NHS Nurse Ready For a Change

by Angie


I am on my break on night shift writing this.....

I am an NHS Nurse working in A & E and I think this winter has just about seen me off in terms of stress at work.

I think in 2020 I just might entertain the idea of doing something else as I am not sure how I can go on.

I love my job but it is really taking a toll on my health and family life.

Got any pointers I could use to think about over New Year when I have a few days off?

I hate even contemplating leaving NHS but something needs to give....

Merry Christmas to you


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Missing Page Link
by: Jackie

sorry, the link didn't work Angie

I have a page on my website about Home Business Ideas for Nurses.

You can find it in the site map

So sorry about that!

A quick idea
by: Jackie

Hello Angie and thanks for taking the time out of your shift.

Your service to your patients is appreciated.

It's funny you should contact me, I have just had an encounter at a local hospital, on Christmas Eve.

I had to take my mum if for some attention.

And whilst we were sitting waiting for her doctor, I was thinking to myself.

"You know the one thing that would be useful to me right now would be a website, with information about Geriatric Care, written by a nurse/doctor who was a specialist in that field.

I probably would have found the answer to the problem without having to resort to a hospital visit at Christmas.

The point I am making is, whatever field you are in, you could build a brilliant business based upon your specialism, to help people just like me.

I appreciate I don't know you or what your aspirations area but that is something to think about right off the bat.

You could of course go right away from the medical world and create something else based upon your skills and strengths but your Nursing Career lends itself to many options, not just medicine and care.

I hope you can take away at least that for now.
You are well qualified to do many things, it is just a case of matching who you are with how you like to do things and in what area.

I wish you all the very best in your journey and your thinking in 2020.

I have written a bit more about the subject here:
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