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Business Ideas For Beginners
are you searching for the perfect business idea but frustrated you can't come up with exactly the right one just for you?

I offer concrete advice to help successfully tailor exactly the right business idea around YOU! and get to your first product or service

Anyone, including you can do this even

  • If you currently don't have an idea  yet (You will work this one out to fit you like a glove)
  • If you have no idea how you  will make money or who you will create products or services for (you will come up with the perfect fit too!)
  • If you think you have to give up the day job (you don't)

Would you like to

  • Work in a more creative way and get paid for it?
  • Use all of your gifts and talents?
  • Be more of who you are in your work?
  • Dress in whatever you like to go to the "office"
  • Live a life on your own terms?
  • Pick your own hours?
  • Have more joy in your work life?
  • Ditch having a boss?
  • Find clarity around your "life purpose or passion"

Has This Been Your Experience...so far?

  • Have you read lots of books & not found the information you were  looking for about the idea stage?
  • Have you been to a few seminars only to find it is all about the dry stuff like the accounting?
  • Have you listened to a few podcasts and the guests all seem to have left very highly paid jobs and you feel a bit intimidated
  • You are simply looking for business ideas for beginners but faced with how to start a corporation instead? It is all a bit too complicated, so you stop trying?
  • Are you at a bit of a loss because you cannot decide what to do or where to go next?

Did You Know?

You can learn to create your own perfect business idea designed around you & your lifestyle

Business ideas for beginners

for smart, articulate people like you, will not be found just by searching on the internet for one, randomly checking what others do and trying to make them fit your circumstances.

Nor are you forced to build a business around a job title you are already doing or have done just because it seems the easiest and most obvious option.

You can learn to create something very unique and personal to you

You can build something wonderful around your gifts and interests and find your very own unique spot in the market place, even if it is a crowded one.

You don't need to be in a six figure job or have thousands in the bank you know.

You just need a map of the terrain and someone to teach you how to read it

Business ideas for beginners like you are just waiting to be discovered every day of the week, and sometimes they are right under your nose.

I don't believe enough time or attention  is given over to the earliest part of the business journey.

In my experience, people seem to just like to teach the sexy bits of business like marketing but I love the beginning stages of a project.

And I don't think enough attention is paid this crucial stage of your learning

from the idea process to your first product or service

I want to help you get it right first time early on in the process, so you don't waste time making wrong choices because you didn't have enough information to work with, or logical path to follow.

This course is designed specifically for

Business ideas for beginners... just like you!

My course is here to help you successfully

Get started on finding your business idea today!

Using a 7 step unique business formula to

So what's in the course?

This business ideas for beginners How To Course includes:

  • 7 lessons with downloadable PDF workbooks so you can work at your own pace.
  • 2 Bonus workbooks 

You will learn a simple forumula to come up with business ideas for beginners in any industry using the following steps

  • Why you need to create your big picture first otherwise the pieces of your jigsaw will never fit  (Lesson 1)
  •  Seek out what you already have to save time money or skills to fill in the jigsaw faster (Lesson 2)
  • Use the Unique Business Ideas Formula to come up with your business idea(s) in any industry (Lesson 3)
  • Find your market place and see who wants what you have to offer (Lesson 4)
  • Take the first steps  forward when you have found your market place (Lesson 5)
  • Learn to navigate the roadblocks and obstacles you will encounter like people, money,  lack of skills (Lesson 6)
  • Find your cheerleaders and people who will help you move forward with your business idea (Lesson 7)

I've got some extra useful material too!

Bonus Workbook 1: 111 Self Coaching Questions

When you get to lesson 2, you will really start to delve deep and look into who you are and what you want so you can create your perfect picture.

So I have created a workbook with 111 of the most popular self coaching questions to get to the very heart of the matter.

Questions you really NEED to ask yourself

Because, if you want to find the right answers you have to ask yourself the right questions.

Bonus Workbook 2:  Case Studies

When you get to lesson 3  and understand the unique business ideas formula, you can then see how some businesses have fitted into the framework of the formula.

These case studies demonstrate the formula in other peoples real life business setting

...and at the end of the course

You will be able to come up with at least one viable business idea and be able to move forward with your fledgling first product or service

but it is my guess you will come up with a whole lot more.

When you learn this magic little formula, your head will be buzzing with ideas all the time.

How to access & download the course

Click on the BUY button below on the course icon.

You will be taken straight to the course learning platform.

You will need to create an account using your email address and a password, you can then pay for the course using  Paypal, and it will become available for you to download and start your learning immediately and at your own pace.

My Guarantee

I am confident you will come up with some great business ideas but, if after following the course fully and completely you are not succesful in coming up with at least one useful business idea, I will refund your money.

I wish you all the very best on your perfect business idea journey, here is to all the brilliant business ideas for beginners I just know you are going to find.