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Business Ideas For Beginners
Why not get paid to be yourself
in any industry!

Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course   - The 7 Step Formula

All the knowledge you need to find your idea & launch your first product or service 

Seven steps to creating your perfect business, on your own terms, in any industry  and you can learn at your own pace.

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement in the right direction to create an incredible life that you’ve designed yourself.

While some career coaches believe in the way of the webinar or lengthy phone calls, I’m here to help you successfully tailor your business idea around YOU and your busy lifestyle!

That’s why I created the 7-Step Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course, originally pioneered by Dr Valerie Young, my coach and a world renowned expert in The Impostor Syndrome, to enable people to create a business alongside full-time jobs, family life and all those other commitments in our lives that leave us busier than ever.

Because nothing gets those creative juices flowing quite like taking your time

So what's the formula?

Seven simple but detailed lessons with downloadable PDF workbooks


Two bonus companion workbooks

 …with an investment from you of just $37.00


 Your first viable business idea and all the knowledge you need to successfully launch your fledgling product or service. And the ability to do this over and over again, whenever you need new ideas for self-employment. 

Why join the Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course? 

There’s magic in being able to create incredible business ideas at the drop of a hat.

It’s what many people spend a lifetime trying to do and it’s what I’ll teach you how to do at a pace that suits you, without any of the mind-boggling business jargon found elsewhere on the internet.

Through seven simple lessons, you’ll learn to navigate the minefield of what makes a good business idea and what doesn’t. 

By the end of the e-course, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what you want from life and of what business best suits your lifestyle and why
  • Have uncovered the only five places you need to look for business ideas and, most importantly, the five forms your income can take
  • Learn how to work through the procrastination and worry that stops you making ideas a reality
  • Learn how to overcome the bumps in the road to building a successful business
  • Know where to find your customers
  • Learn how to spot the ideas that have been staring you right in the face that could become your business
  • Have designed a business that works in your world 

Ultimately, you’ll have uncovered the magic formula to design business ideas for beginners in any industry!

There are so many career coaching courses out there but I pride myself on having built mine upon a ‘been there, done that’ approach. Having thought up upwards of ten businesses over the years, I’ve come to understand how the best business ideas are formed from nothing but a little magic.

I’ve spent years getting it right myself, so that I can share everything I know with you. 

Is This Course For You?

My 7-Step Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course is definitely for you, if: 

You don’t have a business idea yet (you’ll work out the one that fits like a glove)

You have no idea how to make money from your business or who you are creating products or services for (you’ll work out who your clients are and where to find them)

You procrastinate because you don’t know where on earth to start

You’ve read lots of books on self-employment but none explained the initial idea stage

Those business seminars you’ve attended are all accounting and tax returns, and less about finding the idea in the first place

You’re feeling phased by the fact that all those podcast guests seem to have left well-paid corporate jobs to set up on their own, and you’re in a ‘normal’ job 

You’re experiencing information overload and just need someone to tell you where to begin 

Put simply, if you want to create business ideas that mean you never have to work for anyone else, I’m here to help with a course that you can do alongside your day job – until you find a business idea so good that you can give it up. 


You don’t need tens of thousands of pounds in the bank; the e-course costs just


You can do it around your family and work commitments; I’ve poured years of my experience into seven short lessons you can do at a time and pace to suit you. 

You don’t need to spend every hour of your day fitting endless courses around work anymore; the Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course will save you time and money heading down blind alleys and lead you to great ideas instead.   

Think of the Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course as your roadmap to success, with all the potholes taken out and filled with opportunities to build a great future from scratch, starting with that crucial first step of finding the perfect idea.  

Get started on designing your own job today. 

Here is what's included

in your unique 7-step Business Ideas for Beginners E-Course: 

Seven simple but detailed lessons in downloadable PDF workbooks. Each lesson is a step in the formula for business ideas in every industry: 

Lesson 1: Why the pieces of your jigsaw will never fit unless you create your big picture first.

Lesson 2: How to seek out what you already have to save time and money and fill in your jigsaw faster. 

Lesson 3: How to use the Unique Business Idea Formula to come up with business idea(s) for any industry

Lesson 4: Find your market place and discover who wants what you have to offer 

Lesson 5: Confirm your market and move forward to develop your idea

Lesson 6: Learn to navigate the roadblocks and obstacles that come with creating a business idea, from the people and the money to overcoming any lack of skills.

Lesson 7: Find your cheerleaders; the people who will help you move forward to build a successful business.

Bonus downloads: 

Workbook 1: 111 questions to ask yourself when it comes to seeking what you already have and finishing your jigsaw faster (links with Lesson 2)

Workbook 2: Case studies to illustrate how to put what you have learnt into Lesson 3 into practice

Create your perfect business and build your perfect lifestyle today. 

Access your course now

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After creating an account with professional course learning platform Thinkific, all course assets will be available to download immediately and completed at your own pace.

Having difficulties?

Contact me on the link in the courses pages and I’ll be on hand to help. 

Here’s to finding all those business ideas that can change a life

Could you use some more personal 1:1 help?

I appreciate that working alone isn’t for everyone and that seeking new business ideas can be daunting for beginners.

Especially when good, clear and helpful information is so hard to come by. 

If you feel you could use a little more personal help, don’t hesitate to ask; my more detailed 1:1 email coaching approach might be just what you need. Find out more here...