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Craft Business Ideas

Are you looking for some or have you got one in mind and just wondering how to get it off the ground.

And you do know, don't  you that you don't have to 

"do a craft" to work with craft business idea 

You can work in the field in other ways

Just because you make jewellry or design  cards it doesn't mean you have to make that side of it the business, especially if it brings you out in a rash just thinking about it.

Some people want to keep their craft at hobby scale but still want to make a business out of it, but don't always see how they can do that without staying up all night make lots of x, y or z and have their stress level go through the roof.

This, in turn then takes away the joy of the hobby in the first place and then they stop doing what they love... which is a real shame.


You can keep the product side as your hobby and offer a service instead.

Here is how, you can,  among other things:

Be a Blogger: build a website around your craft and sell how to information & products for that craft without making a thing, if you don't want to. You could be an affiliate and sell other peoples products/services only

Be a Course Creator:  You could  build and sell a course to show people how to undertake the craft?

Be a Video Producer: You could build this into your course and show people online how to under take the craft

Be a Podcaster: You could interview people in your craft area who are successful with their business idea and share their success tips with an audience

Work in Wellness: You might be a nurse for example  and use crafts as a tool to help people with their mental health or with older people or school children?

Write a book: You could write a book (that may tie in with a course/video series/podcast) about your craft to share your how to knowledge

Be a Publisher: You could become a publisher for others as well as yourself in your field

Be a Product Reviewer: You could review products people can use to do your craft and publish on a blog, in video form or as a podcast episode

Be an Article Writer: If you like to write your could niche down into craft business ideas and get to write about lots of different crafts. Particularly useful if you are what is know as a multi-potentialite. Someone who cannot pick one thing to do.. they have to have lots of areas they are working on at once.

You could also if you like writing become...

An Advice Columnist:As a specialist for an offline/online magazine for the craft

Start an association/magazine: Build a go to base for your craft, a place where people can come for some great content, interview some great people, sell some great products and become the go to place for your thing and charge people for access like associations and magazines do

If you are stuck for ideas, slice your thinking a different way and try to think how your business idea could fit into:

  • A trend
  • A personal experience or crisis
  • A demographic group or niche
  • A problem or threat or complaint

I cover how to use this formula in detail in my course

Craft Business Ideas Success Stories

This lady has stopped doing it but I thought her story was relevant to view under craft business ideas.

A lot of people have hobbies they would like to turn into a business.

Mostly labour intensive, difficult to turn a profit because you don't have the volume and quite often it ruins the love of the hobby.

But if craft is one of your small business ideas then perhaps you may find inspiration in Irina's story.

Irina in Berlin decided to take her idea and teach others how to do it themselves. A great example of how to do something once and people buy again and again.

I had never heard of this subject before but I can see the endless potential and the evergreen nature of the business. Babies will always keep being born and new mums will always welcome new born or baby shower gifts.

A simple but brilliant idea, what do you think? I love it.


Social Enteprise Crafting Business

Crafting as a Social Enterprise owner Adele, began her online business idea with a simple card making site.

But over the years she has gone away and come back to the business builder platform she is using now and she explains why in her interview.

She also altered the focus of how she wanted to do business and now  she says...

Knitting helped this lady get over abuse

Knitting Business owner Vicki has a difficult story to tell but the outcome is very positive.

Her online business saved her sanity as she explains...

"My computer became my window to the world and to life. I took a huge personal risk by joining SBI! and it changed my life forever"

It is wonderful and inspiring  to read though, how she made her first $100 whilst living in a women's shelter, and now her life is much more calm and serene as she lives by the sea.

An utterly inspiring read for anyone  who is interested in business and how others got to where they are now.

A woman who started in the most of difficult of circumstances but who has triumphed and overcome so many things and didn't give up.

Heidi From Handbags & Home -  Recorded Interview

Heidi Burton, an ex RAF photographer had one of those brilliant craft business ideas you wished you had thought of yourself.

She came up with the ingenious idea of making bags from old military uniforms for ladies and cushions for gentlemen. who had either left the services or for some who are still serving.

She also creates other beautiful items from Harris Tweed as well.

I had a chat with her so you can listen to how she came up with the idea and then took her business forward from scratch.

Inspirational websites Heidi found useful in the early stages

Craft Business Ideas - How to get your business going

It is a lot of work to get craft business ideas going and then be successful, but I have a very useful resource for you.

Lisa, has created a fantastic, information packed, how to get your business going website with everything you need to become the business person you dream to be.

She give you the know how on, among many things

  • How to sell at craft shows
  • Craft business ideas to start
  • How to sell online
  • Marketing
  • Business management plus a whole lot more!

Are you stuck but not sure why?

If you know you have got it right about your craft business ideas but you can't seem to get yourself going to get it off the ground you might need to just take a step back and give your idea a validation check, or a resistance check or even run it through the obstacle analysis grid.

There is a reason you are procrastinating, right? Or do you have another reason? Is it because you want to work in/with/around craft but don't actually want to paint a single picture?

Can I help at all?

Are you stuck about which business idea to come up with or you have one rolling around at the back of your mind but you can't quite square it away?

Perhaps my create your perfect business course might help you organise your thoughts just that little bit better so you can launch  your business with complete confidence.

The key to your success is getting the right business idea in the first place.

One that is centred around you and your strengths and you are sure it will fit in with the lifestyle you want to lead.


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Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.