How Do I Start A Business Without Any Money?

I want to start my business but I don't have any money.
What should I do to get started?

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Some Further Information About Starting Without Any Money
by: Anonymous

Love Carrie Green, thought you might too.

She offers some great advice.

The thing about starting a business with no money is you need time.

If you don't have the time, or the money you won't have a business.

What Do You Need The Money For?
by: Jackie

My first question to you is what do you perceive you need money for?

To my mind, people seem to want to start at the top of the mountain when they have an idea.

What do I mean?

Ok, say a person has a dream to bake for a living.

This is sometimes how the thinking goes…I have heard it with my own ears!

• I need a bakery.
• To have the bakery I need money.
• I don’t have money so I will get a loan.
• To get the loan I need a business plan.
• To pay back the loan for the bakery I need to sell an awful lot of cakes and bread.
• I feel overwhelmed.
• I can’t do it because I don’t have any money.
• Oh well, one day I will follow my dream.

And off that dream goes to the land of one day

A better way would be to test out your product with local tea shops or cafes or a small boot fair to start with.

Also try out on willing colleagues at work and friends and family on the understanding you want absolutely honest feedback.

If someone will pay good money for your product then you are in business.

With feedback, you can tweak to make it better should you need to.

The same for a service business...

Say you want to start a cleaning business.

You don’t necessarily need to start with equipment, business cards and a van or a Franchise

Offer to clean some people’s houses for free to begin with, on the understanding they pick you up if necessary and you use their equipment (they are getting it free right!)

If you do well you can start to charge, buy equipment, share resources with friends and so on.

You will have faster success if you choose a business that people need as opposed to what people want.

They key is to decide

• What you are selling
• Find someone to purchase
• Build on that

It doesn’t have to be complicated, or you may never move forward.

You wouldn’t start your first foray into climbing by going to Mount Everest; you would find a small destination close to home to begin with.
So why start your business that way?

I recommend a book for you to read by Rachel Bridge the former Enterprise Editor at the Sunday Times (and I recommend her other books too, just google her...)

How To Start A Business Without Any Money

The topic headings are:

• How to think free
• Ideas that will make money fast
• Putting it into practice
• How to spend nothing on premises
• How to spend nothing on staff
• Taking the next step
• How to spend nothing on a website
• How to spend nothing on stock
• How to price your product or service
• Get the cash flow right
• How to spend nothing on marketing
• How to spend nothing on promotion
• How to spend nothing on advertising
• How to get free help and advice
• The importance of starting small
• The business partner decision
• How to spend nothing expanding your business
• How to get post start-up funding
• But what about the recession?
• Onwards and upwards

You will find some useful case studies too in each chapter to elaborate on the topic she is talking about.

So you see you don’t always need money to start, or at least, not necessarily as much as you think you might.

I would highlight this though:

if you don’t have money to invest in your business, then you must have time to invest and time is money as the old saying goes.

If you don’t have either then it is unlikely you will build on your business idea.

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