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Want to be a light bulb in someone's life?

Let other people learn from you about your change of direction and how you got brave and just started

I so want you to share with me and readers of this website the full and frank personal journey YOU have been on and how it felt along the way.

Many, many people in the world have the same dream as you

You were them once

Those same people often don't act on it and it remains a dream.

But some are just brave enough to go that little bit further than the rest but they need guidance, inspiration, and most of all they need proof that it can be done. 

They need your inspirational words. You can be a light bulb in someones life...

They have their own small business idea, tucked away in their mind for one day

It could be a product or service that you are providing and they are really looking for YOUR lessons, because you are someone special.

  • You are someone they need to learn from and right now.
  • YOU have got up off your couch and actually done something.
  • Do you know how many people would like to be in your shoes?
  • YOU have gone from small business idea in your head to that business idea in action

I want to know everything, how you had your small business idea, how did you take your first step, how did you fund it, what obstacles did you encounter, have you changed the plan along the way, what success have you found so far, have you made any money, would you do it again, have you got any advice for other novicepreneurs?

So many people will have so many questions!

So here is what I would like you to do if you feel you can offer some of your very precious time.

Please get in touch below to let me know you are interested and would be happy to share your story about how you began with your career change idea.

Please send me your contact details and I will send you some questions that I will build into a case study, using the answers your have provided.

If you could be as forthcoming as you feel you want to be, you don't have to share every single detail but I would suggest that you put yourself in the place of the person reading your story.

If it was you starting out again, what kind of things do you think you might like to know?

I do understand that some information may be too commercially sensitive to share, but I know you will be as generous as you can.

In return I am very happy to share your story, your marketing details such as website name, photographs and link to any social media accounts you have.

It is a little bit of link juice love from me.

I so look forward to hearing from you.

Want some inspiration?

Here are some great people who were kind enough to offer their time and experience to me in order to help others go forward with their own business idea dreams

I hope we can do great work together.

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Ready?  let's get started

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