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Want to be a light bulb in someone's life
and pay your success forward?

I am looking for written and podcast episode case study material even if your business is relatively new, it is the fact you have  started that is important to me

Let other people learn from you about your change of direction and how you got brave and just started

I so want you to share with me and readers of this website and my podcast the full and frank personal journey YOU have been on and how it felt along the way.

Many, many people in the world have the same dream as you

You were them once

Those same people often don't act on it and it remains a dream.

They need guidance, inspiration, but most of all they need proof that it can be done. 

And you are the perfect person to offer it, because you moved forward and took action.

You have been brave enough to go that little bit further than the rest.


They need your inspirational words today 

You can absolutely be a light bulb in someones life!

They have their own small business idea, tucked away in their mind for one day but your business lessons are something they could learn from right now and inspire them to start today because you are a special soul...

  • YOU have got up off your couch and actually done something.
  • YOU have gone from small business idea in your head to that business idea in action

Share your story...

I am very interested in the very beginning stages of how you got off your sofa and got going with your idea

For example, but not limited to or in any particular order...

  • how you arrived at your small business idea?
  • how did you take your first steps?
  • how did you fund it?
  • what obstacles did you encounter?
  • have you changed the plan along the way?
  • what success have you found so far?
  • have you made any money (doesn't matter if not much yet!)
  • would you do it again?
  • have you got any advice for other aspiring business builders?

I believe people learn best from others who have trodden the path before them

To help you craft your startup story

I have created a helpful and downloadable document with some questions to help you craft your story either for a your written contribution on this page or to prep for a podcast episode.

You don't need to leave an email address, just click on the link then download the document.

I know how hard it is to come up with words on a blank page so I wanted to help you think about your story in a chronological order.

I have included a number of questions you probably might ask yourself.

Click here for some useful questions to craft your start up story

You will get your very own dedicated webpage

Here is what I would like you to do if you feel you can offer some of your precious time to share...

Please tell me your story using the form below, where it says - 

Enter Your Story Title, you can click on the ? if you need a bit of help as to what to write.

You can also use these questions below as a bit of a prompt as well to to kick start your thinking and give some structure to your story.

  • You can write upto 1000 words (please use plain text/no html) so I suggest your write it as a document and copy and paste it in. 
  • Use the craft your start up story document to help prompt your thoughts if you think appropriate. 
  • To make it easier for the reader it might be a good idea to break up the text with headings and bullet points.
  • You post can also include up to 4 photographs relating to your business and please supply any social media handles/website adresses so I can make them live links in your story.
  • When you have finished and published, you have created your very own page on this website and you can copy the paste the link to the page anywhere you like, and people can comment on your page too!

Just before you share...

I highly recommend you write out your story in a  seperate document and copy and paste it onto this page.

That way you have a copy in case anything goes wrong and you also have a copy of your story to share in other places.

Look for other places who might want startup stories to share or seekout other opportunities in your industry to share.

You can recyle your document many times over.

Storytelling is a great way to market your business without selling

and a final technical note, please do not include any html in your write up

By all means put in website details and social media handles and I will make them live links once I have received your submission.

Unfortunately the software to allow you post up your story here, doesn't like html and will reject your submission, although you won't know because you still get a thank you in your inbox.

I just wanted to save all that typing again.....:)

Would you like to be a lightbulb in someone else's life?

and help someone else with your experience of how you started?

Want some inspiration?

Here are some great people who were kind enough to offer their time and experience to me in order to help others go forward with their own business idea dreams.

I hope we can do great work together.

Previous Case Studies


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.