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Business Idea
small tweaks might be just what you need if you are not moving forward

Business Idea small tweaks might be what you need if you are not moving forward with your plans as quickly or as easily as you would like to be.

  • Have you got this great idea but you seem to be at a standstill?
  • Are you genuinely procrastinating for no  good reason you can think of?
  • Do you have great plans every week to get started during your evenings and weekends but end up watching Master Chef instead?

You could be experiencing a form of resistance? 

By that I mean you could be held back by some kind of fear, avoidance tactic  or perhaps a negative money belief.

However, it may not be that at all, it may be you have the right idea but the wrong approach?

You might just need to give your business idea small tweaks here and there so it fits you better.

You have chosen the right industry but you might want to give your business idea small tweaks here and there based upon looking at the problem in a different way and slicing your theme at a different angle.

Let me explain  a bit more what I mean and how I helped someone recognise they were stuck with this problem  and what they did next in order to move forward.

Business idea small problem encounter

Frank wanted to work in the catering business.

But rather than open a restaurant he thought he would start with a food truck.

It seemed the obvious answer.

He came to this conclusion because 

  • He loved food,  cooking was a skill he had and was pretty good at it
  • All his friends and family said so and urged him to go for it
  • Based on conventional business idea wisdom, it was the right thing 
  • Business idea small & easy to start

He had got his start up money and he was looking all the time for the right vehicle to kit out himself rather than purchase a ready made one.

To save cash and also to put his own stamp on it with his own customisation.


He realised after several months, he was just looking and looking and kept taking steps to buy the thing, but could never quite go through with making the actual purchase.

He was in a perpetual state of research mode and couldn't get out of it.

He couldn't understand this because it matched his criteria of a business idea small and easy to start, and he was good at it and everyone said so!


His wife, who was watching with interest, being supportive she thought, and trying not to be impatient with him, kept asking him when he was going to get started, and badgering him about a business plan, and after a few months got really annoyed with him because nothing was happening.

Essentially, he was mooning about the house, constantly talking about his "big dream", but never actually doing anything about it.

This caused a bit of friction in the household and a few arguments between them both.

Plus, his friends were starting to pipe up with "well meaning advice" as well.

So for some clarity and another point of view from someone who was not a family member or friend.

Frank, had a conversation with me about his business idea small steps were on his his mind to make things manageable but he wasn't even taking baby ones.

He was stumped as to why he was so passionate to start his business, he had the money to get going but he still couldn't take off the handbrake on his idea.

He wanted to please his wife of course, and have his friends be proud of him, but most of all he wanted to please himself and be proud of achieving something.

He was under the impression he was "following his passion"

He said he had always wanted to work in food, loved cooking and couldn't understand what was wrong and why he was procrastinating. But I did!

I knew exactly what was wrong, because he had been viewing the problem from the wrong end of the lens...

He had picked the right industry but the wrong business idea within it

The Solution

We talked a lot about his dream, where it had come from, why he thought it was the way to go but some deeper and more explicit questioning brought up some unexpected answers for Frank.

He was really suprised, but pleasantly so.

He thought if he wanted to work in the food industry, he had to actually cook food, and whilst he loved doing it, he realised he didn't actually want to do it for money.

He wanted to keep this as a passion to be enjoyed and not ruined by the stress of running a restaurant or an actual catering outlet.

This was a revelation to him... and his wife!

After quite a bit of talking back and forth, we got to the glaringly obvious conclusion what he really wanted to do was use his hands and head differently but in the catering world.

He loved DIY, he loved spreadsheets and organising "stuff" on them.

He loved buying and selling on ebay and loved transforming things from being a bit ropey into something special.

He had done it in the past with property, furniture, cars and so on.

And now he wanted to do it with Food Trucks but hadn't really seen the connection to begin with.

Using what he loved to do, finding and purchasing something that needed renovation, using his DIY Skills and working with spreadsheets to plan work and then sell his creation to others who wanted what he could do and they could not.

He also didn't really want to leave home, he wanted to work from his garage with a view to maybe later, finding bigger premises for a workshop.

This now made it glaringly obvious why he didn't want to actually buy the truck then cook the food.

It just wasn't him!

So, original business idea, small tweak to create a better one became his new improved business idea and it fitted him to a T

You see, you might be passionate about something but if it doesn't fit in with what you are good at and crucially if you want to do it, then nothing will happen at best or you will be miserable at worst with your choices.

When we explored more about who he was and what he loved to do as well as well as what he was good it, his real passion was more about DIY, and using his head and hands.

Yes he liked food, but really he was happy just to cook for fun.

The Outcome

The outcome became a simple one.

Frank decided to continue his work in the food business, and would alter his course to begin creating wonderful food trucks for other people to cook in.

He could still be involved in the industry but in a way that suited him and his lifestyle.

He  didn't have to get up early, shop for food, get involved in licencing, find a pitch, compete with others or stand all day talking and being polite to people even if he didn't want to.

The cookery part of his life could be kept at home and done for the love of it for his family but not for money.

He would now be getting paid for using his hands doing what he was good at and crucially loved doing, getting his hands dirty, using tools, buying materials, at home in his garage where he didn't need to speak to a soul if he didn't want to.

He could buy and sell on eBay to his hearts content.

He was going to work in the mobile catering industry his way without as much as frying a chip or flipping a burger

When he told his wife about what we had come up with together, she said to us both...

"Well of course, that makes perfect sense, it suits you perfectly.

Why didn't we think of that before! 

I can totally see the value of having a business idea small tweak session, it's literally tweaking to fit you like a glove"

She then went on to say "Now I understand the value of a bit of coaching by someone else who can put ideas together, because you can't always see the wood for the trees can you?"

Business Idea Small Tweaks Session

Perhaps I can help you with one of my business idea small tweak sessions?

You might be just like Frank, stuck in want to start/can't start mode because something is wrong but you cannot quite put your finger on it?

Let me try and help you "see the wood for the trees"

Essentially you will be starting again mentally from scratch about your idea.

You will go through the whole 7 step programme and altering your plan to a better fit around who you are and how you want to live your life.

Because if your business doesn't fit the LIFE TEST we go through, then you may as well pack up and go home because you will always be wearing shoes that are a size too small, or have a business that doesn't fit well.

If you want a taster of the Unique Business Idea Formula then you can download the Business Idea Template and see how you get on.

Obviously the paid course and 1:1 email coaching are much more in depth but you can get a flavour of the steps to create your perfect business idea, small or otherwise  tailored to you.

An Inspiring Case Study To Illustrate A Business Idea Small Tweak To Success

Brett in the USA had a similar story to Frank.

The outcome is he has a business that generates approx $60,000 per year and he doesn't have to flip a single burger.

Brett's Food Truck Empire , generates revenues from helping others set up a mobile catering business from the ground floor up.

He sells the business plans,financial sheets, offers a directory for the buying/selling  of food trucks and advertising options to relevant and local businesses and earns revenue from using google ads.

He had the same dilemma, and decided to use all the information he learned to create digital products for sale and to sell "knowledge" to individuals by becoming an expert on all things Food Trucks.

Frank could do the same and so could you.

You don't have to be hairdresser to have a hairdressing business, nor fly a plane to own an airline.

You just have the create your business idea small steps in your own way

How could you use these stories to think differently about your business, and come up with your own business idea small tweaks for yourself?

They might be just the kick start you are looking for?

I hope their stories help you think a bit differently.