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Flirty Aprons

I came across this company recently after I put in a search to google for an apron. I always wanted a denim one, or so I thought until I came across this site.

I never knew you could fall in love with such basic product for the kitchen.

I have never given much thought to aprons as a business either but flirty aprons really made me think, and I thought it would be an ideal small business idea for someone to run with.

As a unique business, they tick the box for a niche market idea.

To begin with they started with stalls (kiosks) and sold that way but grew it into a much larger business online and now they sell world wide and have more products than just aprons.

You can buy matching oven gloves and mitts, children's aprons as well as for male and female adults, baby bibs, and now kitchen ware.

They are quite the fashion accessory for anyone who loves to look great. 

They would be quite a talking point at any house party if the hostess came out wearing one.

So, how do I think this could benefit you? Well 3 ways actually. You could easily start a business and

  • Become an affiliate
  • Become a distributor
  • Become a wholesaler

Become an affiliate

If you already have an online blog/website or want to start one about food, household products, even ladies fashion items you could become an affiliate of the brand, put some code on your website, someone clicks on the link, buys and apron and you make some money. If you have the right topic and promote this product in the right way then people will buy.

You could start on Facebook if you didn't want to build a website.

Become a distributor

You might enjoy buying, then selling to other market stall or shop owners.

You don't have to have a website and you don't have to have your own shop.

You become the man/woman in the middle.

You might even want to start selling like avon and have parties at your house, or sell to your local mum and toddler groups.

You could begin on Facebook, so you don't need to build a website, pay for some adverts and away you go. You could then add other products and create a homeware business on the side or full time.

Become a wholesaler

A perfect option if you want to say, run a market stall, or want a shop where this product would fit in nicely. You buy some products for a certain price, put on your markup for profit and away you go.

You didn't have to make the product yourself and you know you will be selling something that pretty well every household in some form uses. An interesting and beautiful niche product. I have to say I haven't seen anyone doing this near me anywhere.

Other ideas

I can see a whole load of options with this one.

You could niche down even further and sell just the aprons for men, for barbecues. Gift sites could sell for Fathers Day, Christmas and birthdays.

The kids ones would be brilliant to sell at school fetes, if you have a cookery school and have children learning, parents would probably love to buy for their children and maybe for themselves to.

Ebay could be for you, just baby bibs say and the ladies sexy ones, could be (ahem) on another type of site perhaps?

You are only limited by your imagination and your willingness to give things a go.

Could this help you come up with your own unique business ideas.

I hope it sparks something for you if you want a product driven business.