Business Idea Tips?

by Jax

When I go online all I get are ready made business ideas that don't suit me.

How do you suggest I go about doing things differently.

I am searching small business ideas, business ideas, business idea?

What I mean about ready made business ideas?

Very generic ideas such as

Dog walking
Bicycle repair

These are what come up, they seem a bit clinical and random?

They don't help me search for something that is based upon what I can do or think I may want to do...

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One of my most favourite questions
by: Jackie

The trouble with just randomly searching under those terms is you get random answers.

If I went into a shop that sold "Business Ideas", I wouldn't want to pick one off the shelf, I would want to head to the desk in the corner that offered advice on how to customise a business idea for me.

You could still pick one off the shelf if you wanted to because you liked the idea of dog walking or Consultant but you could get it tailored to fit you better.

I hate lists of things that are used just fill content space rather serve any useful purpose to the searcher.

It is a bit like trying to find a job online, you won't find a great fit using recruitment agents and job sites, they are just "off the shelf"...


You have to conform to what the job spec is rather than you choosing your own job spec to fit around you.

Can you see the difference?

This is why most people find it hard to find the perfect work because they have to mould themselves to the work and not the other way around.

The same with lists of "business ideas", they don't fit perfectly do they?

Have you taken my little mini course? It is free! it is just in the right hand column of the website.

If so, you will know the business idea bit comes last in the 3 step process not first.


Because you need other information in place first before you go all in with the idea phase.

But to help you just refine your internet searches a little better and find a better fit you can ask yourself these questions.

I guarantee your business idea will come from one of these areas,

The question is, have you picked the right one?

Do you have any personal experience you can use or a difficult event in your life you could turn into a business

Lost a partner, parent, child. Suffered a serious health issue, had a really positive experience you could share?

What about a hobby?

Do you want to develop your evening and weekend interest into something profitable?

Is there a demographic group you would like to work with?

Parents, survivors, victims, older, younger, middle age, LGBT, military families, broke people.......and so on

Have you encountered a problem you would like to fix?

Pick an industry and go.. IE, Elder care, the motor industry, the building industry, teaching etc etc

Do you complain about certain things?

Does something get on your wires enough to prompt you into action? Can you build a business around a solution for your complaint?

Are there any trends you might like to follow?

Veganism, children's portraits, pets, leisure time, outdoors...and so much more

Have you encountered any threats?

Personal attack, travel incident, terrorist situation? Burglary, your transport, family or friends?

I hope it helps you think a little differently?

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