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Who I work with & what I can offer to help you move forward

Live Your Dream

The people I work best with are motivated individuals who want to design a small/micro business idea based around their personality, strengths and how they want to live their life.

They desire a life and business of their choosing and they are willing to put the work in to get what they want.

They want to start their venture part time during evenings & weekends as extra income or create something a bit bigger to transition into and would like a bit of help to build a really great frame around their vision..

Self employment full or part time is the goal.

Your business idea learning options

Is this where you are?

  • You have been in a conventional job for years and have decided it is time to do something different with your work life but you are not sure what exactly it will look like yet?
  • You are a public service employee who has come to the end of your service with a pensionable income but you still want to have an interesting working life
  • You are a closet entrepreneurial soul who knows they want to start a small business but could use some direction to get going or some clarity on the ideas they already have
  • You are an older individual who want a fresh challenge because you are not ready to retire in the conventional way
  • You are an expat looking to create an income stream
  • You have recently been made redundant or about to be and want to do that thing you have harboured as a dream for years

Whatever the reason, whatever your background, you have that common feeling felt by so many... you  know it is time for a change and you appreciate the value of bouncing ideas around with someone who will understand where you  are at and where you want to get to.

A  shiny new regular J-O-B just won't do it for you any more.

That ship sailed, mentally a long time ago if I am not mistaken.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have to drag yourself out of bed every Monday?
  • Tired all day long and you live just for the weekend?
  • You don't have enough time?
  • You are sick to death of sitting in traffic just to get to work?
  • You hate the politics?
  • You have to endure yet another downsize in the workforce?
  • You are bored and you need a challenge at work?
  • You secretly want to start your own side business?
  • You don't get paid enough for your talents?
  • You  can't face one more meeting?
  • You are done following the rules?
  • You are fed up not earning what you are worth?
  • And what about THAT manager!

I could go on and on  with a laundry list of reasons but I am sure you either feel one or more of the above or you have your own very good reasons.

What ever they are you are finished with living life on others terms!

Are we a good fit?

The process of changing your thinking about your career from conventional to creative takes a bit of effort.

So the clients who are likely to get the most out of my 1:1 Customised Business Idea Generation Session will share the following characteristics:

  • You will do what it takes to change your life and your career
  • You will be willing to overcome challenges  if they come up
  • You will accept it takes time for things to evolve
  • You will complete any pre work
  • You are happy with email coaching

Your transition may take a while because things don't happen overnight.

This is most definately not standard career counselling so if you are looking to update your cv and move into another run of the mill job role or are looking for corporate job advice then I suggest you choose another person for your career guidance as they will make for a better fit for you.

Email coaching?

Now let me explain about this a bit more...our work together will be done via Questions & Answers via email.

I am a reflective and introvert personality and my best work is done when I have time to consider all of the information and facts.

In fact my Myers Briggs Personality Type INFJ is particularly suited to being a career coach because of these reflective traits and the ability to have an overview of a given situation and the gift of seeing what other people might miss.

And if you are an introvert yourself you might welcome not having to get on the phone to anyone....you will perfectly understand the dilemma.

I won't lie, anticipating coaching calls in advance left me with palpitations in the past and I didn't like doing them. 

I would much rather work to my strengths, wouldn't you rather work to yours?

I am very strong though with writing and asking the right questions to get you to to think differently about your business idea.

Just asking about what you are good at or what your passion is will not get you to where you want to go

If  you are on your own journey of self discovery and you have done the course then you will know this, as you should always work with your strengths.

You don't need to wasting time improving your weaknesses.

It is no good running a business where you have to be office bound all the time when your true nature is to be outdoors or you like to meet people not phone them

Want to know more...

If you want to know more about email coaching and what is included in the package, please head over to my email coaching page and see if it can work for you.

Email Coaching Package

Prefer to do it yourself?

I get that having someone coach you personally can be a bit out of reach for some people so there is access to a  DIY version of the course.

You won't of course get my coaching and insights with it, which can be where the magic happens between us and your idea, but it will allow you to follow the 7 Step Process and create your own business idea from scratch.

And if you honestly put in the work,  complete all the exercises and really give it the time it deserves I guarantee at the end of it you will have ideas you never had at the beginning of the process.

If you would like to read more please head over to Create Your Perfect Business DIY Version 

And don't forget you can dip your toe in the water and start organising your thoughts into a cohesive plan with the free business idea template...

I wish you all the very best...


Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave me a comment in the box below.