I Like Too Many Things & I Don't Know What To Pick First!

I know you are supposed to follow your passion, but to be honest I have so many I can't decide what to pick as the main thing.

I feel it is bit like trying to choose who is my favourite child.

I just can't do it.

Any suggestions?

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You Are Known As A Multipotentialite
by: Jackie

That is a great question and one asked more often than you think.

It is such a specialist area I think I will hand you over to the best person for the job.

I wrote a page all about the brilliant Emilie Wapnick and how you can you view your situation as a plus and not a minus.

She is in the business of advising how a person like you can create an all-encompassing business using all your gifts and interests so you don't have to pick one over another.

"A bit like having to choose your favourite child?"

You were absolutely right about that!

A none starter and not going to happen, right?

So if you want to find a business idea to include what you want to include I can't recommend anyone more highly.

She has identified although you are a person who likes many things, you still fall into a useful category to help you mould your business.

You may think you have no hope, but she knows exactly what you need to be successful.

Here is a link to the page with everything on it you need to know about being a brilliant Multipotentialite.

Be proud, you are special

Emilie Wapnick Page
I also highly recommend anything by Barbara Sher the godmother, in my opinion of the Making A Living Without A Job Movement.

This book, again in my opinion, in particular, helps with your dilemma:

Refuse To Choose is one of her best books, and you can still purchase it on Amazon.

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