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Creative Small Business Ideas

Creative small business ideas case studies are my favourite way of showing you real world examples of people just like you who wanted to or were forced to change direction with their career for any number of reasons.

Not one person said it was easy, but neither did they say they regretted what they had chosen to do.

Ups and downs along the way, sometimes that is the way life goes but they all had one thing in common

without exception they all had to start at the beginning

Sometimes with no complete idea of what they wanted to do to start with, or no experience of the business they have ended up in.

All had no customers to start with, more often than not without much money and no product even to begin with.

They just got on with it.

For even more inspiration and a few unique business ideas head over to this page.

Creative small business ideas in action

I often chat to people randomly about them coming up with their own small business ideas so I though I would just quickly write an  article about the thought process when they uttered those wonderful words to me that I love, "I would really like to work for myself but I don't know what to do" or "I have an idea I would like to pursue but I don't really know how to get going with it"

And then the conversation starts and we come up with some ideas together, very quickly.

Here are some examples

Some  Success Stories

Are you a mumpreneur looking to work from home?

Are you a mum who is looking to work from home during hours that suit you best.

I have been looking for kids business ideas to use a case study on my small business ideas page and found Cheekimonkeys.

They are a UK based company that operate a franchise style of business and I really liked what they offered because it seems to be a win/win situation for everyone.

They operate in the children's markets  industry and they offer for a territory fee marketing and business support to self employed and working from home event organisers or telesales executives.


Are you an aspiring writer who works full time?

As small business ideas go, are you an inspiring writer who works full time?

Well meet Jeffrey Elefante a creation of WG Clark, an IT professional who works in Higher Education.

Jeffrey came to life as a sort of project to help with a mental health issue but who became much more than personal therapy.

He has morphed into an illustration and has a healthy instagram following plush a short story created and published as a book which will become a series.

Jeffrey also has a new store in development online and his potential is unlimited.

Read more for inspiration if you are sitting at your desk thinking, this sounds like what I would like to do.

Jeffrey is in the early stages but the point is, he has gone from idea to product rather than idea to back burner because its easier than starting!

Are you interested in building a Life or Business Coaching Practice?

Cherry Sewell spent a lot of her life doing work she never felt in her soul and decided she wanted something different, so she started a life coaching practice.

However, she also decided she may not have chosen the right focus so has decided to rebrand herself along the way.

Not an easy decision to make

Read More from this UK born, Australian living lady who wants you to live your very own authentic life.

Interested in a wine business but don't have any money?

Want to start a wine business? Read about Joachim Niclasen from Denmark and how he started his on an absolute shoestring, with no wine, no customers or any industry experience. Read More...

Starting a financial services company with a difference?

David Gibson had a promising military career until a health problem invalided him out of the army quite unexpectedly.

Over the years though, as a hobby he had been deeply interested in precious metals and currencies of the world.

He thought of one or two small business ideas but opted for this one.

This has led him to creating an online business using his knowledge to help others by creating solutions for institutional and private investments outside of the central banking system.

In fact he offers you the chance to become your own central bank. Read more about David and his business.

Natural Health Related Interests

I don't know about you but I am very interested in natural health and healing.

I believe we are sometimes the cause of our own problems and can fix them without chemical intervention, depending of course what the problem is.

So great potential in this area for small business ideas.

Karen Alison in Canada agrees with me. In fact she believes it so much she has started a business around natural remedy cures and healing for common ailments, not easy when you come from a family of practical thinking family doctors and engineers who think it is all a bit woo woo.

She is also passionate about helping people through advice and coaching who suffer from the very debilitating condition of irritable bowel syndrome.

Along with a colleague Kathy, they have written extensively and provided advice to sufferers around the world, via consultation and the creation and selling of their own digital products.


Home Brew Hobby?

Bobby Don Johnson loves to make homebrew, and it turns out he is actually really very good at it.  

In fact he has won awards for his efforts, becoming and american champion for Barley Wine.  

This wasn't what he trained for though, he is a west Texas man trained for the oil fields of Alaska.

But with a down turn in the economy and one eye on getting out of the business, Don turned to what he loved best and decided he would become an authority online about his favourite subject.

In fact it was due to the problem he found trying to locate information on line at the time, you could only research books for the best information, that he decided to share his knowledge with others.

And so winning-homebrew.com was born.


Hair Business - A product with a twist

Clare and Sean from the northwest of england did not have a Eureka moment  when trying to come up with their creative small business ideas.

They used their extensive working knowledge of the hair business world to seek a useful product they could call their own from the Far East.

And Untamed was born on a 12 hour flight home.

They share their to 8 must do's when starting a product business and their own personal advice to any would be product entrepreneur.

Do creative small business ideas like this interest you?


Want to share your start up story?

If you have been brilliant enough to go from sitting on your sofa dreaming about leaving your job to actually doing something about it and creating your own small business ideas story

I would LOVE to hear from you for either a written case study or a podcast episode 

I would love to feature you on this website.

People love to hear how others have achieved something they want to do and all the steps they took.

You can read in any book how to come up with and execute small business ideas but nothing trumps a personal story

Consider yourself a potential light in someone's darkness.

Such a great way to give back....don't you think?

If you do, then please go right ahead and tell me more over here at my case study page. 

Just follow the instructions and there are some questions to help prompt you if you need to know how to structure your start up story.

I am looking to learn how you sat down one day and decided you were going to start a business right through to your first product or service sale.

I want to know the steps you took to get up and get going insted of just thinking about all of your creative small business ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you...


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.