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Tanks A Lot 

Tanks a lot is a unique business idea, buy a tank and spin the use of it many different ways for at least 13 different streams of income.

Simple but effective, I love this idea.

Buy a tank, make it work financially, then buy another and another one until you have a fleet of them.

  • Driving Days
  • Unusual Event Days
  • Crush A Car Days
  • Film & TV Hire
  • Film Premieres
  • Sight Seeing Tour
  • Hearse
  • Buy Gift Vouchers
  • Pink One For Gay Clients
  • Limousine Hire 
  • Kids Parties
  • Blue Chip Team Building
  • Sales of Tanks
  • Taking Kids To School

You could imagine how booked up he gets.

Who wouldn't want to spend a day crushing a car, and it is no surprise that Top Gear have come calling to use one of his tanks in one of their programmes.

And it is fairly safe to say if you see a tank in an advert it is probably one of Nicks.

He seems to have thought of everyone..

Anything from a gift voucher to give your loved one an "experience day", a wedding limousine for army weddings or lovers of military vehicles all the way to a hearse to send some one off in style.

What else...

Well it seems he is demand from foreign tourists to sight see around London. And not only that imagine if you were a military history buff, what a great way to see the Capital city.

Apparently parents love to have events for children's parties in them as well, older ones that is. What fun and how different would that be to have one up on your mates.

A bit different.

And as well as offering just pure driving days, should you want to purchase a tank yourself and keep it in the front garden then you can buy one too.

The Takeaways

Quite often the madder and more unique a business idea you have, the more chance you have of cornering the market.

There aren't tank away days on every street corner!

Nick has got many streams of income from this one unique business idea, so you can spin other ideas this way.

Start with one, see how it goes, then move on or dismiss as you see fit.

He has a great rinse and repeat formula here

If you were in farming and had the space, what a great way to re-invent and/or create your small business idea using an asset you already have...space!

Tanks A Lot Contact Details

If you would like to find out more about Tanks A Lot you can find them at their website and Facebook page.