Home Business Ideas For Nurses

home business ideas for nurses

Home business ideas for nurses? 10 off the top of head ideas.

Home business ideas for nurses weren’t something that was on my radar until recently.

I had a hospital appointment and was talking to the duty nurse whilst she was doing her thing with me; and it ended up being a 15 minute random coaching session with her as she plunged the needle in!

She was chuffed to bits to have some ideas to take home and think about.

I was chuffed because I had helped someone think a little differently, when inside, she had said she felt very trapped and panicky in her professional situation.

We got on to the subject of the NHS, the topic on everyone’s lips in the UK and in the news just about every day of the week.

Everyone has an opinion and a nurse is entitled to one as she is at the coalface and I am happy to listen all day long.

I have enormous admiration for nurses in the health service; they have a lot to deal with which is why we got talking.

We got onto the topic of stress in her day and I just casually asked her about her future career ambitions, since her life seemed to be quite difficult, juggling work and home.

She shared with me; she wanted to leave the profession and start her own business but had to maintain an income for the foreseeable future as she had children in school.

She had started some research on home business ideas for nurses and felt it was the way to go for her.

She didn’t think she could face another NHS job

As much as she loved her profession, she wasn't 100 percent sure if she wanted to stay in the medical arena or just go in an entirely different way.

It was all up in the air, and she found it difficult to finish a long shift, go home, and look after the children, then find some thinking time for her.

You can imagine my joy as this topic is so close to my heart.

Here was a lovely lady I could help with some immediate ideas she had never even thought about

Help to think a little differently about work and life and do something different for herself and her family.

I explained I had a website about this very topic and I use a formula to come up with business ideas, the one in How to Create Your Perfect Business – passion and personality included.

Her strength was her medical knowledge and she could create a lot of trust with people with any health and wellness business.

I explained the 5 areas to look for the opportunities to create a business such as

Problems/threats/complaints or a trend for example

I then explained the 5 ways to create a business such as retail/sales or performance as a further example.

You bring the 2 ideas together in a way that suits you, and create a business that makes you happy.

Happy because you have based the idea around you and your particular lifestyle

I grabbed a pad and pen and wrote out a few ideas I thought would be perfect under the title of home business ideas for nurses.

Mostly off the top of my head and specifically related to nursing as this was her profession.

If we had been having any kind of coaching session, I would have gone on to discuss many other things about her in much more depth, such as likes and dislikes, strengths, skills and so on.

She may want to invent something for the healthcare industry as a example but that would be a whole other conversation.

As I keep saying...

There is so much more to a business idea than just asking "what are you good at?"

So here is my list of 11 off the top of head ideas under the topic of

Home Business Ideas for Nurses and they might trigger off some thoughts for you too, if you find yourself in this situation or have a friend who is.

  • Blogger
  • Information Publisher
  • Consultant
  • Product Reviewer/Maker
  • Write For Magazines
  • Advice Columnist
  • Book Author
  • Course Creator
  • Fitness Expert
  • Podcaster/Vlogger
  • Franchise Owner
  • Online Business Owner

Blogger or Website Owner

She could start a blog about health and wellness and make money from advertising or affiliate programmes selling others products or create/find her own.

Or specifially write about home business ideas for nurses as a topic if you want to share your research.

For example this retired nurse offers her 25 plus years of expertise looking after Alzheimer patients as a useful body of work for anyone who is full time at home with someone with this condition.

You don't have to be retired but you could be so helpful people to people you will probably never meet to cope with upteen medical conditions treatable at home.

This is one of those easier to start home business ideas for nurses because,  that subject you have spent years perfecting your skills in could serve you well in the future without having to see a single patient!

If that is what you want?

Information Publisher

She could create digital online products in health and wellness for either her own website or for other nurses blogs.

These could be e-books, audio products, and video products and so on.

For example Kerri Knox has written about health on her own website about immune health

She has written about what she knows and offers consultation by the paid hour and has written some expert advice booklets and she sells other peoples products as well (affiliate marketing)

Again you could share your home business ideas for nurses research.


She could work for the health industry or private companies as a health consultant for a particular product or sector of the wellness industry

Or even insurance companies or in legal situations.

Rather like an expert witness.

She could consult with families privately on a number of issues for people who are willing to go outside of the NHS.

Especially  useful if you have a specialism like child nursing, cancer nursing, stroke nursing and that sort of thing.

You can start up and talk world wide on SKYPE/Zoom or similar platforms.

You are not limited to just your local area where you live any more.

Product Reviewer/Maker

She could approach health product companies and offer her services as a product reviewer.

She could share the reviews on her blog or others or she could start her own podcast and include the reviews there.

Or what about taking some inspiration from Emergency Nurse Ravi who with a friend, after a particularly nasty accident, created their own acupressure mat and pillow and super quality yoga mat. Their knowledge of health played a huge part in product creation.

Write for Publications

She could write about health for any number of publications around the world.

Information is required as a rate of knots these days for publications, both in print and online.

She could choose a particular sector to work in/specific health matter or be a general features writer.

And she might even write on the topic of home business ideas for nurses herself as she becomes her own expert on the subject.

Advice Columnist

She could offer her services as an educated advice giver to a local publication or any number of health related ones online.

Chloe Wilson is a physical therapist who has taken her specialism online.

Perfect home business ideas for nurses can be found in any part of the wellbeing field.

It showcases her expertise in a very detailed way and she has gone on to build a successful second site in another specialism about foot pain.

Book Author

She could turn what she knows into a book.

She might specialise in one topic or write about several of them.

She has gravitas as a nurse author to write about health topics.

Example, this person has turned their knowledge into written products about their specialism in Tendonitis

Course Creator

She could turn what she knows into a course for either the general public or for other nurses or the health profession in general.

With the growth of online platforms such as Thinkific or Teachable she could create a downloadable course fully loaded with audio and video and PDF lessons to teach a particular topic.

She creates it once, loads it up then charges for access to create an ongoing source of income.

As an example, Holly has created a website dedicated to Migraine

She offers a huge amount of general information about the topic and has developed and published, workshops, book and courses around her specialist subject.

She is approaching from a counselling angle, because this is her profession but perfect home business ideas for nurses who specialise in this topic area.

You could start it along side your day job and develop as you go.

Fitness Expert

She could retrain as a fitness instructor and specialise in obese patients or help people stop smoking or help elderly patients keep fit.


She could start a podcast on a topic health related, and talk with other nurses around the world or other wellness professionals to help people listening understand a particular illness or help with how to take care of themselves.

If she was comfortable on camera she could start a video blog (vlogging).

Later on, she could add in products and offer her own coaching services to nurses about how she did it.

Again effectively sharing her home business ideas for nurses with others who want to do the same.

Private Nursing 

There are also other avenues to explore in private nursing.

In the UK we have particular issues with waiting lists and also with local nursing services often being stretched to oblivion.

There could be scope to look at with people paying her to attend their homes privately and for a fee.

After surgery, after having a baby, for overnight care...

She could potentially scale this idea into an agency

Catie Harris did just this 

Franchise Owner

Say food and nutrition was your passion, you could buy a franchise territory in your area and become something like The Menopause Chef.

It combines food and nutrition, it is one of those very hot new business ideas on the block and a definate trend upwards.

Online Business Owner

She could choose something completely unrelated to nursing and choose to solve a particular problem outside of her work.

This nurse decided her afro hair issues needed addressing and created an online business on eBay so she could help others with their very specific hair care needs.

Home business ideas for nurses - what would you do?

So why did I pick these ideas under the heading of home business ideas for nurses for her?

Well they were more an idea starter for her than anything.

I wanted to show her if you apply a unique business ideas formula to what you already have and know you can create your own business idea at the drop of a hat.

So, no more stressing about what she could do as an alternative way of working. Her problem may become deciding what to do as she would probably create quite a few choices.

I wanted to show her how she could apply the topic of nursing to any number of business ideas and create something perfect to her.

I have to say, I did leave her smiling as she thought about the possibilities.

Sometimes a chance conversation can turn your life around.

It was a lovely feeling knowing I could help, even in a small way.

Who would have thought the topic of home business ideas for nurses was on the agenda that day along with an injection!

Are you struggling to start?

If you know you have got it right about business idea already but you can't seem to get yourself going to get it off the ground you might need to just take a step back and give your business idea a validation check, or a resistance check or even run it through the obstacle analysis grid.

There is a reason you are procrastinating, right?

Can I help at all?

Are you stuck about which home business idea  to come up with or you have one rolling around at the back of your mind but you can't quite square it away?

Perhaps my create your perfect business course might help you organise your thoughts just that little bit better so you can launch  your business with complete confidence.

Or you could just start with the free downloadable Business Idea Template?

It will help you organise your thoughts and see if you are heading in the right direction with any idea you many have.

The key to your success is getting the right business idea in the first place

One that is centred around you and your strengths and you are sure it will fit in with the lifestyle you want to lead.