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Welcome to the
"Sofa to Startup"

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If you are looking for high quality and useful information in your quest for your perfect business idea then you have come to the right place.

This website has already got over 100 pages of useful information about those early stages of how to start a business that you want to know but there is so much more I want to share, and it won't always appear on the website.

So signing up means you won't miss out on a thing and I fully  appreciate your time is precious so I won't waste it.

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  • Constant selling: I hate that myself. But if I really like something and/or use it myself I will make some recommendations because I believe in the value of it. for your business idea journey. For example my favourite business builder I use for this site will get a mention as  I think it is unrivalled so you will see and hear me talk about it from time to time. 

Remember this

If you read my about me page you will know, after years in the work place in different sectors and  failing at business ideas because I chose all the wrong ones and having been where you are now, and for a very long time  I am deeply committed.

Deeply committed to helping you get on the right road so much earlier and without so many of the wrong turns I took and...

deeply Committed to helping you create your perfect business idea with passion and personality included as standard

Thanks to all of the mistakes I have made,  information I have gathered over the years and the fantastic Unique Business Idea Formula  I learned from the great international career advice speaker, teacher & impostor syndrome international expert Dr Valerie Young 

I am very much looking forward to sharing with you

  • advice from others with greater experience than me
  • useful book reviews
  • podcast episodes
  • case studies of successful beginners who all started where you are
  • how to articles
  • first dibs on any new courses
  • design your own job tips
  • quotes and much more...

So if you want the scoop then please just pop your details into this box and the your subscription will begin with the next edition of the newsletter.

And as a thankyou, you will get my free 23 page Business Idea Template.

It is the basic working version of the 7 Step Unique Business Idea Formula and you will be able to follow the steps and come up with a business idea or tweak one you already have...

  • Why you need to create your big picture first otherwise the pieces of your jigsaw will never fit  (Lesson 1)
  • Seek out what you already have to save time money or skills to fill in the jigsaw faster (Lesson 2)
  • Use the Unique Business Ideas Formula to come up with your business idea(s) in any industry (Lesson 3)
  • Find your market place and see who wants what you have to offer (Lesson 4)
  • Take the first steps  forward when you have found your market place (Lesson 5)
  • Learn to navigate the roadblocks and obstacles you will encounter like people, money, and lack of skills and so on… (Lesson 6)
  • Find your cheerleaders and people who will help you move forward with your business idea (Lesson 7)

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