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Prison Consultant

Prison Consultant. Now there is something to conjure with.

Not something I had heard of until I switched on the TV recently and tuned into Who'd Be A Billionaire

Personally I would hate to be a billionaire or any kind of super rich person.

After watching the first episode about what kind of things they buy, and goodness me you can buy absolutely ANYTHING you want, it struck me really what a burden actually all that money is and the time, energy and security required to manage personal wealth of that magnitude.

There are all sorts of businesses set up to cater for the super, super rich.

Financial Services of course but also insurance services, any self respecting billionaire must pay premiums to protect themselves and their family against kidnap and ransom.

Bodyguards, home and online security systems to keep hackers out of accounts and committing cyber crime.

Personal perfumiers, special one off yacht designs, personal portraits painted like an old master.

You name it, someone has thought of it and someone is buying their product.

But to me that wasn't the interesting part.

It wasn't until the second programme of the series I discovered about one or two of the super rich having their own prison consultant.

I immediately went into research mode.

The second episode was for the most part about security.

Physical, home, personal banking and so on, but there was a tiny section where the commentator was jokingly talking about how you weren't anybody unless you had been to jail at least once, it was something that would be a great topic for conversation during your billionaires barbecue in the Hamptons during the summer.

Clearly he  was insinuating...

Some people make legitimate business deals and there are some who don't and this new industry was created by entrepreneurial former inmates who could see a gap in the market, and a market in the gap.

During the last economic downturn, allegedly a lot of people got found out about dodgy deals and went to jail.

But apparently, according to the programme if a super wealthy person goes to jail, they don't want to go to just any jail or even complete their full sentence.

So they employ a prison consultant  who knows the system and can advise what the protocols are, how to have an easier time, what to say and what not to say an also advise about "what facilities are on offer".

I was fascinated by this idea that a person could consult another for a fee about going to jail.

What a lucrative business that must be and also one of those very unique business ideas.

I did some digging and there are a few that have popped up in the United States and the odd one in the UK.

I then found an article in Forbes Magazine, discussing this very subject

The article was explaining why there was a rise in the need for this service and I picked one business to share with you, particularly because I liked the name.

Here is Larry Levine from Wall St Prison Consultants on Youtube describing why you might need to get in touch with him and employ his services.

I have learned as well there is a similar service set up in UK as well and they appear to be the only one in the country at the moment.

Prison Consultant - The Takeaway For You

  • There is a market for all sorts
  • You have to think laterally
  • The downside of one area of life becomes the upside of another

How could this idea be applied to an industry you are looking at?