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UK Mumpreneur Case Study

Cheekimonkeys is a UK based business and they organise baby and children's markets to sell & buy  pre-loved, new and handmade items.

Essentially pop up markets which are very popular at the moment and an upward trend.

They are held indoors, aimed at families and attract lots of people.

People love a market don't they?

Self employed home based workers  organise the events and telesales operatives sell advertising space at the events to business. They also work from home

I thought they would make a useful case study under the heading of Franchise as they offer territories for you to work in for a fee.

They also make a useful case study to show you how you can set up a business organising other businesses.

You could use this model anywhere in the world and for a number of industries.

  • Choose a popular trending industry that is community based and benefits everyone
  • Create a how to manual based on the success of the industry
  • Ask people to become self employed in your business organising what you do
  • Assist them with business building and  marketing
  • Take  a percentage of the profit

I think they have a great business model to follow because everybody wins.

Their success comes from their territory holders success. The more they help them, the more percentage they make.

It is genius & ethical

Cheekimonkeys Franchise Option

Cheekimonkeys offer the best of all business worlds from what I can see.

You can start a small business inexpensively, even with no experience by paying a territory fee plus get all the necessary marketing help to get your business going.

You also have a fallback Head Office function for advice and guidance should you need it.

They take a percentage of what you make and you keep the rest.

They offer 2 ways to work with them:

  • Home based event organiser
  • Telesales advertising work

Home Based Event Organiser

As an event organiser for your territory you will:

  • Find a great venue(s) to hold the market and book it
  • Promote the event to attract stall holders ad shoppers
  • Look after the event on the day

Home Based Telesales

This telesales role is definitely experienced based but if you love to get on the phone it could one of those  great kids business ideas you were looking for.

How it works and I quote directly from their site: 

Your role will be to contact businesses that are family focused offering them an affordable and easy way to reach families mums and expectant mums

You will be selling sponsorship and advertising packages available through our website

Your hours of work can be flexible to suit your own schedule. Although we suggest you put in around 3–5 hours per day, depending on your ability

Previous experience in a telemarketing or telesales background is essential

 This is a self employed position. You will receive 25% commission, selling packages ranging from £99 - £689

Why I think you might like the idea

Most of your work is done at home.

If you love Social media marketing its for you. You may as well spend all those hours on Facebook being productive.

Flexible hours but could pull in a full time income depending on how many markets per year your run.

If you are looking for kids business ideas its perfect.

It is a really great community based business, and you could be helping others save money

You will get to meet a lot of people, so a great networking business.

Idea option for telesales executives who want to work from home.

Want to know more about Cheekimonkeys?

They have a really stunning website, bright and cheery and is branded beautifully.

If you are interested in what they offer you can download their excellent prospectus and read about costs, how they operate and what you need to do next.


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.