Ready To Be A Writer

by Anonymous

It is coming towards the end of 2019 and for my New Years resolution I have decided I am going to pursue my dream of being a writer.

I have a day job and would love to start at evenings and weekends and then turn my writing into a full time living, but I don't know where to start first.

Have you got any tips about what to do first or where to go to begin?

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Why you should write a book - TED Talk
by: Jackie

It is great you have decided you want to write.

I spotted this lovely TED Talk about why it is important everyone should write a book.

For the benefit of humanity... I hope you find it inspiring...

by: Jackie


And congratulations on making your decision.

New Year is a perfect time to get started.

Without really knowing more about you, I can't really be that specific with my advice.

"Being a writer" is quite a broad topic.

Are you going to write a book or do you want to write for magazines?

Do you want to freelance and write for others, ghost write books, write poetry and so on.

So my best piece of advice is, in my opinion. is to look at the work of a lady called Joanna Penn.

She has the most brilliant website and podcast called The Creative Penn

She writes fiction herself and has been very successful doing that PLUS she is a great authority if you want to write non fiction and has written several books about writing and self publishing.

I think she is excellent, and a great place to start for new writers.

She is the quintessential all round authority in my opinion and if you start there I don't think you can go far wrong.

All the very best for 2020 and your new writing career.

I am chuffed to bits you have made a decision and want to act upon it, instead of just dreaming about it.

Good for you x

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