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Career Tests
Find out what YOUR secret sauce is

Career tests, I believe,  are an important tool in the process of designing your own job as your small business.

 I consider them to be the frame around the canvas of your personality

To my mind, they  give structure to some of what you may already know about yourself, and narrow down and capture your "best bits"

I have taken several career tests over the years and they have proved really accurate in honing in on my primary skills and pointing out secondary ones that have been tucked away not being used.

To be clear though, what they won't do, is necessarily tell you what you should be doing by way of a job title, or business idea.

They may list some ideas that will fit in to your general personality, for example  if you have teaching tendencies or geek traits then the career tests will emphasise roles with  leanings towards your strongest traits.

This doesn't mean you have to be a "something" with a label attached because that "something" could have a broad spectrum.

Read my own explanation about this under 16 Personalities, where the role of counsellor came out every time.

I was stuck for years because I didn't want to be a "counsellor", however on reflection I realised that the role of counsellor title could be interchanged with adviser/advice giver.

Now that changes the whole context and widens out the scope of possibilities.

My aha moment at the time!

Best Career Tests?

There are a number of them but my 5 favourite ones are:

(my traits in brackets for context)

I paid for the more detailed versions of each of them and I wasn't disappointed in the quality of the information I received.

But you must do your own research and choose the right one for you and the thing you want to measure.  There are so many career tests to choose from.

I am only sharing my own personal experience.

I have also included a couple of alternatives below, not career tests at all but a couple of tools I found really, really useful for my personal quest.

How to Fascinate 

I will let the promotional video do the talking for How to Fascinate

It is a tool to help show how the world sees you and how you communicate at your best.

Vital to know when you are forming your business idea.

I am so pleased to find out I am the Wise Owl

Very comforting to me as an advice giver and sign poster

The unique thing about this career test is it measures how the world sees you rather than how you see the world.

You learn you own personal archetype and learn how you add value to the world

You learn how you communicate most confidently and authentically,

In essence you learn your primary and secondary advantages, your most effective and efficient modes of communication.

You also learn about your dormant advantage or your least effective mode of communication and how your personality already stands apart from others.

It is a real eye opener!


Designed to help you find your purpose

You can take a test for nothing to give you an idea of how it works and some really valuable information is sent via your in box.

If you choose the short version at no cost you just get a brief overview of your talents.

You can also view a sample of the no cost one and a sample of the full version if you want an idea of what you are purchasing for your money.

If you choose the full version there are approximately 14 headings covered:

  • Summary of everything
  • Personality Chart
  • Career Choices
  • Occupational Factors
  • Primary Characteristics
  • Potential Weaknesses
  • Your personality at work
  • Personality Details
  • Business Points
  • Communication Style
  • Ideal Environment
  • Team Building Approach
  • Management Style
  • Other famous people with your traits

You do have to sign up with an email address before you get any information.

If you want more, you pay for a more detailed report, it only cost me about £10.00 for the full chart with the headings above.

I found it useful because they asked questions that were different to the ones used by Myers Briggs test below through 16 Personalities.

16 Personalities

I like this one best of all, it did actually came up with the actual role of career counsellor for me so I knew then the value of taking career tests and hopefully you will too.

It struck me as a really accurate assessment of who I am. INFJ is my type!

I was lucky, there was an actual job title  listed, which was fantastic, given the subject of my website and my re-training.

But, my personality type has a leaning towards counselling in general as I mentioned before.

I could have chosen bereavement or marriage, or a host of other sorts of advice giving roles.

And over the years this has given me a bit of a headache because I have tried counselling training and to be honest, I hated it.

I couldn't understand why traditional counselling just didnt resonate because it kept coming up time and time again.

The whole search for work meaning became really stressful for me.

It just didn't fit properly, so I felt despondent because I knew I should be doing some kind of advice giving, but what?

It is only recently as I have really narrowed down my interests that it became obvious it was the career side that was calling me.

I realised I haven't spent 40 years in the work trenches to talk about drug and alcohol counselling.

I could apply the counselling part to offering career guidance/small business idea generation but not in a conventional way.

I wanted to help people design their own job, using all their skills and talents not box them in under a title

I never realised until I undertook my coaching training you could actually do this for work. I was ecstatic and in my element.

I want you to be too.

To get started you can do an initial no cost test and if you like what you see you can pay and get the full version.

I was so pleased with the information I even bought the book relating to my personality type from Amazon for further reading and research.

I recommend this professional career test to everyone.

The Full List of 16 Personality Types

  • E = Extrovert
  • I = Introvert
  • F = Feeling
  • J = Judging
  • S = Sensing
  • T = Thinking
  • P = Perceiving
  • N - Intuitive

Which one are you? I bet you surprise yourself when you find out...!


Visionaries & Inventors


Executives & Chiefs


Inspirers & Advocates


Givers & Mentors


Doer's & Persuaders


Guardians & Overseer's


Performers & Entertainers


Caregivers & Supporters


Thinkers & Engineers


Scientists & Strategists


Idealists & Dreamers


Protectors & Confidantes


Mechanics & Craftsmen


Duty Fulfillers & Examiners




Nurturers & Defenders


What a cracker this one is. 

Designed by Donald O. Clifton and Tom Rath and a team of scientists from Gallup, the poll people, they created an online assessment to help people determine their strengths.

There are 34 themes of talent that the assessment draws upon and the initial assessment focuses upon your top 5.

You can go on, for a further fee to discover how you fair in the other 29 themes.

To take this as one of your useful career tests, you buy the  book , it has the digital key inside to go online to unlock the assessment (you won't find a usable one if you purchase a secondhand copy of the book).

Why wouldn't you want to find out what your strengths are and use them to design your career.

I loved this assessment, in conjunction with the others because strengths are not dealt with in detail in the other tests.

This is very stand alone information about how you do things.

My top strength by a mile is empathy, and this is why I totally get how others are dying  in their soul sucking Monday to Friday work schedules, trying to please people in the workplace who just don't understand them and never will.

Wealth Dynamics

This is one of the career tests to take if you are interested in being an entrepreneur/solopreneur/design your own job kind of person.

It is the world’s leading profiling tool for determining what kind of entrepreneurship is the best model for you to follow.

You operate best in your flow.

It is also extremely useful in determining how you will operate in a job.

You can take one of these brilliant career tests to find out which of the eight wealth profiles is your natural path.

Are you:

  • Mechanic, Creator or Star
  • Accumulator, Trader or Dealmaker
  • Lord or Supporter

Your personalized report will give you clear direction on what path to follow in your job, business and investments.

This was an interesting one for me, I got my profile totally wrong by just reading the types available.  

I thought I was a supporter!

I turned out to be a trader, which has taken me a while to get my head around but now I understand what it means in a more broader sense.

Not like a  market trader but a trader in information.

I see what is on offer and I discard the bad stuff and seek out the great stuff rather like a stallholder picking out the best quality fruit/price at the wholesalers.

If it is not good, I am not interested in sharing it with you

Not a cheap option at 97.00 dollars but incredibly useful if you are going down the design your own job route.

It will help you understand how to best organise your business, for example if you should be the star of the show or the person behind the curtain.

Alternative Choices

Now, forgive me if you think this is all a bit woo woo, but I do have a couple of alternative tools I found extremely useful.

Not career tests as such, but a couple of methods, about personality explanation that frankly, I thought were equally just as useful offering me information to help as the ones above.

So take these ideas in the spirit of which they are given or just walk on by and take no notice.

I guarantee though, some of you will go wow, how interesting  is that! and maybe skip the conventional career tests altogether.


I am naturally interested in astrology, my birth sign guarantees I will want to know about it (Scorpio).

I bought a career & vocation astrology report and found it one of the most useful tools ever for me.

I picked out the core information from it and put it in bullet form and it gave a complete and accurate picture of who I was, what I was interested in, how I like to do things and some ideal careers I might like.

Career guidance for others was one of them

There are  many, many astrology sites out there, go find one you resonate with, but my personal favourite was with the world renowned Astrologer Liz Green and her chart I thought was genius.

See what you think, I would love to know what you think about using astrology as a tool  for your career guidance.

You do have to pay for it but I believe it is very valuable information. 


This tool was equally as fascinating as the career and vocation astrology chart.

Numbers are everywhere and when you start to learn about numerology you will understand that nothing is a co-incidence in your life.

There are many strands in numerology, but you will probably be interested in knowing about your life path and your destiny, and what will be happening at different stages of your life.

I was very happy to learn...

My destiny is to be a catalyst in people's lives

Something I may say or do could have a dramatic impact on others lives which is absolutely perfect for my newly discovered vocation.

And the most interesting thing about my chart?

My destiny was due to come to fruition in my life at exactly this period in time.

All of my previous experiences in life were leading up to this one.

Almost as if it has been pre- determined.

Now I don't know what you will find out about your life, but it will certainly be interesting.

My chart was completed by a lady called Carol Adrienne, an author of several books about life purpose.

In fact it was reading her book: The Purpose of Your Life, way back at the end of the 1990's that got me started on my journey to find out what I should be doing with my life. 

If you want your own numerology chart you can find out more about her at her website, just click here 

If you really think it is too woo woo, I urge you to look at the chart of the late Steve Jobs.

I would say, this was a man who followed his chart, wouldn't you?

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