over phone coaching because you get to think it all through over time instead of just that hour, that day that phone call. 

  • Why you need to create your big picture first otherwise the pieces of your jigsaw will never fit  (Lesson 1)
  • Seek out what you already have to save time money or skills to fill in the jigsaw faster (Lesson 2)
  • Use the Unique Business Ideas Formula to come up with your business idea(s) in any industry (Lesson 3)
  • Find your market place and see who wants what you have to offer (Lesson 4)
  • Take the first steps  forward when you have found your market place (Lesson 5)
  • Learn to navigate the roadblocks and obstacles you will encounter like people, money, and lack of skills and so on… (Lesson 6)
  • Find your cheerleaders and people who will help you move forward with your business idea (Lesson 7)

Email session 9: Your personal action plan

The last email session will contain your detailed, personalized, written, action plan with the next steps to take.

And in addition to what we discuss in our email exchanges there may may be other resources for you to explore further, if appropriate.

Email Coaching - What is it exactly?

The wonder of email coaching allows us to connect without any phone calls or appointments or the stress of having to be “on form” at any given time.

The correspondence is focused on you alone and your business idea aspirations and I get to share my ideas with you and I can help you think a little differently about how to take things forward.

How does it all work then?

This work is completely one to one and focused on YOU!

We start together with some pre-work that I send to you as part of our introduction and discovery session.

The purpose of the pre-work is to begin to get to know you, your hopes, dreams, preferences, ambitions and also where you are in the process already.

It gives you an opportunity to really think about what it is you want, even if you think you know already.

You might be just starting to think about making a transition from employment to your own business idea and be completely clueless about what to do and where to go


You might be further down the road and require a bit of idea development before you fully decide which avenue you are going to take.

When I have seen your pre work it gives me a starting point for our conversation together.

You will have my full attention and my guidance and recommendations will be made specifically for you, your life and your unique set of circumstances.

When we get to the end of our email sessions together I will create an action plan for you to take your business idea forward.

But first I am sure you want to know?

Is email coaching right for you?       

This is a really important question to ask yourself, although I would say your gut will have told you already if this style of coaching is right for you, especially if you have introvert tendencies.

How will you know?

  • You will know if you prefer to write out your thoughts and ideas rather than have to come up with them on the spot, like on the phone or skype.
  • You will know you don’t want telephone/skype/zoom or in person coaching
  • You will know if you prefer to reflect over responses before sharing them.

You will probably also like to

Have someone just an email away who you can send correspondence to as you need to instead of having to move your already busy life around and schedule a call.

But just in case you need a little more convincing…

Here are 10 reasons I think email coaching is a great option for your busy life

1. You can use your writing skills

If you love to write, email coaching is perfect.

There is a sense of order in writing things on paper and when we write, our brain functions differently to when we speak.

Your ideas can take a more concrete form and you have time to shape them.

2. It is really easy to do

Using email for coaching means you are not limited by time zones or geographical constraints and you can fit it into the busiest of schedules.

If you have a full diary and don’t want yet another fixed appointment in it they choosing email coaching allows you to control what you do and when you do it.

3. It is all there in writing

You will be able to see a beginning, middle and an end.

You have your own paper trail of how you are doing and you have a record of questions/answers/problems/solutions.

You can see your road to progress from no idea to perfect idea and you have a record to refer back to whenever you want to.

4. Honesty

This is one of my favourite reasons, because as an introvert we often hide our true thoughts and feelings, especially when we have to share it directly in front of someone in person or on the phone.

Writing an email really allows you to get down to writing your honest thoughts and become a bit braver about communicating what is really going on in your head.

5. A different sort of coaching

If you are anything like me, you will appreciate some time to consider answers to questions posed to you.

Email coaching allows for you to take your time to really think about the questions, to “think it through”

6. Writing things out has benefits

Do you keep a diary or a journal?

Then you will truly understand the value of writing out your thoughts and answers to questions put to you.

You can write and rewrite until what you want to say is clear and concise.

You can organise and reorganise your thoughts as often as you like in a way you just can’t on a phone call.

7. Sometimes it is how you say things

I notice a lot about how a person expresses things in writing and it helps me understand you and helps me learn how best to help you.

8. Intuition rules

If you are writing it is much easier to tune in to intuition and how you really feel instead of having to come up with an answer on the spot, which you might change later on after a bit more consideration.

9. Write on demand

You don’t have to wait for my phone call on any given day or time to share your thoughts.

You can get all of your concerns, questions and frustrations out of your head and into your email as it happens. You can edit at will and then send exactly what you want to say to me…

Even if you don’t send it there and then or you alter it as you go over a few days, the very act of sharing it on paper can sometimes throw up the solution you were looking for.

10. It is a two way street

As a busy person with full time caring duties, a husband who works from home and all that goes with that lifestyle, email works really well for me too.

Because I have the freedom to schedule our “coaching session” around my best times it makes me a happy camper too!

You can receive my complete and uninterrupted focus and attention.


You are not tied to any appointments and can email me back when your life is less busy too.

How much does it cost?

It is much cheaper to offer email coaching, so it opens  up an option up to you that perhaps you thought might be out of reach.

You will find other face to face career coaching often costs a whole lot more, often at this price per month!

My business idea generator session is conducted via email coaching (within a 3 month period) and the flat fee is £250 payable using the paypal/credit card button below,  before the session begins:

This includes:

  • Intro & Discovery - 1 pre-work questionnaire and introductory email session
  • 7 targeted email sessions around the 7 Step Formula
  • 1 final email with written action plan and wrap up session 
  • My research and writing time
  • Up to 3 emails per week per session
  • A full copy of the create your perfect business course  so you have the full 7 Step Unique Business Idea Formula to work with forever PLUS the 111 self coaching questions to help you develop your answers in depth for Lesson 2

My 100 Percent Guarantee

I would love to help you get brainstorming and come up with your own small business ideas.

To give you confidence, I want to let you know you have nothing to lose.

My promise to you is, if after you do the all the pre-work and complete your email sessions with me we don't come up with a single idea to help you  go forward with creating an income, I will refund your money.

No questions asked

Want to ask a question before you do anything?

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask them using the form below.

I look forward to meeting you online  and discussing about your brilliant business idea.

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