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Cut Flower Business 

cut flower business

Cut flower business on your mind.

Are you poring over your flower shop business plan or thinking about an online flower business,  or creating your own flower shop business or some other kind of other flower business.

Say like weddings or funerals.

The cut flower business is very competitive as I am sure you are very aware so standing out takes a bit of ingenuity to come up with a unique business idea.

One of the things I teach is about how to use your own personal experience to come up with a business idea.

And also I am a firm advocate of niching a business so you become well known for doing one thing really well.

Well I had an idea the other day about having a cut flower business, and you don't even have to touch a flower if you don't want to.

 I wanted to share it with you.

Here is how I got involved in something and it sparked an idea that might be useful to you, especially if you want to have more of an online flower business.

The Story...

I was scrolling through my news feed the other day, and a story jumped out at me.

It was about a lady who had been found washed up on a beach in the south of England.

No one had come forward to identify her so she was going to be buried without any family present and the local council were going to deal with the funeral arrangements.

I think in this country we call it a paupers funeral and it is as basic as you can get, with no flowers as far as I am aware.

I won't lie, the story really upset me

The thought of someone drowning, being found, not being identified then buried without a name and almost no one there, really made me feel sad.

So I got in touch with the funeral directors who were named in the article and asked if I could offer a donation for funeral flowers.

The funeral home directed my enquiry to the local council office and a lovely lady who was dealing with the arrangements for this funeral.

She emailed me details of the local florist who were going to provide basic flowers.

I called them, they were brilliantly helpful about what to do and I sent a donation.

I asked if anyone else had contacted her, and she said she had 3 other donations but was hoping for more.

She mailed me a couple of days later to say they could now afford to provide a full coffin spray.

Thankfully, along with a contribution  from the florist into the mix, a beautiful arrangement, befitting a human being at the end of their life was going to created for this unknown lady

Her story really got to me, and I had a few tears about an absolute stranger for a few days.

But, during that time it made me think.

How many other people die each day, each week without a loved one, any friends, or some kind of community connection?

Could an online flower business be created, putting  people who would love to donate flowers as I did together with stories of souls who had no one at the end of their life, for whatever reason?

I think it would be something like this, and I am working around a UK idea but you could apply it anywhere in the world I am sure, and to include any local funeral customs.

Lets call it something like FuneralFriends.com

It could be a website, where someone like  me could go to get on mailing list to be advised about funerals taking place either locally or nationally or even internationally where no one has anyone to be there at the end.

Why would I want to do this, you might ask.

Well for me it would be like donating to a charity of some kind and doing something good for someone else in a way that felt worthwhile.

It would fit with my values and I am sure a lot of other people's too.

Local councils could post up notifications of paupers funerals and include  details of local florists they use for funeral flowers.

In order to get the word out about this wonderful service you could do interviews for local radio stations, get in the national news, and it would be an amazing story to tell.

I am sure quite a lot of the general public would get behind it, as I still believe we are a caring nation.

You could get businesses involved, perhaps schools, cares homes, hospitals and other organisations.

A sort of a community service if you will.

The lady I donated to was 200 miles from me, imagine if I had heard about people more local to me, I would certainly donate on a monthly basis to some kind of fund.

You could get a list of all the local government town halls in the country and write to the bereavement section who deal with these matters to explain who you are and what you do.

How would you make money as a business I hear you ask?

You are not charging the general public to get on the mailing list or the local councils to provide details so what could you do?

You could have several strands of income:-

  • You could work with the florists to give you a percentage of the sales of the flowers
  • You would work with other professionals as an affiliate*
  • You could take advertising on the site
  • You could accept sponsorship
  • Put on a donate button for anyone to contribute money
  • I am sure there are lots of other ways too...

* People may want to donate other things to the ceremony such as a reading or a poem, so you could work with people who are speciality creative writers.

You could earn a small percentage of their fee, for selling their service. It doesn't cost the purchaser any more, they just accept a little less.

For an example of a similar idea: 

The military charities do a similar scheme for ex service people.

If a veteran passes away without anyone to be there for them, they really round to get people to go to the funeral and contribute as well.

As I say, it was just an idea that came into my head, some of you might find it useful and adopt and adapt it in some way.

On a side note about a cut flower business in general...

Cut Flower Business Success Story

This cut flower business has experienced incredible success.

Here is a great magazine article about a lady who left her job and created a £5 million pound flower business.

Like everyone else she started at the beginning and created success as she went along.

She has some great tips about how she became so successful.

I hope she inspires you.

Flower Shop Business Plan

If you are going to be starting a shop and in the process of trying to get started with your cut flower business, I thought this plan might be useful.

Alexzy in the Philippines has drawn one up an has it live on her website.

I thought an actual plan might be more useful to you.

I wish you all the best with your cut flower business, long may you prosper in a beautiful industry.