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Small Business Podcast: The Latest Episode

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You just need to say

"Alexa, please play create your perfect business podcast" and it will play the latest episode for you,  how cool is that if you have your hands full or you don't want to move off the sofa because you are dreaming up your brilliant business ideas?

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Why I started a small business podcast?

Have you ever not acted on a dream due to fear?

I have.

In fact, for three years now I've been "thinking" about creating a small business podcast to help you come up with your perfect business idea... (does that familiar?)

Not just any business.

But one based around who you are and how you want to livyour life, full of passion and personality as standard.

I figured a podcast would be a good way to branch out and give this website a "voice",  one where I eventually talk to people who are just like you and me, starting their business from scratch and trying  finding their way, more often than not in the dark. 

So why did it take me 3 years?

Because, I am a Polly Perfectionist and was frightened to let go and just begin somewhere!

Does that sound familiar at all to you?

I had all of those feelings about not being good enough and "who am I to tell anyone,  anything, anyway"  but realised if I didn’t press the record button soon I was never going to do it….

So, I let go of my inhibitions, put my big girl pants on and turned on my microphone even though I know for a fact I am going to hate some of these early recordings forever I started

and here I am…warts and all, sitting in my pants but no one can see me and if you don't mind a bit of imperfection it would be nice if you can join me...

You might get the neighbour’s dog barking, or music playing or perhaps the passing ambulance sirens.

Who knows what else but at least you will know, I am a human,  just like a lot of you, working from a spare room in my house with my real life going on around me.

So why pick business ideas then?

Why a small business podast you might be asking.?

Over the years I realised I had a gift for putting ideas together for people, in ways they hadn’t thought of themselves.

And people often came to me for my advice about quite a few thingsand I think it was because of the lateral way I process information.

I seemed to come up with an answer they hadn’t thought of, perhaps about their career or relationships or life in general.

And as career and work has been one my greatest challenges over the years I thought I would apply my talent to this area and not choose broken relationships or money problems, both of which I have excelled in with honours.

And when I found a career coaching course run by the brilliant Dr Valerie Young (If you want to look her up, she wrote a bestselling book about The Imposter Syndrome, and you can find it on Amazon).

I did actually do a little happy dance because I felt at last I had found something that felt right for me.

People often talk about feeling like they are coming home to something, and here I was right at the front door with a key.

I realised I could put a frame around my talent, turn it into something useful to help people like you design their own job and find their work happiness and it was possible to monetise it too.


So, the business of business ideas became my path to follow, and the small business podcast was in the plan, along with a website, my course and eventually some email coaching for people like you who could do with a bit of help arranging the pieces and making sense of a mish mash of ideas.

I love nothing more than a conversation with someone who wants to change their life for the better. Being part of that is inspiring and I love the early stages of someone’s project.

All that excitement and possibility just waiting to show itself.

So, this small business podcast is going to be an expansion on that topic; this small business podcast is all about business basics for beginners.

It’s the very early stages of business that I am interested in and I feel the importance of this area gets glossed over quite a lot.

To my mind it is the bit you need to get right and first time is preferable because it is the foundation and it needs to be secure or your house will fall down

Now let me just to explain my number one reason for starting this small business podcast project.

There is a saying, isn’t there, if you can’t find what you are looking for in the world then create it yourself.

This small business podcast is my creation because I couldn’t find the information I was particularly looking for about starting a business right from scratch.

And “right from scratch” for me, meant from coming up with an idea, and how to go about that to getting to base one with a first product or service and the level of detail that goes with all of that.

There is so much, “Follow your passion” and “do what you love” out there, but there are so many more questions to ask yourself.

Following your passion is not always the right road for everyone!

There are SO many more things to take into consideration.

Like love affairs a passion can fizzle out at any time and then you are left with disappointment and wondering how you got it so wrong.

The second reason I started this small business podcast is because I wanted to communicate with a few more people like me who have worked or are still working in a regular and what I would term a regular job

And in time, those interviews will be forthcoming

In my experience, so far, much of the information I see or hear about starting a business seemed to come from people who had just left amazing corporate jobs, who were leaving behind a six figure salary, and often had a backup partner at home who could fund them as they started.

And I just don’t believe this is real life for many of us

So, dear listener my small business podcast is aimed squarely at you

If you are an employee

The one who has been dreaming about escaping your job for so long as you sit in your commute to work day in and day out

Who at least once a day is silently screaming into the stationery cupboard because you are so sick of how your life is and you want to change it

Sick of the boring work, the customers, your  moaning colleagues who will never do anything to change their life, the rules, that really annoying manager who has no idea about the real world but feels they can treat you how they like in theirs.

You, who is truly sick of the 9 - 5 commute, the long hours, zero praise and all that goes with it, so you can be grateful for a rubbish salary at the end of every month?

Had a significant change in your life?

I am also talking to you, if you are a person who has had a significant change in your life.

Like retirement, and now empty nest or perhaps a loss of some kind?

I am talking to you if you are you facing redundancy rather unexpectedly and it has come as a bit of a shock

OR, you many have been lucky enough to have chosen to take it because it is on offer and it comes with a severance package?

I am talking to you if you have retired from a conventional job, or left a uniformed service or maybe now you are an expat looking for something else to challenge and excite you for the next and (some would  say the best) part of your life?

I am talking to you if you decided now is the time you are going to actually get on with that thing you always wanted to do for the last however many years?

Whatever your reason, I am so glad you are here because I just love the fact you are even contemplating a different kind of life for yourself because it is all possible

Never mind about what age or stage you are at

YOU have a lot to share with others who want what you have

 I am just offering you a map, giving you a torch to light the way and you just need to be brave enough take just the first steps

I want to help you with the first steps because

I have spent my entire working life being that person who just thought life was the way I had been told it had to be.

You know, school, college, work for 40 plus years, retire and then start enjoying life.

I didn't know there was another way, until now.  I have wasted so many years being frightened and just following the herd really because I didn’t know any better.

I wish I had known 20 years ago that you could create a business around who you are and how you want to live your life and now I do know some of the rules, I want to share them with you.

On a weekly basis…and as this podcast grows, I am going to share some interesting start up stories, a few useful strategies and brilliant bits of advice from me and some everyday small business mentors who

stopped making excuses, got off their sofa and just got going              despite their fear of failure                

And the only difference between them and you is what they did next

In the first few episodes

and by that I mean the first dozen or so, I am going to share with you what I think are the important elements you need to get your head around first when starting a business.

It might surprise you; the first thing is not what business name you should choose or even what your business plan should be.

And as the show progresses I will be talking to other business owners who are a mixture of seasoned experts who can offer some solid advice and some new starters who have been where you are now and took their first leap off the cliff and lived to tell the tale.

I hope you will join me for this new small business podcast, it will be so nice to have you along so...

Don't forget

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