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Private Chef starts his own cooking channel when the bottom fell out of his working world amid the Corona Virus

German at a luxury home in Ibiza

Private Chef German Sozzi (pronounced Her Man) from Cordoba in Argentina had a brilliant career travelling abroad as an executive and  private chef.

His travels took him to some incredible places and countries, mostly in Europe where he cooked for wealthy people and some very large corporate clients.

London Bridge New Years Eve

His final destination before the Corona Virus stopped the world in it's tracks was London.

With specialisms in Middle Orient Gourmet food, Traditional Argentinian  Food on the BBQ  (Parilla) and classic French cooking, German has never been short on work experience.

He began his catering career, after leaving catering school as a trained gourmet chef.

He became a young manager and menu curator for a hotel and progressed through all the regular catering ranks.

His high energy and ambitious nature made sure he stood out from the crowd and his natural interpersonal skills and team building talent made him a natural Private Chef

Someone to be trusted with high level catering for luxury events in Europe.

When he came to London he worked on some very prestigious large scale events for corporate accounts in some stand out venues such as the Natural History Museum, boats on the River Thames and many private catering events for well-heeled clients.

Then the world changed

German went home to see his family in Cordoba Argentina after Christmas 2019, fully intending to return to London after a few months.

Little did he or his English partner Holly know how life would change within a few short weeks into 2020.

He had planned to visit his family and friends,  show Holly around Argentina, eat and cook a lot of argentinian food then say goodbye and resume life as a Private Chef/return to his catering employer and continue with glamourous food.

The world in lockdown

German and Holly were stuck now in Argentina, so they needed to come up with a plan.

His family owned a holiday complex by a lake in Cordoba.

Hit desperately like all other tourism business in the world, there was no scope to work in the family business to keep the catering going.

So, like many people who are now looking at life and work differently, they decided to go online and bring food from argentina to a new audience locally using YouTube and Instagram.

German is a natural talent in front of a camera and Holly is gifted with modern media skills and an artistic background, so it was a perfect solution for both of them

It is early days for the pair, but as they both said "we had to do something to stop us going crazy indoors so, why not start an online business with the skills and tools we have right now."

Filmed with a phone and a video app their new cooking channel is taking off slowly but surely, German is keeping his cooking skills up and Holly is expanding her Social Media Skills.

A win-win for everyone...

Private Chef German Sozzi 

You can connect with German via all his social media channels

Alternative or Additional Business Idea

As an alternative or an additional business idea, German could use his skills regarding cooking specific types of fancy food or about cooking with quantity and come up with a business idea to help others create amazing meals for their friends and family.

Something like a guide book for quantities could be an addition to his business.