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Ready To Change Your Life?

I am so pleased you want to go ahead and have a Business Idea Generator session with me to talk about you and your small business dreams.

I love to talk with people who know they are ready for a change, are open to adventure and new ways of thinking and want to jump in feet first.

Congratulations, already you are doing more than most people will to alter their life.

You are moving off your sofa 

Shall we get started?

To book a session with me please fill in your details in the contact box below and make your payment using the Buy Now button.

It would be great if you could fill in the text box with some brief details about where you are in life and where you hope to get to.

For example,

Have you had a wake up call recently, are you in a job you hate, are you in transition in your life, have you been made redundant? Do you really hate your job?

Information of this nature is really useful to know so I can understand where you are coming from.

Within 48 hours I will send you a introduction email, a copy of your pre-work questionnaire and a some availability dates.

The pre-work  is very important, it is the beginning of your journey, ahead of your session with me.

I really want you to put some serious thought into what you want to do.

I would like you to mail your pre work back to me at least a few days before your session so I have time to read in detail, get to know you a little and bring some ideas to our session.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What if I don't have time to fill in the questionnaire?

I won't be able to complete your session without it, because essentially it is our starting point together.

The workbook questionnaire  is less than 100 pages, and is divided into 3 parts :-

  • Rethinking work
  • Strategies for discovering your ideal work
  • From dreaming to doing

The idea of the workbook is to get you into the right mindset and actively insert you into the process of thinking outside the regular job box.

Your are looking for ideas to start your own business and not look for another J-O-B.

You have to do the exercises otherwise you are wasting your own time and money.

My advice would be to really find the time, turn off the tv, perhaps get up a little earlier or book some real time out of your schedule on your calendar.

Make a date with yourself about your future.

If you are serious about designing your own job you must give yourself the time and space you deserve.

You can't change your world if you are not willing to change your schedule

Something has come up, I can't make the session?

Well no need to worry as our sessions are conducted by email you don't have to show up by an allotted time, however I will ask that you respond within a few days of my email.

You need to strike while the iron is hot!

Do you offer any form of guarantee?

My role is to facilitate the process with you via in order to help you clarify what you want your small business to look like in line with your lifestyle and passions.

Your role is to do the exercises, show up for your session and do something with all of the information afterwards.

Between us we are going to have a really great conversation and I am confident there will be ideas you had never even thought about before and quite a few aha moments.

The great thing about this work is I take the birds eye view of your situation and see the connections between things that perhaps you dismissed or hadn't given any thought to.

When you are too close to something you can't always see the connections.

I guarantee if you have done all of the pre-work necessary and we do not come up with one single usable idea for you to go away and work on, after your session you can have your money back

Here is an shortened example from the workbook on page 6 to illustrate the point.

Diana didn't leave her session knowing she was going to work for Disney, it evolved after discovering in her session what she truly loved to do and finding out ways of using it.  

Starting with one thing, led on to another.

It is the starting and doing that brings the results.

Diana recognised she loved history and research, especially family trees. Even then she didn't do anything about it for 2 years. When she was ready she taught a weekend workshop on genealogy. There was someone from Disney who took the course, later they invited her to be managing instructor in charge of the Disney Institute's genealogy class.

My  objective of our time together is this: 

I want you to be buzzing with useable, valuable ideas to make a living doing something you love.

After the session has finished you will also have a list of the "next actions" you need to take to move forward, the rest is up to you and your success will be assured if you put the effort in.

I have a question not answered here?

Then please be my guest and ask away in the box below.

Any questions raised will be added the to Frequently Asked Questions so don't be shy, you will be helping others by asking.

Biz Idea Generator Session

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Looking to tweak your business idea instead?

I realise you may already have an idea you want to run with and not come up with something from scratch.

For greater success you need to choose a business in line with who you are and how you want to live.

So I can offer you a Business Idea Tweak Session instead where together we can check out what you have in mind, and work out if it is the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Of if you have a business already that is not working we can tweak that too.

You will leave the session with a plan of action and next steps for you to take and a clearer view of your business.