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Welcome to the
"Sofa to Startup"

The ‘Sofa to Startup’ newsletter promises inspiration in your inbox, each monthly edition bringing new insight and information created by me to help you on your quest for the perfect business. 

There’s so much about the early stages of starting a business that I wish I had known all those years ago and while you’ll find lots of it on this website, I have even more to share here on the newsletter each month.

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Don’t worry, I know your time is precious and I won’t waste a minute of it. So with this in mind, this is what you won’t get: 

Spam: I’ll never share your information with a third party or compromise your privacy. 

Constant selling: Is there anything worse than constantly being sold to?

I really don’t think there is.

I’ll only ever recommend things I truly believe will help you on your business idea journey, and they’ll always be things I use myself.

Take my favourite business builder  for example; I use it for this site and I think it’s unrivalled, so you’ll hear me talk about it from time to time. 

What I would love to share with you is...

  • Advice from others with even greater business experience 
  • Useful book reviews and podcast recommendations
  • Inspirational case studies by those who began where you are now
  • How-to articles designed to develop your business idea 
  • Priority access to new courses
  • and much more…

Having been where you are now, I’m deeply committed to putting you on the right road to the business idea that will change your circumstances and avoid all those unnecessary wrong turns along the way.


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