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Business Idea Tweak Session

Business Idea Tweak Session

Business Idea tweak session, what is that you ask?

Well, you know that business idea you have had in your head for years, the one you are going to start up one day?

The one you are going to set up when the kids start school or when the kids are grown up, or when you reach 40, or when you retire or when you get back from Australia

That one!

Well, I would like to help you start it sooner rather than later because your life is too short and you never know what the future holds and not only that, you are probably done with that job, or you have reached a point in life when you have retired from one sector of work but looking to move into something for yourself.

You might even be an expat who has an idea to go or you might still actually like your job but want to get going with our business idea on the side.

But you are scared to make the leap because you are wondering if you have come up with the right idea.

Don't worry, I ABSOLUTELY get that!

This session could be particularly helpful for you.

Who is the BIT Session For?

The Business Idea Tweak Session (BIT Session) is different from my  1:1 Business Idea Generator Session (BIG Session), that is for people who are less clear about what they want or have no idea at all.

The business idea tweak session  is for people who know what they want to do specifically as a business idea but need some clarity to make sure their choice is the best one for them

We will talk about it in detail and absolutely come up with some more or better ideas, and quite probably things you had never thought of that could help you get started right away!

Why wait?

You will finish the session with a good clear plan of action and the next steps to take

Business Idea Tweak Session Content

The objective of the session is to talk through with you about what you already have in place (idea sorted, planning stage or business already running?) and see if your broad idea matches up to where you want to go.

In other words, does if pass the life test and fit in with who you are and how you want to live?

It is important to create a business that matches your personality and lifestyle and not just one for making money.

You have more chance of it being successful and sustainable if your work is an extension of who you are.

Your real self may be far removed from the one depicted on your CV, the one you have grown accustomed to and carried around over the years to fit into a regular job role.

You may be trying to organise your business or idea with an employee head on instead of a novicepreneur one.

I am running a business already!

Great, if you are running a business already and you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, trapped or want to give up because the reality of doing it hasn't matched the dream, then I can help.

At the end of the session you will see where things have gone wrong, how you can put them right and what other options you have to work with.

We will also look at other incomes stream you could be creating that match you in a much better way.

One of the clear main reasons a person ends up struggling is because they are either in the wrong business or they are choosing to do business in a way that goes against their natural personality.

You might not be utilising your strengths correctly or just plain letting obstacles get in the way and sabotage your progress.

Whatever stage you are at...

Here is what we will do for our 90 minute session:

  • We will look at your business plan if you have one (You don't have to)
  • We will talk about what you want
  • We will see what you already have?
  • We will look at the all of the income options you could consider
  • We will discuss the steps you need to take to go forward and in what order
  • We will talk about difficulties you have experienced
  • We will make a plan of action and discuss next steps

OK, I'm in, what next?

The more you can tell me in advance, the better our session will be.

Just click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page, then pop your details in the box below, tell me as much as you can about your business idea,  where you are currently with it and where you you want to head.

I will get back to you with a pre-work questionnaire  you will need to complete to really help our session together.

Essentially it will help you focus on you and your life and help me understand more about you.

We can then find a time to suit us both to meet up over the internet and press on with the very important business of sorting out your business.

Your payment of £99 covers:

  • The pre-work
  • Recording of the 90 minute session
  • Next steps action plan

Get in touch with me now

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My 100 Percent Guarantee

If, after you complete all of the pre-work and after our session when I have followed up with the written plan of action and next steps you feel you haven't gotten any value out of time together I am more than happy to refund your money.

It is that simple so you have nothing to lose.

I so look forward to hearing from you and joining you for a business idea tweak session.

Are You Here For The Free Coaching Offer?

If you are here because you were investigating the 60 minute free coaching offer then head back to this page.

I created a special contact form for you near the bottom of the page

You are just on this page to familiarise yourself with the process we undertake together, if you are looking at the  business idea tweak session,  not generating a business idea from scratch.