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Dating Photographer

Dating Photographer Saskia NelsonSaskia Nelson - Dating Photographer

Dating photographer, well that is a new one to think about if you love photography.

I love this unique business idea.

Take a leaf out of this story book from Saskia Nelson, owner and chief photographer of her company called Hey Saturday.

I love that title for her business and her innovative approach to a photography business.

Saskia was actually a programme director for a charity and decided to give that up in 2013.

She knew she wanted to start a photography business in some shape or form but not exactly sure what.

So, she went the tried and tested route of Wedding Photography for a while but found the whole thing just didn't fit right for her.

She was single herself at the time, and wanted to create something unique and different more in keeping with her own personality.

So whilst working her notice period over a month, she started working in short bursts of time after work on a niche she felt would be ideal.

Dating Photography.

This is a niche already quite established in the US,  I remember reading about it more than 5 years ago but it was not a trend that had reached our shores yet.

What made her choose Dating Photography?

She had two things going on here, one, photography was her hobby and she was very good at it and two, I mentioned already she had been single for a good while so she was perfectly placed in her niche for research.

Before she had met her current partner she had been using the Guardian Soulmates online dating site. 

She had thought, generally how bad people's profile pictures looked.

Often fuzzy and blurry, also quite old pictures not truly representing how a person looked in the present and overall not a great personal advert for meeting a potential partner.

She thought it would be a great idea to offer people a professional set of pictures in different settings if they wanted but they would be natural, professional and current.

They would show off a person to their best and really, who wouldn't want that if they are seeking that special someone..

She organised her photograph business over a 30 day period, to give herself focus and a start date.

She chose her business name, got someone to help with a website and started doing a few free sessions to gain practice, get some marketing shots and some testimonials.

Shortly after, she took her first paying client and she was off to the races.

Because she was very clear about who she was targeting, what she did and how much she charged her business soon took off.

She won an award in 2014 as the New Dating Individual at the UK Dating awards and she was soon then appearing in print in all of the uk major newspapers and now her business is going from strength to strength.

She is expanding her reach across the UK now by employing a local photographer in major UK cities.

She is also now known as an international dating expert and featured on many broadcasts.

Find out more about Saskia's work 

You can find  out more about what services this dating photographer and her team offer  on her website and you can read all about Saskia Nelson herself and her unique business idea on her about me page.

The quick takeaways

  • Saskia chose something she could already do well
  • Low cost startup
  • She picked a new niche in an overcrowded market
  • She picked up on a trend
  • She used national media well for exposure
  • She is expanding using other people's talent
  • She has become known as an expert now in her industry