How Do I Come Up With A Business Idea To Begin with?

by Kerry

I know I want to start a business and I have lots of ideas I think about but I don't know how to put a frame around them to make them into a cohesive "thing" I could work with.

I end up doing nothing in the end!

Any ideas?

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by: Jackie

Hey Kerry

I hear what you are saying.

Overwhelm kicks in sometimes and you end up chasing your tail right?

It is actually simpler than you think to frame up your ideas.

If you follow a bit of a formula I use here you can put your ideas in the frame your are looking for.


If you have read other pages across the site and taken the Mini e-Course

You will know be able to fathom

  • 1.What your big picture will be
  • 2.What you have already you can work with
  • 3.How you can pick an area of business, trend, hobby, personal crisis etc and one way or more of doing business such as product or service and so on.

You can take then take another step to narrow down your focus and essentially make a statement as to

  • 1.What you do
  • 2.Who you do it for

Business Idea Formula

So I am hopeful you will be able to find your particular frame you are looking for.

Best of luck!

Let me know how you get on....

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