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Free 60 Minute Business Idea Chat Session
SBI business builder subscription purchasers

Firstly, thank you so much for trusting me enough to purchase your subscription through my affiliate link, for what I consider the worlds best online business builder  in the world and you can use it with Wordpress too.

It means a great deal to me.

And I am so looking  forward to working with you.

If you have arrived at this page and you haven't bought a subscription but would like to,  please go to my business builder review page and you can read more about this world class business builder and make your purchase first as you will need to let me know your purchase reference number.

Then head right back here to this page when you are ready to take up your offer.

I know you want to get going straight away because you are excited about all the new possibilities so please can you fill in the form below and send to me as soon as you can.

Please use the text box below to tell me where you are at the moment and if you already have a business up and running or indeed if you ever had one.

The more information you can share with me the better your session will be.

The Session Objective

I want you to leave  the session with a positive sense of what is possible for you as you think about your business idea and start building it online.

And this applies equally even if you want an offline business.

Offline business requires a web presence as well.

You will see as you begin with your action guide in SBI, the importance of being clear when it comes to brainstorming your ideas

The objective of the session is to come up with at least one business idea you can run with or tweak one you already have  for it to be the perfect fit.


You do have to put the work in before we get together

For a detailed explanation about the 2 different sessions I offer please head over to the appropriate page listed below and hopefully it all makes sense?

If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to ask them as the answer may benefit others too!

Don't forget your are getting your session at no charge.

What happens next?

When I receive your details I will mail you some pre-work so you can start to get clear about what you want/don't want/may not have even thought about!

This will consist of several questions you will need to fully answer in writing

You will send these answers back to me a least a few days before our session so I can start to get to know a bit about you and work on some ideas ahead of time.

I want us to hit the session running to get maximum value out of the time, so I would like you to share with me in advance how far you have got in any way with your business idea.

We will arrange a convenient time for both us to speak online and begin the session.

Note:  I use RINGR for our session and I can record our conversation so you have a record of it to refer back to as often as you like.  

How it works:

I send you an email with an invite code, you click the code and it opens up a session between us over the internet.

You can download RINGR in advance of the call on your phone from your app store if you prefer and you can open it on your desktop/laptop and paste the code in if you prefer.

Here are some requirements to begin the session:

  • Email address required
  • Mobile phone/laptop/desktop for the session
  • Basic microphone and headphones required
  • Pre-work completed and returned in advance

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

What happens afterwards?

After our conversation I will mail you a recording of the session and a next steps action plan from our discussion and the ideas we come up with plus any other resources we find along the way.

When you then come to start your brainstorming session by yourself with SBI you will have a clearer idea about how to go forward with your overall business theme and your particular angle on the theme

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