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Small business idea thoughts can go round and round in your head for ever.

One day your are full of the joys, your idea seem just perfect then someone tosses a careless comment towards you and it all goes to pot.

You doubt yourself, you tell yourself every negative thing you can come up.

You worry about money, you worry about time, you worry you dont have any talent or think you are not good enough....

You have lots of questions but you don't know

anyone who can help!

None of your friends have started a business, they are supportive of course and want you to succeed (or do they?)

But they can't really help you can they?

they are not going through what you are going through, right?

That small business idea you have been tossing round like a football ever since you decided your lifes work was

has raised questions in your head and you need answers, because:

  • How do you know you have picked the right thing?
  • What if it doesn't fit in with your lifestyle?
  • How do you start anyway?
  • Do you really need to open a bakery to be a baker?
  • You have time but no money or money but no time?
  • No one will help you?
  • You can't find your passion - I hate that word!
  • You can't stop procrastinating - I am the worst!
  • You are nervous
  • You have got a job you hate or you love!
  • You are good at stuff but you don't want to do that!
  • You don't know who wants to buy what you have got?
  • A lot of other questions...

So I want to help you on this page & answer some of those questions you probably have about your small business idea

If you have a question that is bugging you and you want an answer from a real person, then I can offer you my perspective.

I have been where you have been, lost in my own confusion  and running from one rabbit hole to another desperately seeking "the answer" to that eternal question "what is it I want to do".

The truth is you already know what the answer is, you just have to get to it

If you are shy, by all means put anonymous in name and location, you are not obligated to share your name or where you come from.

I leave that entirely to you...the question and sharing of the knowledge is the main purpose of the page.

It would be nice to say hello to a real person though...

 Small Business Idea Q & A

Ask Your Question

Never feel that your question is too insignificant to be asked. Questions can either jump start us into action, or they can leave us confused and throw us off course.

Sometimes you just need to ask a question in order to clarify your own thoughts.

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