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Rent A Ruminant

Rent A Ruminant business owner Tammy Dunakin a Vashon Island resident, close to Seattle and that is in the state of Washington in the United States in case you didn't know like me, has created a very unique green credential business.

Now tell me, as far as green business ideas go, what springs to mind when you think of a business that clears land but:

  • doesn't require any permits
  • is as green as it gets
  • has low impact on the environment
  • uses no noisy machinery what so ever
  • helps prevent crime
  • helps prevent fires
  • operatives sterilize weed seed naturally as they go so no growback of vegetation
  • operatives can go anywhere such as a steep slope
  • no need for machinery
  • they can operate in sensitive areas without a permit
  • they create fertilizer on site
  • very easy disposal of debris
  • When the operatives retire they have a place to call home
  • You can buy a franchise

What did you think of?

Well, I bet you never thought of this one while you were writing down your list of skills and passions and how you might come up with a business that was eco friendly and sustainable.

If you are an animal lover, have the space to home these interesting creatures and want to have a fun business then head over to her website for some ideas.

Time Lapse Video - Doing Their Thing!

About the Owner

Tammy has been in business since 2004 and started out with just a few goats, no idea what she was doing but she knew what she wanted to achieve.

Now, many years later she has around 120 goats and has learned her business pretty much by trial and error.

But she knew she wanted to start an Eco friendly, green and sustainable business that wouldn't have much, if any competition and she went from there and Rent a Ruminant was born.

Rent a Ruminant Goats Home

You might be wondering what happens to the goats when they outlive their usefulness?

For all you kind hearted animal loving soul the good news is, and bear in mind many of these goats were rescue goats to start with, when the animals have outlived being able to be of service they are re-homed with people who will care for them until they leave us

They are not slaughtered and if they cannot be re-homed they are looked after by Tammy in her goats home.

They live out their days in peace and happiness having served their community well.

So for this green business idea there is also an element of social care involved as well, so everyone benefits.

Sounds like a fantastic idea to me and definately falls under the heading of unique business ideas.

Does it spark any ideas with you?

Learn More

If so you may want to learn more from Gary Pfalzbot, he has more to say on the subject of using goats for brush control, and he should know he runs Goatworld.

Rent A Ruminant

If that isn't enough goat unique business ideas?

I am pleased to say the goat business world  is thriving, so much so you can go online and have lessons about keeping them in tip top condition.

I came across Deborah at the Thrifty Homesteader, teaching online about copper deficiency in goats.

A very valuable resource to people who own them.

What does her offering teach you?

Just because  your unique business idea is in a very narrow field, don't discount it, there may well be an audience.