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Business Motivation Tips

Business Motivation Tips

You know how it is; you are right on top of your business.

Motivation is sky high, you go all guns blazing, organising your work so you continually create content, get clients, you are on top of your paperwork and your accountant will be blown away by your readiness this tax year

Then bam!

You wake up and find you just cannot be bothered today and then today turns into next week, and next week is then in danger of giving up altogether if you are not careful.

You mooch around the kitchen in your pyjamas, you are in and out of the fridge, flicking through Netflix, having a snooze, forgetting the dog needs a walk and eating rubbish and drinking too much

You need some business motivation tips don’t you?

Here are 8 of them I think you might find useful.

There are lots more but I find these ones are good for me so I thought I would share these particular ones with you J

First off, number one on the business motivation tips chart is:

Remember what you are you doing it for?

What is your number one reason for your business in the first place?

Is it for your family, for your freedom, for a bet?

The stronger the reason for your business, the more you can motivate yourself out of the doldrums to move forward.

If you are just playing at it, then motivation will never really magically appear and it is the glue that holds the whole show together

And you know what happens when you have not glued something properly, right?

By all means have a bit of a mooch around, feel a bit sorry for yourself for 10  minutes  and  absolutely no more than 24 hours, but then get back on your horse cowboy, it’s time to head out…

Feel it, go through but then go back to it.

Go back to your number one reason, and make it the top one of your business motivation tips and really concentrate on it.

Get inspired by others as a business motivation tip idea

This would be my second of my business motivation tips.

Find compelling stories about others who have been where you are now and look to them for some inspiration.

It might be a book, quote, film, podcast, a conversation, a webinar or an article you read today

What happened to people when faced with similar circumstances to you?

How did they get over the bad days, who did they talk with, and what actions did they take?

Try to take a leaf out of their book and apply it to your situation and quickly.

Capitalise with all of your being when you get inspired.

You will probably do your best work in these periods.

Now my number 3 in business motivation tips

Mindset Change

You can read more here about this one on this website in the articles page and I made a podcast episode about it too!

I think this is the singular, most important thing to get right when faced with any challenge in life.

It doesn’t have to be business, it can be personal too.

Change your mind set and you really can change your life.

How you think has a profound effect on your mental and physical effect on your body.

There is a whole world of science around this topic and I highly recommend you learn more.

A great person I use as a mentor around this topic is Mel Robbins from the USA.

She has some great stuff online, she now has her own syndicated daily tv show  and her book the 5 Second Rule may just change your life for the better.

She has a great story to tell of her near bankruptcy and how she and her family overcame everything.

She definately can tell you about some of her business motivation tips and life life lessons.

Find a support group

Surround yourself with people you can always learn something from and lways work with people that are better at their craft than you are

Tony Vincent

Other people will pull you along, when you are having a down day, talk to a person having an up day and then repay the favour later on.

And if you can’t find a support group, how about creating your own via Facebook or create an association around your business area.


Pick one thing and work on it.

It works for me a lot. I am a great believer in incremental steps because they add up.

I learned this very late in life. I spent a lot of my life just not doing things because it wasn’t the right day or I didn’t feel right or it was a Wednesday

And it was because I was generally overwhelmed by something in its entirety.

When I learned to break things down, I got so much more done.

Takes me longer but at least I finish a project now.

Motivation diminishes when you are overwhelmed with many things to do.

Procrastination then sets in and then you can find you become rooted to the spot and don’t know how to take a step forward.

Pick just something, anything and work on it today because the sense of satisfaction will push you to do more and then you can get your groove back.

It takes a bit of a kick in the pants, but you will be very pleased you made the effort.


Try to diarise in things other than work into your life.

In all honesty I am not sure there really is a work life balance when you start a business but you can aspire to it..

Don’t forget to eat, exercise and think about your loved ones.

Anyone and everyone who starts a business can relate to the “not being able to stop doing what you are doing because you love it”

Don’t forget there are other things in life too.

Rotate your routine

They say a change is as good as a rest don’t they, well do something different. Work on your business at different times of the day.

If you are a morning person, try the evening instead or give yourself a break on Saturday and do something different.

Perhaps a trip to the cinema might give you a fresh perspective.

Stop worrying about motivation for a bit

Perhaps you should just take time out and stop looking for business motivation tips or answers to your problems

Let the whole thing leave your mind for the weekend and then come back it next week.

Sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees so you have to get out of the forest for bit

Allow your mind to think about something completely different and give your brain a rest.

Otherwise you just put yourself into a state of stress and then you can’t concentrate on anything fully.

I hope you find some value in these business motivation tips, I know how hard it can be to keep going for any number of reasons.

We all have our challenges in life, it is how you approach them that set you apart from all the TV watchers who want to do something different but never will.

I salute you for even needing business motivation tips; it means you are doing something!

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