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Unique Business Ideas

Unique business ideas are sometimes hard to come by but when you see one you slap your forehead and think to yourself "now why didn't I come up with that one".

They seem so obvious after the fact don't they?

Often the simplest of solutions to a common problem.

And it is staring you in the face the whole time.

 Definition Of The Word Unique in The Oxford Dictionary

Particularly remarkable, special, or unusual or being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

Unique business ideas can find success (although not always) when they take advantage of a

niche market or an interesting business model

They more often than not offer a unique value proposition that larger and less flexible businesses cannot or won't provide.

The secret is to have a product or service that people will buy in an unserved market place

Take a look at your own life, or that of your family and friends.

  • What unmet need or want can you fill that maybe isn't being addressed today?
  • What gap in the market can you see? But don't forget to also ask, is there a market in that gap? There could be a reason there isn't a business already doing what you are thinking about

It is rare to come up with something totally new and innovative but you never know, it just might be you that does.

Don't let that stop you putting some wild ideas together though and coming up with something a little less mainstream.

More and more people will spend money, if it means they can have something that is really specialist, something that truly caters to their needs.

One size cookie cutter options will no longer do...

People are searching for unique business ideas, that point of difference, something truly inspiring

I wanted to include a few case studies below to illustrate my point.

I hope you get a spark of inspiration that sends you off in a whole new direction of unique business ideas for you.

Paupers Funeral Flowers

This was an idea I had after being moved by a story about a lady washed up on the shore in the south of England. She was unknown, no one came forward to claim her so she was to be buried in a paupers grave with no name on in a local churchyard.

I was moved to tears about this one and send a donation for flowers to the local florist in the town 200 miles from where I lived.

It made me think of all the other people across the country who get buried each with with no friends, family or community.

I thought about how a business could be created allowing people to donate money for paupers funerals as a form of charity in a way.

A way for nice people to do something memorable for another soul whom they would never meet or get to know.

I hope someone takes the idea up and runs with it...

And ideal way to have an online flower business of sorts with a very humanitarian theme.


The Bold Bakery - Unique Business Idea

Sarah Brockett from Michigan USA combined her passion for baking and typography to come up with some unusual message bakes. Proving popular with her friends for both the messages and  they are vegan she is hoping to open her own bakery in the future.


Dating Photographer

Dating Photographer Saskia Nelson

What do you do as a photography business if you don't want to do weddings or pets?

Well you come up with your a unique spin and own it and Saskia has taken the dating world by storm and won an award for her business.

Saskia Nelson stopped being a director for a charity she was working for and decided she wanted to pursue her photography passion instead.

From thinking about it to doing took about 30 days and now she has a bunch of other photographers around the world working for her brand.

Simple but one of those great unique business ideas.


Tanks A Lot

If you are looking at the rental of vehicle as a business idea then Nick from Northamptonshire and his tanks may interest you.

He has over 13 ways he makes money from his tanks.

I never imagined there were so many opportunities to do so much with one.

This unique business idea was very impressive.


Prison Consultant

Prison Consultant

A chance flick of my TV control lead me to a Sunday morning viewing of Who'd Want To Be a Billionaire.

A series dedicated to showing all the trials and tribulations of belonging to the world's super, super rich.

A very small club with very specific needs. 

I wasn't expecting to find this unique business idea amongst all of the other obvious things that are catered for such as financial services, security and "stuff" designed just for them.

It made me think you can create your own job out of just about any set of circumstances.


Rent A Ruminant

Rent a Ruminant

If you are looking for green business ideas then this one has all the credentials necessary and if you are an animal lover then you have the perfect small business idea.

Tammy from Washington State USA is having a lot of fun executing her very own unique business idea.

Eco friendly, green and sustainable  she came up with a unique business idea for ridding areas of unwanted vegetation in places that machinery or people would find difficult or the cost would be prohibitive because of the location or the nature of what needed to be cleared. 

Health and safety laws could be circumvented because no humans were involved and plant hire wasn't necessary.

How could you capitalise on this idea?

If you are an animal lover/environmentalist it might be the perfect option you had never thought about.


Flirty Aprons

Flirty Aprons

I came across this company recently after I put in a search to google for an apron. I always wanted a denim one, or so I thought until I came across this site.

I never knew you could fall in love with such basic product for the kitchen.

I have never given much thought to aprons as a business either but flirty aprons really made me think, and I thought it would be an ideal small business idea for someone to run with.

As a unique business, they tick the box for a niche market idea.


I Do Now I Don't

I Do Now I Don't

Clever but simple this one.  The one where if only you had seen it first, you could have brought it to the market yourself.

Josh Opperman had one such clever idea. He rocked the jewellry world and his business has become a fantastic success.

He has taken away the feeling of being ripped off when you resell jewellry.

From 1 diamond engagement ring he has shaken up the world of buying and selling second-hand diamonds and jewellry.

From adversity for him up popped his light bulb moment

With a brilliant business name I Do Now I Don't he was off to the races and to business success despite his heartbreak.



Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.