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Handmade Business?
  some resources for you

I don't claim to know a  huge amount about the handmade business area but I do know there are a few good  people out there who have the knowledge you are seeking, to make your business successful, even if it is just a sideline on a Sunday for the moment.

But I know you have bigger dreams, so

I did my own research and these people stood out for me.

If you haven't met them already, then let me introduce you to a couple of people I consider to be 2 of the best in the handmade arena.

They have done very well in their own particular market and are happy to share the best of their knowledge, often for free to begin with so you can get to know them.

If you want to dive deeper into the knowledge pool they offer paid courses in more detailed and specific topics to help you get your handmade business off the ground.

I have also included a case study, from someone who has recently started a business and they explain the how, why where and when of their start up process.

Plus my favourite business builder software gets a mention because I don't think you can beat having your own independent platform and controlling your own destiny.

I have also included a link to case studies from another retail site building platform (Shopify).

First up...

Renae Christine

Renae runs her own handmade training business called Cupcake Trainings.

She offers a really useful and free online training course to introduce you to her and how she created a six figure handmade business.

The  No Fail Handmade Online Business Formula

She also offers a downloadable book at no charge about examples of successful product lines.

She sold it on Amazon Kindle and it became a best seller. 

I watched the video series myself and thought it would be really useful to you, if that was your thing.

She also offers paid for training in other areas of interest such as Pinterest, having your own website (instead of just relying on Etsy, as an example).

If you just want to get to know her first she has a great YouTube channel with lots and lots of useful videos to help you without purchasing a thing from her.

Bruce Baker

A founding member and chairman of the American Craft Association, Bruce Baker wrote really useful book and you can download it for free if you join the mailing list for the Handmade Business Magazine.

The Ultimate Guide To Handcrafted Success

Unfortunately I can't seem to find much about him now, his website seems to have disappeared but he did write an interesting article here, about 

Displaying Your Crafts To Sell

Shopify Handmade Business Case Studies

Shopify is a brilliant retail platform to sell products and has a great blog attached to it.

I recommend if you are product business who wants to learn more and move on from the usual suspects  and create your own website,  you follow their stuff.

Here are 4 great case studies of people who put their business online, and Shopify interviewed them to find the lowdown on how they did it.

The Shopify Handmade Goods Interviews

Now, if you are a listener like me I can recommend...

A Great Handmade Business Podcast For You

Jess Van Den, an australian went from being a school teacher to a full time teacher of how to turn your hobby into full time business.

She has a fantastic website called Create and Thrive which is choc full of information and advice, I spent ages looking around it.

She also has her own successful silver jewellery store online too.

What I find most fascinating about her story is she was not a creative or artistic type at all, before she went online, she was more a science type of a girl.

Not something I expected at all and it is great to hear another perspective

She has a really brilliant podcast  if you prefer to listen and learn, like I do.

Her very first episode will tell you all about her, I loved listening to her.

I hope you are now inspired to...

Build Your Own Independent Platform

I know many people use Etsy and other platforms to sell their beautiful creations but the thing about them is you never own your traffic (visitors to your site).

The platform you use does, so if anything happened you could lose your shop overnight and you would be left high and dry, with no recourse and all the hard work you put in would be wasted.

I know in the beginning, you are so busy, day and night, making your beautiful thing and you really don't want to have to learn something else, on top of your day job.!

But I promise you, in the long run you will be so pleased you did put in the effort.

If you build your own business with a website you will 

own all of your traffic and your mailing list and all of the money you are currently paying out in fees can be spent for the benefit of your business and not for someone else

If you want to see a great example of someone doing this, take a look at this wedding invitation designer website (using Solobuildit)

She created her own platform and owns her own traffic and she could sell other peoples stuff on her site or take advertising submissions if she wants to

Also, she is not fighting on site with lots of other people who do the same thing.

She is free to build her handmade business exactly as she wants to without restrictions.

In fact she uses her site to drive her traffic to her SHOPIFY shop, not the other way round.

If she sold on Ebay or Etsy she could drive her traffic to there as well but it is her traffic, not anyone elses.

Can you see the benefits?

My personal recommendation, because I use it myself and love it: SoloBuildIt  for the Solopreneur, also available for Wordpress websites.

And finally, a new starter to the handmade business world...

Handmade Cards Case Study

WG Clarke,  had started his business by writing a book but decided he wanted to go into card making instead and producing his first calendar for 2018 based upon his lovely Jeffrey Elefante character.

He was kind enough to be case study for me and you can read more about how Jeffrey came into being...

Jeffrey Elefante Creative Card Business


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.