Where Do I Find My Passion?

The question of passion:

I don't have any?

Where is it, where do I find it?

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Find Your Passion TED Talk - Stop Looking For It!
by: Jackie

This is such a great TED Talk I thought I would share it with this answer.

The secret to finding your passion is to stop looking for it in the first place because you don't need to.

I hope it helps...

Where Do You Find Your Passion? I am so glad you asked
by: Jackie

I have a love/hate relationship with this word passion.

It can keep people stuck at a point when they could be moving forward.

It can kill confidence and make people feel inadequate or foolish or worse still some times a bit worthless because they believe then cannot locate their passion.

Unless you can categorically say, for example, I am passionate about flowers and want to open a flower shop, personally, I think it would serve you better to forget the word for now and start asking yourself some different questions.

When you are trying to build something around who you are, something that will fit like a glove, the fact you are passionate about a topic doesn't mean you are guaranteed success with it as a business idea.

For example..

You might love flowers, but the minute you open your flower shop you realise it was not what you wanted. You love the flowers but you don't love the business of flowers

This is where you can kill passion stone dead and the experience can scar you for life.

Flowers, perhaps, should have stayed as your hobby.

So,what can you do if you feel you don't know where to start?

Ask yourself some different questions.. and really look inside for the answers.

You might find the answer in all of them, you might find the answer in one of them, but you will certainly get yourself thinking...

Here are some to be going on with.

1. How do you send your free time?
2. What do you continue to do when you are on holiday?
3. After household expenses what do you spend your money on?
4. What is missing from your life now?
5. Apart from the obvious if I gave you all the money and time in the world how would you spend it.
6. What do you collect?
7. What do you like to do when you are alone?
8. What media topics do you consume?
9. What is always at the back of your mind?
10. What do people ask you to do?


1. Outside of family commitments people do what they WANT to do?

If your answer is I don't have any free time, then what would you do if you had the choice? Write a book, knit, cook, sew, throw a party, research something, travel. You are always drawn to something, what is it?

2. On holiday, do you continue to take pictures, go sightseeing, visit gardens, seek out speciality food, markets, look at fashion, jewellery, buy books, take part in adventure activities

You will often pursue your passion, sometimes without realising it when you are away from the daily grind of your regular work.

You love doing it, tell yourself you want more of it when you get home, then put it back in a box and go back to what you have always done.

What can you make the effort to continue with when you get home?

3. How do you spend your adult pocket money? There could be a clue to your passion here. My husband buys and sells dinky toys on line, that is his passion and he makes some money from it. He loves it. What are you purchasing to fuel your thing?> Books, equipment, apparel?

4. Are you missing working with children, the elderly, flowers, cake, painting, travel, sport, wellness, financial services, alcohol, parties, weddings.. you can see where this going. You need what you need, go look for it...

5. All the money and time in the world? Would you build.. a building, a charity, and elderly care centre, a property empire, a design company, a bakery, a studio, a factory, something in the third world, on the other side of the world, an RV park... what is your big dream?

6. Do you collect things such as people around your dinner table, waifs and strays, or everyone's old china or unwanted pets, or old cars, or books.. this is a big clue to your passion. You just cannot say no to whatever it is. Is it time to capitalise on it and use in a productive way?

7. When you are alone, are you thrilled you have time to bake, write, browse travel sites, think about your personal training business. What is that thing you want to fill this golden space with?

8. Do you watch SKY TV and consume the house decorating programmes like I do? Do you watch cookery, or travel or about homeless monkeys? What FB groups have you joined, what links do you save, what websites are in your favourites? You often curate "your thing" without realising it.

9. What do you often think about and keep pushing it away, you know that "one day I will" conversation you often have with yourself? Bring it forward and think about it more seriously.

10. Often seriously overlooked, what do people ask you for? Advice? Parenting topics, food, travel, politics, business. Practical help teaching them something? Your valued opinion on something? Questions starting with Who, why, where and when..on a really regular basis. Can you capitalise on it in some way?

You have got some really special gifts and talents inside yourself, it is just life flattens us sometimes and we lose sight of who we are.

You really need to take some time out to listen and hear and feel who you are because as they say if you try to figure it out, by figuring it out, you will never figure it out, or something along those lines.

In other words, think less and feel more because you can't avoid how you feel about something but you can rationalise the heck out of something if you just think about it.

Consider this, your passion will find you, you don't need to find it...

It will be an innate part of your character and you will exercise it in the same way that you breathe.

Without having to think about it.

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