Online Business Books

Can you recommend some really good online business books.

I want to start a business but I am overwhelmed by the choice and don't know where to start?

Where would you recommend I start?

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Online Business Books
by: Jackie

That is a really useful question.

You can learn so much from other people and their experiences.

I consider book authors like mentors I would engage if I needed an answer to a problem.

There are so many online business books so I can only advise about the ones on my shelf and in my Kindle.

I consider the following ones to be of value as I have them as an actual book, audio business book and Kindle version, so I am never without a copy wherever I am.

They are offered on the premise that you need some guidance on coming up with your idea or want to check you are on the right road.

It is not an absolute list, there are others but they are my favourites...


Gary Vaynerchuk: Crush it and the new one Crushing it...

I choose these 2 because if you need any encouragement to take hold of your dreams, you will receive it from Gary V.

He is not everyone's cup of tea, he curses a lot, if you follow his YouTube channel you will see what I mean.

If you can get past that then the messages are golden.

Crush it talks about how anyone can earn money from their passion:

Crushing it covers case studies of people who took his advice and are now successful, several years on:

Barbara Winter: Making a Living Without A Job:

She was among the first people to come up with notion you can do your own thing in your own way and get paid for it...

Barbara Sher: All of her books, she is the grandmother of the making a living without a job movement.

All of her books are great but my particular favourite is Wishcraft

She is also fantastic, if you are the sort of person who cannot pick one thing to do, you have lots of things you love.

John Williams: Screw Work Lets Play:

Another excellent variation on the theme of choosing to work at what you love

He has a further book about executing your plan: Screw Work Break Free:

Daniel Priestley: All books by him but start with this one

I hope you find them inspiring and good luck with your venture.

If anyone else has a book that they love and are inspired by I would love for you to share it...

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