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Unique Business Ideas Formula

It is very clear to me from both the number of search requests online and just by talking to people there is a high demand for a unique business ideas formula

A simple process to help define what business idea and there may be more than one, would be perfect to pursue to become independent and happy in your work world via your special “thing”,

Completely and utterly sick to death of the regular work place, smart intelligent and committed people just like you are looking for a way to create a business that has 3 very important things:

  • Passion
  • Personality
  • Meaningful impact

No longer happy with the status quo you want to leave your mark on the world and make money in an ethical way and collaborate with like-minded individuals in a way that suits who you are and your life style.

You no longer want the 9 to 5 grind.

But there seems to be 2 issues that stand out to me causing a problem at the beginning of the process

  • How to actually come up with unique business ideas
  • Worrying about other people doing the same thing

You don’t need to worry about either of those things because they can be overcome very simply.

Stop reading about what everyone else is doing, and concentrate only on you and what you want.   

All that research and reading is doing is fuelling your self-doubt and stopping the thinking process dead in its tracks

And then nobody gets to see your genius.

And realise this fact please, the world really needs you and your business now

Someone, somewhere in the world is just waiting for your unique business idea to help them fix their problem in some way

And it doesn’t matter if you are new to something either, there are always others behind you who know less than you do, and willing to learn.

Think about what your vision of a better world is, or a part of the world and how you can place yourself in that vision.

Part of your unique business ideas formula is to decide what kind of impact you would like to make, how you would like to make it and who you would like to make it for.

Become the flag flyer for it and share what you believe in the most.

Unique Business Ideas Formula

Firstly, decide on what market place you want to serve, pick a problem to solve  and then decide by which method you want to solve it.

Or serve your market place as some people express it.

By that I mean do you want a shop, do you want to coach, do you want physical products etc.

You can learn how you might want to serve a market in my mini course, the process is in there.

I cover all the different ways you could create a business.

Your first task is to

1. Micro niche down as far as you can in your subject area

And listen in to this because no one is talking about it

Your genius isn’t failing just because you don’t want to save a whale or bring about world peace.

You can bring the unique business ideas formula to very mundane and everyday things and be quite brilliant.

Let me give you some idea of what I mean...

These 3 regular product industries below follow the unique business ideas formula very simply.

  • Portable Toilets
  • Flower Business
  • A Creative Business

Elegant Portable Toilets Cape Cod

Eliza Kendall in the USA felt there was a definite need for formal facilities for high end  events, because ladies would be in their finery and didn’t just want to sit on a regular portaloo.

They wanted more elegance from the powder room.

Not a sexy subject but a delightful solution to a necessary requirement.


How about this  unique flower business

It is very clear what they do and who they do it for.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but you know immediately this is one of those unique business ideas you wish you had thought of

The genius is in the simplicity of this flower business.

The gift of revenge


How about something a little lighter in a creative business idea.

A brilliant use of a unique business ideas formula.

Who would have thought to design a product for people who break their bones or need a crutch?

This company have fantastic, artistic covers to make your cast or your crutch look a whole lot nicer.

You can even have waterproof ones too, great for the kids if they want to go swimming or use in the shower.

And they have this genius product for your shoe that stops that unbalanced feeling you get when you have a cast on one leg.

You place it on your shoe and are levelled up to walk more comfortably.

If you are an artistic soul, this idea could be an outlet for your creative business idea.

Now, aside from actually coming up with the ideas

The second problem seems to be you are thinking you can’t sell your ideas because everyone else is doing it.

If you follow part 2 of the unique business ideas formula you can solve this problem easily,

As well as choosing a micro niche in your industry, you have to

2. Make a clear focused offer to a particular set of people in the market place

Our examples above don’t complicate matters; it is clear what they do and who they do it for.

  • Portable loo for rent at high end events
  •  Dead flowers to make a point
  • Highly decorated covers for wearers of plaster casts

As your business grows you can add other products and services but the purpose of this exercise, is to offer one thing clearly to one set of people.

Here are examples of 2 service based business ideas who apply the principles.


This lady helps parents with children who don’t sleep to save their sanity.


Mary Doyle has been named one of the top 100 influential disabled people in the UK. An award winning coach, she specialises in coaching people with physical and mental disabilities.

She also has an influential voice in the world of accessibility in commercial air travel.

Do you see what how easy it could be for you if you use the unique business ideas formula to come up with a tailor made business?

And, very importantly the world’s press and media channels are just waiting to write about you because they LOVE unique business ideas

Your Formula Statement

Now you have given a great deal of thought to what you want to do using just the 2 steps  you can create your unique business idea statement.

You simply say what you do for your particular audience.

Remember one thing for one group of people

And it goes something  like this, using a verb for the first sentence if you do it this way around.

I do/create/fix/help/design/build/educate/cook.........


.............niche group of people

or you can look at it another way around...

I help/work with.......... niche group of people



Your uniqueness comes from how you do something and/or who you do it for

Your statement will make is so much easier to stand out in a crowded market place, if you are doing you differently to everyone else, even in the same game.

In my own work I help employees come up with small business ideas built around their personality and lifestyle and take them to block one on the launch pad.

I don’t get involved in start-up/marketing/the financials or if you want to start the next Facebook or Twitter platform.

I leave that to others who are much more knowledgeable.

My gift is the ability to put things together and see patterns or spot things that others miss. I can take a bunch of dispirit ideas and pull them together into something useful. Or take a business idea already there and think about it in a new way.

So, whatever your thing is, there is something about it that is special just to you.

Now is the time to bring it to fruition and help someone with your particular gift.

Go on now, we are all waiting…….:)