by Anonymous

I am a terrible procrastinator, I put my hands up to it and I own it.

But I am not sure how to get over it?

I have days, weeks and even months of excitement then I stop.

Any tips on how to get better?

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Procrastination TED Talk topic
by: Jackie

I watched this TED Talk on Youtube, I thought it was pretty relevant to the topic of procrastination.

Tim Urban explains is beautifully and with great wit.
I hope it helps

Procrastination Happens To Everyone
by: Jackie

Hello, thanks for your question and I appreciate your honesty.

You are absolutely not alone in feeling this.

And I would say, probably don't be so hard on yourself.

If you can sustain some days, weeks or months on your project you are doing very well.

It is when you can never start that it becomes and problem and perhaps then it might be because you have chosen the wrong project/business idea to start with.

If that were the case I would go back and look again to see if I were really pursuing the right thing for the right reason or just people pleasing others?

For you though, I can only offer my method which stands me in good stead for every eventuality.

I revert to micro chunking time, say 5 minutes or 1 hour to do SOMETHING!

If you continually do something for a few minutes or hours, then you are ALWAYS moving forward.

If you are watching NETFLIX instead, then you will not be.

If you really cannot get going try the following.

1. Go right away from the project for a few days, don't even look at it then come back with a fresh mindset or perhaps

2. Find like minded souls who you can share your procrastination problem with and they can help kick start you again or

3. If you really don't want to do something but it is not because it's the wrong thing or you are by yourself then pay someone to do some bits for you. Sometimes outsourcing tasks can help so you don't stop your momentum.

If you are faced continually with bits you don't like,the natural inclination is to do nothing.....

Here is an interesting quote for you:

"How often do you find yourself saying, "In a minute", "I’ll get to it" or "Tomorrow’s good enough" and every other possible excuse in the book? Compare it with how often you decide it’s got to be done, so let’s get on and do it! That should tell you just how serious your procrastinating problem really is."

Stephen Richards, The Secret of Getting Started: Strategies to Triumph over Procrastination

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